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2008 ... an event-filled year, celebrating our history and culture

To mark Southampton's 150th anniversary in 2008, the Anniversary Committee invites everyone to the 150th Anniversary Weekend, Aug. 14-17, featuring a parade, a car show, the 150th Anniversary Dance -- 46 events in all.

Various community groups are planning their own events connected with the 150th anniversary: for example, a school reunion, breakfasts, BBQs, art shows, concerts, dances and cultural events.

Below are some of the planned events, with contacts to call if you need more information.


The Flag. Opening ceremony and music on stage for four days. At the Heritage Tent, admission is $5 for a wristband good for four days; includes souvenir 22-oz. mug, "150th Anniversary Celebration". Licensed. Open Thu. 5-10:30 pm; Fri. 11-11; Sat. 12-6; Sun. 12-4.

High St. is closed on Saturday morning for the parade and on Saturday afternoon for the many events on the street such as the antique car show, penny carnival, display booths and eight parade floats ... not to mention music on the street from: Michael Hyland, Ralph Shular and friends, Mike Monaghan, and Ray and Libby Thaw

Town Hall. Artisans' Village. Penny Carnival out front. Bingo. Dances on Fri. and Sat. night.

Arena. 150th Anniversary Dance on Sat. night.

Arena annex. Registration Thu.-Sat. Auction and BBQ on Saturday.

Curling Club Lounge. G.C. Huston school reunion on Saturday.

Fairy Lake. Concerts Sat.-Sun. Closing ceremony on Sunday.


150th Anniversary Weekend, Aug. 14-17, 2008
Thur. Aug. 14 150th Registration. Arena Annex, 9-5 pm. Registration - $10, includes goodie bag (value $20). Contact: Arlene Letheren, 797-2495
  Opening ceremony, Heritage Tent, the Flag, 5 pm. M.C. Art Eby. Piper, Michael Smith. Town Crier Neil Menage. First Nations Drummers and Dancers; blessing, Vernon Roote. Former mayors. Speakers: Paul Steckle, Carol Mitchell, Milt McIvor, Mike Smith.
  Music at the Flag, Heritage Tent, the Flag, 6-11 pm. Royal LePage DC Johnston Realty Stage. Celtic/folk/roots: Turner Bridge, Waterside, Steve Wilson
  Cruisers Night, the Flag, 6 pm. Classic and antique car show. Contact: Gary Brown
  Optimists Bingo, Town Hall, 7 pm. Contact: Optimists
Fri. Aug. 15 150th Registration. Arena Annex, 9-5 pm. Registration - $10, includes goodie bag (value $20). Contact: Arlene Letheren, 797-2495
  Decorated Bicycle Contest and Bike Rodeo. (bike safety obstacle course). Behind Art School, 1-2 pm. Bring your bike decorated in red, white and blue. Judging from 1 to 2 pm; wear a helmet; join the parade Sat. morning (accompanied by adult). Contact: Luanne McIntosh, 797-3046
  Music on High. 1-5 pm. The Flag, Royal LePage DC Johnston Realty Stage. Rock: Sapsuckers, Mindset
  20th Anniversary Open House. Hampton Court Retirement Lodge, 2-4 pm. Contact: Stephanie Hartwick, 797-2000
  Fish Dinner. 5-7 pm. Seating at 4:30, 5:30, 6:30. $13 adults, $8 under 12. 797-2984 Contact: St. Paul's Anglican Church
  Martin's Kite Nite, Beach, near the Flag, 6-7 pm. 15 large kites to fly. Contest for the highest kite, the longest flight. Contact: Joe Sholtes, Community Action Network, 797-1954
  Music by the Flag, 7-12 pm. Heritage Tent, Royal LePage DC Johnston Realty Stage. Rock: Flashback, Bearcats
  Southampton 150th Party for Youth. Town Hall, 7-12 pm. $7. Teen Dance. Unlicensed. First Rate People, Tuesday Social, Ossified, Touchplant, DJ Sets. Contact: Steve McMillan, 797-1177
  Piper. The Flag at sunset (8:20 pm) - Michael Smith.
Sat. Aug. 16 Chantry Centre Breakfast. Chantry Centre, 35 Grey St. S., 8 am-9:45 am. $7. Contact: Lorne Shantz, Chantry Centre
  150th Anniversary Parade. 10:30-11:30 am. Parade route: from Grenville and High, west on High to Grosvenor, south to Palmerston, and east to Jubilee Park. Contact: Bob Cartwright, 797-5510
  150th Birthday Cake Cutting. After the parade, High and Albert streets. First come, first served! Contact: Dunc McCallum, 797-2043
  Rotary Perch Sandwich Lunch, outside Chantry Breezes B&B, 10:30 am-2 pm. $10. Lake Huron perch; hot dogs. Contact: Andrea La Blance, Rotary, 797-3822
  Artisans' Village. Town Hall, 11 am-4 pm. Demonstration of skills of yesteryear: weaving, rug hooking, wood turning, pottery making, clockmaking, rock chiselling and more. Contact: Shirley Irwin, 797-5610
  Optimists' Beach Volleyball Tournament, near Gerry's Fries, 12-3 pm. Contact: Ross Reid, 797-3114
  150th Registration. Arena Annex, 12-4 pm. Registration - $10, includes goodie bag (value $20). Contact: Arlene Letheren, 797-2495
  Martin's Motocross, BMX dirt bike demonstration, behind the Boathouse, 12-4. Contact: Martin's Bicycle Shop, Brett Martin, 797-3200
  Giant Tiger Penny Carnival. By Town Hall, 12-4 pm. Kiddie Carnival games. Contact: Peggy Call, Saugeen Youth Coalition, 519-832-9514.
  Al McGuire Memorial Auction. Arena Annex, 1 pm. Bill Baux, auctioneer. Cash only. Contact: Marnie Cammidge, 797-5761
  Music at Fairy Lake,1-3 pm.Kincardine Brass Band.
  Go Fly a Kite! near Gerry's Fries, 1-3 pm. "Royal City Fun Flyers" help you make and fly your own kite. Demonstrations of flying "big" kites. Contact: Brenda Barringer, 797-2215
  G.C. Huston School Reunion. Curling Club Lounge, 1-3 pm. All former students and teachers are welcome. Contact: Arlene Letheren, 797-2495
  OLG Antique Car Show. The Flag, 1-4 pm. M.C. Gary Brown. From Flag to Grosvenor St. Great cars, trucks, tractors ... and music by Michael Hyland. 50/50 tickets; draw at 4 pm. Contact: Gary Brown
  Historical Churches "Doors Open" Tour. Various churches, 1-4 pm. Contact: Mary Sylver, 797-2258
  Cookin' Music. By the Bakery. 1-4 pm. Country: Ralph Shular and friends Contact: Steve McMillan, 797-1177
  Contemporary Music Mix. Bruce Telecom Stage, by Schendel+Sullivan. 1-5 pm. Mike Monaghan; Ray and Libby Thaw. Contact: Steve McMillan, 797-1177
  Jazzy Afternoon. The Flag. Royal LePage DC Johnston Realty Stage. 1-5 pm. Jazz: Noodle Factory, Chantry Centennaires Contact: Steve McMillan, 797-1177
  Burke's Beef Bash BBQ dinner, Arena Annex, 5 pm. $15. Music: Southampton Jazz Band. Contact: Burke's Foodland, 797-2552
  Piping the Sun. 7:30 pm start. The Flag. Sunset at 8:20 pm. Fergus Pipe Band pipes the sun down.
  Big Band Dance. Town Hall, 8-11 pm. $15 ticket also good for 150th Anniversary Dance. Licensed. Stardust Big Band. Contact: Steve McMillan, 797-1177
  150th Anniversary Dance. Arena, 8:30 pm - 1 am. $15 ticket also good for Big Band Dance. Licensed. Sapsuckers, Greg Deckert Band. Contact: Donnie Matheson, 797-1171
  Full Moon Ghost Walk. Meet at the Flag. 10:30 pm - 12. $10. The famous ghost walk, under a full moon. Contact: Katherine Leonard, 797-1910
Sun. Aug. 17 Pancake Breakfast. Southampton Legion, 8-11 am. Contact: Jeff Scott, 797-3416
  Ecumenical Service. Amphitheatre, 9 am. Shuttle bus service from United Church at 8:30 am. Contact: Shirley Irwin, 797-5610
  Love the Game. Southampton Tennis Club, Beach courts. 165 Lake St., 797-2445
  Country and Bluegrass Music. The Flag, Bruce Telecom Stage, 1-5 pm. Late Nite Radio. Contact: Steve McMillan, 797-1177
  Canoe and Kayak 150th Regatta, Saugeen River, 1-5 pm. Contact: Thorncrest Outfitters, 797-1608
  Johnston & Nagle Roller Skating. Old Port Elgin arena, 2-4 pm. Food bank or cash donation. Contact: Doug Johnston, 797-5544
  Closing ceremony, Fairy Lake, 7 pm. Fairy Lake. Raffle draws. Shirley Irwin declares the closing.
  Concert, Fairy Lake. G.C. Huston Community Band. Contact: Kent Boys, 797-5549
  6th Annual Lantern Festival, Fairy Lake. Contact: Southampton Art School, 797-5068

Aug. 19 Lecture, Future of the General Hunter, Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, 7 pm. Contact: 797-2080
Oct. 25-26 Southampton United Church 100th Anniversary, Choir reunion, banquet, worship service. Contact: Chuck Beaton, United Church, 797-5586
Nov. 8 Remembrance Day Musical Event, Town Hall. Contact: Mike Sterling, 519-797-3348

     Event dates and times are subject to change

Ongoing Events and Projects
  Southampton Remembered, a book of memories. Jill Roote, 519-797-1020. The history of Southampton as recalled by its residents. Now on sale at the 150th Store.
  Fibre Art Exhibit - Coming Home to the Bruce, May 8-Oct. 6, 2008. Hand-hooked artwork: hooked rugs and heritage mats depicting historic scenes in Bruce County. Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre, 519-797-2080, 1-866-318-8889,
  Cottage Life Project. Outdoor historical plaques.
  Chantry Island Lighthouse Tours, 519-797-5862, 1-866-797-5862, Daily trips to the island; guided tours of the lighthouse, keeper's quarters and gardens.

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