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Canadian adoption web sites

By Robin Hilborn, editor, Adoption Helper

This list of all the Canadian adoption web sites covers, in general, the areas of how-to-adopt and post-adoption; it does not include search and reunion web sites.

When viewing sites you should check the date it was last updated. More recently updated sites will tend to have more up-to-date information.

You will see the occasional mention, "[Canadian reader pick, 2001]". These are sites preferred by members of the Canadians-Adopting mailing list, as shown in a poll I took in January 2001.

If you pressed me to choose the best site in Canada, then (after excluding my own Family Helper) I'd choose Adoptive Families Assn. of British Columbia, for its breadth of adoption coverage. Web Coordinator Harriet Fancott is constantly adding new articles, such as recent ones on adopting children with special placement needs: neonatal abstinence syndrome, adopting a child with schizophrenia, and sexual abuse. It's also the best place to go for B.C. events and chapter listings. Harriet sends out a free newsletter by email, AFABC Adoption E-News. AFABC is to be commended for providing valuable information (web site, newsletter, library, etc.) on the limited resources of a non-profit, staffed mainly by part-timers.

Photolisting sites

Photolistings are lists of children available for adoption (usually through public agencies), with photos and descriptions. They may be printed in a book or newspaper, shown on TV or posted at a web site. Photolisting web sites are widespread in the U.S., but Canada has almost none.

Canada's Waiting Children, Photos and background information about Canadian children waiting for adoptive families. To access the Photo Album section you need a password, which you get by filling in the Password Request Form inside the Family Information Form. Resource centre for the Canada's Waiting Children program (Adoption Council of Canada), supported by grants from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Wendy's Restaurants of Canada. For a free package by mail: 1-888-542-3678. --25 Sept. 2001

Children's Aid Society of London-Middlesex, One profile of a child, to place in a local home (photo missing, Apr. 1, 2001).

Today's Child - March 2001, Ontario's Ministry of Community, Family and Children's Services features a photo and profile of one child a month, as in "Today's Child" newspaper column. March 2001 shows "Adam".

Wednesday's Child, One child a week profiled (web site has no photo), from the TV program featuring special needs children awaiting adoption in Alberta. During one-minute features, the children are presented, their special needs are described and the type of adoptive family sought is profiled. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption pays for filming and helps promote special needs adoption with posters at Wendy's Restaurants in Alberta. CFRN-TV and CFCN-TV provide free air time. Adoption Council of Canada takes calls from prospective adoptive families. Alberta Children's Services coordinates matching and placement. Airs on CTV Calgary and Edmonton, Wednesdays 11:20 a.m., 12:59 p.m., 3:35 p.m.

BC's Adoption Bulletin, Ministry of Children and Family Development.

BC's Waiting Children, The AFABC web site,, has written profiles of children in the care of B.C.'s Ministry of Child and Family Development. These profiles are taken from the Adoption Bulletin, a binder of child profiles published by MCFD. It can be viewed at your local Ministry office, the AFABC office, or at the AFABC's Waiting Child Orientations. For info, call B.C.'s Waiting Children Infoline: 1-877-ADOPT-07. --June 17, 2002

Support groups and information services

Some of the following are the web sites of adoption support groups, while the rest are sources of general adoption information, independent of organized groups.

Family Helper has detailed descriptions of support groups.

Adopting In Ontario, Rules for domestic public adoption. Homestudies, consents, placement. By Children's Aid Society of Toronto.

Adopting: Canada, Resources for Canadians interested in adoption. Includes Sandy Zurbrigg-Tutt's brief Adoption Options for Canadians. Uses the Family Helper lists of agencies, newsletters and coordinators. Sparse list of support groups. By

Adoption Helper, Southampton, Ont. Descriptions of past editions of the Adoption Helper magazine, with links to each. By Robin Hilborn.

Adoption: So many issues, so little understanding, Issues to deal with: screening criteria, risk of FAS, transracial problems; post-adoption services; search and reunion. From Transition, Sept. 1992, Vanier Institute of the Family.

Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan [formerly SAPA], Saskatoon, Sask. Book list (library holdings). Local chapters. Sask. support groups. Events.

Adoptive Families Assn. of British Columbia, [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Surrey, B.C. Many news items, covering citizenship, culture camps, Guatemala alert, China rules, etc. Excellent EI coverage. Good info on domestic and intercountry adoption. Over 75 articles on attachment, school issues, multiracial adoption, ethics, waiting, how to adopt, special needs, personal stories. Articles from the November 2000 Adoption Conference. Books for sale. Events. Site search feature. Guide to BC's Waiting Children. Extensive links. Harriet Fancott (, AFABC's Web and Publications Coordinator, sends out a free monthly "AFABC Adoption E-News".

Assn. des parents d'enfants du monde, Trois-Rivières QC. Support group for adoptive families in the Mauricie-Bois-Francs region.

Assn. des parents en adoption internationale du Saguenay-lac-St-Jean, St-Ambroise QC support group.

Assn. of Adoptive Parents of Romanian Children, Laval, QC. Support group founded in Québec by l'Agence Québécoise Internationale. Resources for Romania. By Liliana Tommasini,

Canada Adopts!, Adoption alternatives for Canadians. Adoption profile writing service; adoption reading list; adoption blog list; directory of infertility and adoption groups; discussion boards; list of professionals and agencies; information from a birth parent's perspective. Those interested in domestic private adoption may post a profile: a "Dear Birthmother" letter and two photos in a personal web site ($245/year). Launched May 2001. Lawrence Morton, Toronto.

Children Coming from Afar ... or Simply from Québec, Premier source of English information on adoption in Quebec: countries open to Quebecers; international adoption process in Québec; adoption tax credit; Québec support groups. By Gilles Breton. [English section of Ces enfants venus de loin,]

Families in Adoption, Pat Fenton. Support group in Toronto.

Families With Children From China - B.C. and Northwest Washington, Vancouver B.C. Extensive resources on Chinese adoption: web sites; articles; book reviews; Chinese culture. Events. Search feature.

Families With Children From China - Toronto, Toronto. Multitude of resources for families adopting from China. Agencies for China. Chinese government links. Medical info. Culture. Books. Merchandise.

Family Helper, [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Southampton, Ont. Sections on Infertility, Adoption, Post-adoption, Reunion, for Canadians. Adoption is the biggest: up-to-date directories of agencies, clinics, support groups, web sites, newsletters, books. Guides on how and where to adopt. Post-adoption has a teacher's guide, info on FAS, ADHD, attachment. News Briefs. Detailed list of adoption events. Web pages, $15/month; free to support groups. By Robin Hilborn. Launched April 1996.

Fédération des parents adoptants du Québec, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC support group.

Familles au coeur québécois, Lucie Bourdeau, Support group for adoptive families in the Ottawa-Hull region. Members are quebecers and franco-ontarians.

International Adoption Families Assn., Calgary AB. Information on international adoption for Albertans. Long list of links to articles on talking about adoption, health, attachment, toddlers, singles. Describes process for adopting internationally in Alberta. Links for adopting from various countries. Fee charged for help in the process for Romania, China, Haiti, Vietnam and Korea.

International Adoption for Canadians, Shana Albo (no info on author). Canadian adoption agencies (some now closed). U.S. adoption agencies (brief list). Adopting an American child. Immigration and the Adoption Process (1996). Resources and Links.

International Adoptive Families of New Brunswick. John McAdam, N.B. adoption support group.

Little Treasures of Ottawa, Mark Tooker. Web page, and mailing list, for Ottawa-area families with children from China. English and French.

Post-Adoption Helper, Southampton, Ont. Descriptions of past editions of Post-adoption Helper magazine, with links to each. By Robin Hilborn.

Saskatchewan Families With Children From China, Ann DeVito. Support group for families with adopted children from China, Vietnam, Korea or other Asian countries. Extensive list of links to China resources. Books (via Chapters).

Single Parent Adoption Support Group of Ontario, Martha Greenhow. Toronto-area meetings for single parents.

Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents, Vancouver, B.C. Post-adoption support for special needs families. FAQ on special needs adoption. Searchable database of library holdings. Events. Adoption and special needs links. Community Adoption Resource Survey (inventory of services for B.C. families and professionals)

ThoughtSwap, Canadian adoptive parents and others with an interest in adoption share thoughts, views, and resources. Contents are contributed by the users. Allows users to rate web sites from 1 to 10. By Sheldon Young and Cassie Laibrook, waiting to adopt, in British Columbia.

National and provincial councils

Councils are described in detail in Family Helper, at Support Groups.

Adoption Council of Canada, Ottawa. Good book list by Elspeth Ross. Good list of research reports. Events. Viewpoints on adoption. Newsletters. (Under construction: News, Organizations, Legislation, Glossary, FAQs, Statistics)

Adoption Council of Manitoba, Winnipeg. (Oct. 14, 1998)

Adoption Council of Ontario, Toronto. Good list of sites for adoption procedures and issues. Resources you may borrow from the library at the Adoption Resource Centre. Advocacy. Events, with group descriptions.

Personal sites

For the real lowdown on adoption, read heartwarming adoption stories in these personal web pages. People share intimate, informative accounts of searching for children, managing a growing family and navigating the adoption bureaucracy.

Annette Lohse, Annette, ASCS Chapter Rep for the Weyburn, Sask. area. Adopted from U.S. to Saskatchewan. Annette's site about adopting from the U.S.:

Carla Rybchuk, Carla Rybchuk, --9 Jun 2002

Cindy-lyn Pigeon, Cindy-lyn, Adopted from Philippines to Saskatchewan.

Fabienne Husson-Dubeau, tc. Fabienne, Adopted from Haiti to Québec.

Fabienne Husson-Dubeau, French texts on multiracial adoption.

Janice Jolson, Janice and Scott, Adopted Kira from Vietnam in March 2000. View pictures at

Janice Macdonald, Janice, Adopted Madeline Lifeng from China.

Janice Williamson, Janice, Adopted from China to Alberta in 1999.

Jean-François Anfossi, Adopted from China to Québec in 1998.

Karen Couture, Karen, Adopted from Vietnam to Ontario in 1998 and 1999.

Leceta Chisholm Guibault, Leceta, Adopted from Guatemala and Colombia to New Brunswick.

Marcia Talbot, Marcia,

Mark Tooker, Mark Tooker, Adopted from China to Ontario.

Maro and Ron Beland, Adopted from China to Québec.

Robyn Auclair, Robyn, Adopting in British Columbia.

Sue Gowan, Adopted from China to Ontario. Lots of links for China.

Sunny Jo, Sonja Sun Johnsen, Korean adoptee in B.C.

Tara English, Tara English, Lake Edward, N.B.,

Tina Webb, B.C. adoption

Vietnam Adoption Stories, List of personal home pages on adopting from Vietnam.

Wendy Barron, Tim and Wendy Barron adopted from Vietnam in 1996.

Government - Federal


International Adoption Authorities in Canada, Provincial authorities under the Hague Convention.

MPs - Members of the House of Commons, Use your postal code to find your MP's contact information.

Canadian embassies


Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

International Adoption,

International Adoption and the Immigration Process,

Application to Sponsor a Member of the Family Class,

Application Kit "Sponsoring a Family Class Relative", 1.3 MB download.

Immigration Act (text),

Medical Grounds for Rejecting Immigrants,


Citizenship and Immigration Canada,

Application for Canadian Citizenship - Minors,

Citizenship Act (text), . Existing legislation.

Citizenship of Canada Act, Bill C-16, Proposed legislation.


Hague Convention (background),

Hague Convention (text),

Hague Convention (U.S. view),

Hague countries and provinces (list),


Children, Family and Community (CFC) Division, [replaced NAD]

Government - Provincial


Ministry of Child and Family Development, (MCF)



Children's Services,

Adoption Services,

Wednesday's Child, See Photolistings


Community, Family and Children's Services,

Adoption Services,

International Adoption FAQs,

Intercountry Adoption Act - Compendium (CSS summary),

Intercountry Adoption Act (Adoption Helper summary),

Licenced agencies (under IAA),

Licenced agencies and licensees (under CFSA),

Private adoption practitioners approved to do homestudies, 110 social workers.

Step-parent and relative adoptions,

Today's Child - March 2001, See Photolisting Sites.


Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux,


Family and Community Social Services,


Community Services - Adoption,


Child, Family and Community Services - Adoption Services,


Health and Community Services,





The following Canadian adoption agencies have web sites. For detailed descriptions of all agencies, see "Adoption Agencies" at Family Helper.

Association of Private Practitioners in Adoption, Ontario private adoption practitioners and IAA and CFSA licensees.
Adoption By Choice, Calgary
Adoption Horizons, Toronto
Adoption Options, Edmonton
CAFAC Intercountry Adoptions (Canadian Advocates for the Adoption of Children), Minnedosa MB
Canadian International Adoption Services, Toronto
Canadian-C.I.S. Friendship Exchange Society, Maple Ridge, B.C.
CARC International Adoption, Toronto
Children of the World/ Enfants du Monde,
Children's Bridge, Nepean, Ont.
Christian Adoption Services, Calgary
Enfance sans frontières, Laval QC
Enfants d'Orient (Children of Asia), Montreal
Enfants du monde (Children of the World), Montreal
Hope Pregnancy and Adoption Services Society, Abbotsford, B.C.
Family Outreach International, Ottawa
Legacy Partners Group, Toronto
Mission of TEARS, Toronto
Open Arms to International Adoption, Toronto
Partners in Inter-Country Adoption, Toronto
Precious Pearl Adoption, Kanata, Ont.
Saint Anne Adoption Centre, Stratford, Ont.
Société formons une famille, Montreal
Sunrise Family Services Society, Vancouver
TDH Pour Les Enfants, Montreal.
The Adoption Centre, Kelowna, B.C.
Ukrainian Cradle Adoption Agency, Toronto


Angels on Earth, Specialty items to celebrate adoption. Markham, Ont.
Indigo Books,
Cool East Market, Children's books. Toronto
Parentbooks, Bookstore with large adoption section. Toronto
The Adoption Bookstore, Edmonton

Issues / Advocacy

National Bank: Adoption Loans, Loan program for international adoption. Select 3Personal Loan2.

Bill C-289: Tax Credit For Canadian Adopters, (May 13, 1999) News release, and sample letters and petitions in support of C-289 (webmaster, Myria Sawler). By Connie Premont,">, and others, to back the efforts of M.P. Eric Lowther. In English and French. Not updated to include the follow-up Bill C-272, by Jay Hill (Alliance M.P., Prince George/Peace River).

Adoption: So many issues, so little understanding, Issues to deal with: screening criteria, risk of FAS, transracial problems; post-adoption services; search and reunion. From Transition, Sept. 1992, Vanier Institute of the Family.

Vanier Institute of the Family, Ottawa, Ontario.

Health and Travel

Before embarking on a foreign journey, check these web sites for information on safe countries to visit, endemic diseases and needed vaccinations.

Canadian Health Network, General health information. Funded by Health Canada.

Centre for Travel and Tropical Medicine, Travel illnesses. Health and safety in 220 countries. Toronto General Hospital. [not functional, Apr. 21, 2001]

Health Canada - Childhood and Youth Division, Topics in children's health.

Health Canada - Travel Advice, Vaccinations; diseases abroad.

Health Issues in Intercountry Adoption, Health risks faced by children adopted from abroad. By Adoption Helper (Robin Hilborn).

Travel Information and Advisory Reports, For each country: Travel warnings. Health conditions. Documents needed. Consular addresses. By Dept. of Foreign Affairs

Doctors and clinics

Doctors and clinics you can visit, for yourself or your child.

Adoption Medical Clinics in Canada and U.S.,

International Assn. for Medical Assistance to Travellers, Directory of English-speaking doctors abroad

Travel Clinics Across Canada, Travel medicine clinics, by province. By Health Canada.

Travellers' Health Centres, Travel clinics across Canada. By Canadian Society for International Health.

Web Rings

Web sites with similar interests group together in "web rings". Each site in the ring has a button at the bottom linking it to every other site on the ring. You can move to the next site or back up, or view a list of all sites. Those dedicated to adoption include:

Adoption Web Ring, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Over 400 adoption sites belong. Search function.

China Adoption Webring, China adoption.

Heartland Adoption Ring, Search and reunion.

Open Adoption Web Ring, Open adoption.

Transracial Adoptions Webring, By Cheryl Hughey.

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