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U.S. adoption web sites

By Robin Hilborn, editor, Adoption Helper

This list of U.S. web sites covers generally the area of how-to-adopt, plus aspects of post-adoption.

As a guide to quality web sites, I've shown preferred choices from three sources:

-- NAIC pick, 2000 = Chosen by the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse as a starting point for finding adoption resources on the Internet.

-- Best site, Forbes, 2000 = Each year Forbes magazine reviews thousands of web sites in 150 categories. For adoption, it chose 15 sites. See the Best of The Web Directory,

-- Canadian reader pick, 2001 = Sites preferred by members of the Canadians-Adopting mailing list, as shown in a poll I took in January 2001.

Suggestions? Send them to Robin Hilborn.

Photolisting sites - Directories

Photolistings are lists of children available for adoption (usually through public agencies), with photos and descriptions. They may be printed in a book or newspaper, shown on TV or posted at a web site. The following directories point you to specific photolisting sites for U.S. and international adoption.

Adoption Photolisting List, Photolisting web sites for: U.S. National and Regional Adoption; State Adoption Agencies; International Adoption; Non-profit Adoption Agencies (Asia Only). By

Children Waiting to be Adopted, State photolistings: on the map, click on a state to see its waiting children. Other U.S. photolisting sites. Sites for international children. By

Featured State Photolisting Sites, State photolisting sites, plus U.S. national and regional sites. By National Adoption Center.

National and Regional Exchanges, By NAIC.

State Child Welfare Agency and Photolisting Webpages, For each state: state adoption exchange/photolisting service, state agency dealing with adoption; state source of adoption and foster care information. By NAIC.

Photolisting sites - U.S.

U.S. adoption exchanges publish photolisting books for one or more states, for regions or for the nation, and provide other information about children with special needs who are available for adoption. A sampling of state exchanges is shown below; see the Directories to find full state-by-state lists. Some private services, shown here, also display photolistings.

How do children get listed? The Handbook for Single Adoptive Parents,, describes the U.S. system: "Almost all the children in public care are wards of their state governments, which have removed them from their homes because they were abused or neglected, or orphaned or abandoned. To place them, some states photolist the children directly with the national listing services: CAP Book, Adopt America, The Adoption Exchange; or with regional or state exchanges. In other states, the social services departments buy the services of private adoption agencies to find parents for these children." The Handbook advises U.S. adopters to check the web sites listing waiting children, then when you see a child you're interested in, ask your adoption agency to send your homestudy to the public agency that has custody of the child.

Adopt America Network, Toledo OH. Places special needs children in 47 states. Photos and info. U.S. agencies register their waiting children; parents register to adopt. (Formerly AASK-America). Tracy Schinharl, --12 Oct 2001, Private photolisting service from Photos and profiles of children awaiting adoption in foster homes in the U.S. and orphanages around the globe. Free service, for parents, adoption agencies, state agencies, and adoption exchanges who list children. Supported by advertising. - Waiting Child Photolisting, Photolistings posted by various U.S. private agencies. Mainly Eastern Europe and Kazakhstan.

African American Adoption and Permanency Planning Agency, St. Paul MN. Recruits African American adoptive parents for Minnesota's waiting children. No photos.

Children Awaiting Parents, Rochester NY. Not-for-profit organization dedicated to uniting special needs American children with adoptive families. CAP works with the National Adoption Center to publish a national directory, The CAP Book: photos and biographies of over 500 U.S. children awaiting parents, which can be seen in 44 states or through personal subscription. If you have a homestudy, ask your agency to contact CAP about a particular child. Publishes Adoption Link newsletter.

Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, Boston MA. MARE is a private, non-profit agency helping find permanent families for waiting children who are six and older, children of color of all ages, sibling groups, children with emotional, physical and intellectual challenges, and children at legal risk.

National Adoption Center - Faces of Adoption, and Philadelphia PA. National photolisting of over 3,000 waiting U.S. special needs children, as submitted by state social workers. If you do not yet have a homestudy, see this web site. NAC aims to find adoptive homes throughout the U.S. for children with special needs and those from minority cultures. NAC is funded by a federal grant and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Articles, how-to guides, chats, bibliographies, resource lists.

New York State Adoption Service, Albany NY. Photolisting of New York's waiting children. Search for a child with characteristics you choose.

Northwest Adoption Exchange, Seattle WA. NWAE helps place waiting special needs children in AL, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA; recruits adoptive parents throughout the U.S.; creates public awareness about waiting children and special needs adoption; consultations with adoption agencies, social workers and support groups.

The Adoption Exchange, Aurora CO. Photolisting waiting children from CO, MO, NC, NM, SD, UT, WY. Posted by dozens of adoption agencies, who need help to find a family for a waiting child. Newsletter, Heartlines.

Waiting Children of Asia in the United States, Photolisting of Asian children waiting for adoption in U.S. (state agencies). Compiled by volunteers who viewed adoption websites and state adoption photolistings, and talked with social workers. For information on each child, contact the social workers or state adoption agency as indicated. By

Wednesday's Child is a TV program featuring children waiting for adoptive parents in Colorado (KCNC), Utah (KUTV) and New Mexico (KRQE and KLUZ).

Photolisting sites - International, Several adoption agencies have pooled their photos and medical profiles of children available internationally. Member agencies are not named.

Internet Adoption Photolisting, Photolisting of over 500 children available for international adoption through over 38 adoption agencies and over 15 countries. If interested in a child, contact the agency listed at page bottom. Over 8,000 children photolisted since December 1994. By Precious in His Sight. Alternate address:

Rainbow Kids - Waiting Children, Children in many countries, submitted by agencies who place in the U.S. Search by country, agency, age, date added.

The Welcome Garden - International Photolisting, Selected agencies for each continent; one or two children for each. By Rich and Kate Quint.

Waiting Children (Amputees), Adoptable children from abroad. International Child Amputee Network.

Waiting Children of Asia, Photolisting of special needs or hard-to-place children of Asia waiting in orphanages for adoption. For information on each child contact the adoption agency indicated. By

Adoption - General

These U.S. sites contain general adoption information rather than specialized topics, which would place them in subsequent categories. Guide to Adoption, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [St. Paul MN] General adoption site. Many articles, chats, forums, and links for all in the adoption triad. In-depth information.

AdoptINFO, Information, research, opinion and policy documents on adoption subsidy, special needs children, parent support groups, Adoption Month, how to adopt, race and adoption, child development, search and reunion. Research-based information on: foster care and adoption statistics, adoption studies, mental health. Legal and policy information. By University of Minnesota's Children, Youth, and Family Consortium. Houses the NAIC Publications and Services Catalog. - Internet Adoption Resources, [NAIC pick, 2000] [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Large list of adoption web sites, email lists, photolistings, support groups, agencies. How-to-adopt information. Search feature. Created by Julie Valentine, single adoptive mother of two., Adopt: Assistance Information Support, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [NAIC pick, 2000] [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Comprehensive information for all members of the adoption triad. Adoption assistance information; profiles of waiting parents; resources. Directory of adoption resources. FAQ about adoption at Ask a question and get email replies from people. Articles. Waiting children. Live chats with adoption professionals (Aronson, Paddock, Roszia). Search feature.

Adoption Central, How-to's and articles for adoptive parents, adoptees and birth parents. Launched by in Jan. 2001. Over 300 features and 800 pages. Search feature. By Dottie Enrico, 41-year old Korean adoptee and the mother of a two year-old adopted Korean daughter.

Adoption Resource Network, [Canadian reader pick, 2001] [Pittsford NY] ARNI is a non-profit providing information on all aspects of adoption and foster care. Information on issues raised throughout the lifetime of the adoptee and the adoptive and birth families. Newsletter Adopt a Vision and Foster Change, on adoption and foster care. Welcome home classes. Teen events. Mentor program., [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Articles, chat rooms and links to all aspects of adoption, including facts for each country, and adoption reunion. Internet Adoption Network, Birthmothers can register.

AdoptioNetwork, Volunteer-operated adoption network formed in 1994 by Washington DC area adoptive parents. General guidance for adoptive parents, birthparents, adoptees, including starting points, infant adoption, homestudies, open adoptions and subsidized adoptions, international adoption resources, statistics. Chat groups. FAQs. Search feature.

Adoptions.Com, and and attorney directories. Options for pregnant women. Search and reunion. By R+C Communications, Bob Chidekel, president. [Clarksville MD]

Adoptive Families Together, Massachusetts-based adoptive parent support and education organization.

AdoptNet, [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Support for adoptive families, by National Adoption Center. Online chat; message board; family preparation course. Encyclopedia of articles and links. Rita Laws sends out a free email newsletter, This Week @AdoptNet Chat, about the chat room at AdoptNet.

Celebrate Adoption Inc., Nonprofit organization of adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents and professionals who advance a more positive image of adoption through public awareness, education and media advocacy. Publishes "An Educator's Guide to Adoption". Kathryn Creedy.

Child of My Dreams, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Primer for new adopters. Simple, step-by-step advice on how to adopt. Infertility information. Message boards, chat rooms, articles.

Children Awaiting Parents, See Photolisting sites.

Christian Adoption, Helps birthparents find Christian families with whom to place their children. Profiles of birthparents and of adoptive families. Deborah S. Hill, Coffeyville KS.

Comeunity: Adoption and Children with Special Needs, Parenting support for adoption, children's special needs, premature children, Vietnam adoption. Many resource lists. Allison and Rick Martin.

Dave Thomas Foundation, Advocates for waiting children in the public welfare system. "Beginners Guide to Adoption"; Adoption Resource Guide. Companies offering adoption benefits.

Deaf Adoption News Service, Text-only registry of waiting foreign and domestic deaf and severely hard of hearing children. Adoption and social services agencies list a waiting deaf child. Families contact the agency about a child on the list. Steven J. Berke.

FAIR (Families Adopting in Response), Parent support group in the Northern California area, particularly experienced in special needs and older child adoption. Magazine News from FAIR.

Families for Private Adoption, Parent support and education group advocating private (non-agency) adoption, formed in 1984. Meeting in the Washington DC area. [MD, DC, VA]

Fertile Thoughts - Adoption, [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Adoption chat room. FAQs. Bulletin board. Listing of agencies, clinics, doctors.

Inter-Country Adoption Registry, Database on international adoption agencies, as submitted by adoptive parents. Find which agencies are more successful in placing infants, or which placed the highest number of children from a country in the last six months.

International Adoption Alliance, Info on transracial adoption: cultural resources for transracially/transculturally adopted children and their families. Search feature. Legislative updates.

International Concerns for Children, Book Report on Intercountry Adoption has information on international adoption: costs, waiting periods and types of children available from dozens of agencies and other organizations who enable adoptive placements in North American homes. Personal counselling on international adoption. Newsletter. Links to agencies.

Jewish Children's Adoption Network, Denver CO. Adoption exchange, finding Jewish homes for Jewish children. Refers families from the database to the custodial agency or person.

KinderStart.Com, Directory of adoption and foster care links.

Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, See Photolisting Sites.

National Adoption Center - Faces of Adoption: America's Waiting Children, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [NAIC pick, 2000]. Largest photolisting site, co-run by the National Adoption Center (NAC) and Children Awaiting Parents (CAP). Search by sex, age, race and number of siblings. Aims to get "hard-to-place" children out of foster care and into permanent homes. See Photolisting Sites.

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, [Best site, Forbes, 2000, and Forbes Favorite] [NAIC pick, 2000] [Canadian reader pick, 2001]Top site for all adoption information. Congress established NAIC in 1986 to disseminate adoption information. Fact sheets. Searchable database of 3,500 adoption articles. Directory of 5,700 public and private adoption agencies, support groups and government officials. Adoption laws, by state. Events. Photolisting sites, by state: see Photolistings - Directories. [Washington DC]

National Council for Adoption, [Washington DC] Adoption and child welfare organization, Patrick Purtill, President. Legislative updates.

National Resource Center for Special Needs Adoptions, [Southfield MI] Established at Spaulding for Children Foster Care and Adoption in 1985, with a federal grant, to increase adoption of special needs children. Technical aid and training to agency administrators and practitioners regarding policy, practice and issues in special needs adoption, permanency planning and cultural competence. Newsletter Roundtable.

North American Council on Adoptable Children, [NAIC pick, 2000] Founded in 1975 in the belief that every child deserves a permanent family. Parent support groups and subsidy information. Newsletter Adoptalk. Annual conference. [St. Paul MN]

Older Child Adoption Online Magazine, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] How Susan Ward raised her adopted daughter Hannah. Challenges of adopting an older child. Handling a child with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Links to other families' adoption stories., Links to web sites of orphanages around the world. Make direct donations.

PACT, An Adoption Alliance, [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Non-profit adoption agency placing newborn children of color. Helps birthparents choose adoptive parents and keep connections. Issues concerning adopted children of color. Articles. Transracial adoption. [San Francisco]

Rainbow Kids, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [NAIC pick, 2000] [Canadian reader pick, 2001] International adoption e-magazine, Martha Osborne, editor. Articles. Resources for each country. FAQ. List of agencies. Photolistings of waiting children in various countries: see Photolisting Sites - International.

Raising Adopted Children, Author Lois Melina covers international, transracial and open adoption; tips for raising adopted children. Article search feature.

Rosie - Adoption Information, Based on Rosie O'Donnell's "How To Adopt" TV program, Mar. 21, 2000. See "Quick Links - Adoptions". Steps to take. Homestudy. Experts on the show.

Stars of David International, Resources forJewish adoption, by a support network for Jewish and part-Jewish adoptive families.

Voices of Adoption, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [NAIC pick, 2000] [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Discussion of ethics and openness in the adoption process. Open records. Search and reunion. MediaWatch studies media coverage of adoption issues, with Hall of Shame for hostile coverage. Book list. By Denise Castellucci.

Waiting, Licensed adoption agencies can list waiting families and locate families for waiting children. Links to adoption resources, message boards, support groups and chat rooms. Offshoot of

Federal Government

U.S. government department and agency sites are your best sites for government regulations.

INS - Foreign Born Orphan, Law on bringing an orphan to the U.S.; INS forms.

IRS - Adoption Tax Credit, Tax credit up to $5,000 for adoption expenses.

State Dept. - Document Authentication,

State Dept. - International Adoption, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [NAIC pick, 2000] Country-by-country summaries of adoption laws for U.S. citizens. Updates on various countries. Child Citizenship Act, 2000. Vaccines. Visas. Statistics. Hague Convention.

State Dept. - International Adoptions Booklet,'ladoption.html. Guidelines on international adoption. INS approval. Foreign adoption process. Visas. Medical exam. FAQ.

Exchanges and Registries

For adoption exchanges and registries at the national, regional and state levels, see Photolisting Sites.

Single Adoption

Adoption Resource Exchange for Single Parents, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Helps single people (Washington DC area) adopt special needs children, from initial inquiry to post-placement support. Register your home study for social workers to view. Workshops, support groups, telephone help line, online publications.

National Council for Single Adoptive Parents, NCSAP was founded by single adoptive parents in 1973 to help single people in the U.S. to adopt. Publishes The Handbook for Single Adoptive Parents, "Single-aparent" mailing list, to discuss single parenting of adopted children.

Single Mothers by Choice, Women who have decided to become single parents, from U.S., Canada, Britain, Egypt, Norway and other countries. Jane Mattes, New York.

Single Parent Adoption Network, For single adoptive parents. Links for single parenting.

Single Parent Adoption Support Group of Ontario, Martha Greenhow, Toronto.

Single Parents, Guide to single parenting by Julie Jeffrey at

Gay / Lesbian Adoption

Child Welfare League on Gay Adoption, CWLA policy.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption, Gay-friendly resources by state. From NAIC.

Gay Dad - Adoption, Resources and support for gay fathers.

Gay Parent Magazine, Gay-friendly resources for singles and couples.

Lesbian and Gay Adoption Resources,

LesBiGay Adoption Page, FAQ on adoption.

Adoption Law and Policy

ABA Center on Children and the Law, For lawyers and judges. Child welfare legislation. Transracial adoption; foster care placements. Site search feature. By American Bar Assn.

Adoption Law and Reforms, Links to adoption law and policy web sites, national and international. Kevin McCarty.

Adoption Laws, State adoption statutes. By the NAIC, with the American Bar Assn.

Adoption Policy Resource Center, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Information on adoption laws, subsidies, advocacy, research and legal help. Policy Research and Analysis Archive has articles on the adoption process, law and policymaking. Links to legal and policy decisions.

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, [NAIC pick, 2000] Directory of U.S. attorneys practicing independent/private/non-agency adoption, plus adoption advocacy and consumer law. Most attorneys working in adoption belong to AAAA. [Washington DC]

Child Welfare League of America, Advocates for all aspects of children's interests. Journal Child Welfare, annual meeting, reports on problems in child welfare. [Washington DC]

[fraud] Adoption Fraud, Fraud and unethical practices.

[fraud] Adoption Agency Warning List, Reports fraud and other unethical practices by adoption professionals. Report a fraud. Articles on agencies in trouble. List of agencies with lawsuits pending or in serious conflict with clients. Mary Lib Mooney's list of agencies she would not use.

[fraud] Consumer Law Page: Wrongful Adoption, Article on fraud by adoption agencies, by lawyer Richard Alexander. (California law)

[fraud] The Adoption Guide, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Be aware of possible adoption fraud. Check complaints against adoption agencies. Get email updates on adoption fraud. File a complaint. Report adoption fraud. Wrongful adoptions. Check out professionals. Immigrant visas: 2000 stats from INS.

[Hague] Holt International - Hague Update, Overview and detailed info in favour of ratifying the Hague Treaty on Intercountry Adoption.

[Hague] Bills to Implement the Hague Convention, Links to documents on the Hague Treaty.

Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS), [NAIC pick, 2000] [Canadian reader pick, 2001] Washington DC. Affiliation of intercountry adoption agencies promoting ethical practices. Laws and regulations in international adoption. Hague. Citizenship. Tax Credit. Country updates. Annual conference. Newsletter.

Legal Issues and Services, Links to legal issues adoption sites (unsorted).

Wrightslaw, Articles, cases, newsletters about special education law and advocacy. Advocacy for children with disabilities.

Health and Travel

Before embarking on a foreign journey, check these web sites for information on safe countries to visit, endemic diseases and needed vaccinations.

American Academy of Pediatrics, Section on Adoption, Medical, developmental, and mental health information. Diseases in international adoptees, from the 2000 Red Book.

Health and Medical Information, Links for medical issues in international adoptees. By Families With Children From China., General health information

Travelers' Health (CDC), Diseases by country. Vaccines. National Center for Infectious Diseases. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta.

Doctors and clinics

Doctors and clinics you can visit, for yourself or your child.

Adoption Medical Clinics in U.S. and Canada, Directory of clinics. By Robin Hilborn (Family Helper).

International Assn. for Medical Assistance to Travellers, Directory of English-speaking doctors abroad

U.S. Doctors Evaluating Medical Information, Specialists in adoption medicine. By Eastern European Adoption Coalition.

Education and Research

Assn. for Research in International Adoption, ARIA, List of adoption researchers, description of their studies. Human Rights Watch evaluation of orphanages in the former Soviet Union. Impact of institutionalization on internationally adopted children. Chat room. Teena McGuinness.

Center for Adoption Support and Education, Seminars and counseling to help adoptive parents. SAFE at School course: helps teachers teach children about adoption; creates adoption-sensitive schools. Marilyn Schoettle and Debbie Riley.

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] [NAIC pick, 2000] Adoption research, policy, analysis. Searchable database of about 1,000 adoption research abstracts, based on a literature search for articles, master's theses, Ph.D. dissertations, conference proceedings, books, reports and unpublished manuscripts. Bibliographies. Statistics. News.

Post Adoption Center for Education and Research, Oakland CA support group. Workshops, seminars. Online newsletter. Book list. Web site list.

Waiting - Research Center, Search database for adoption research papers, articles, publications, federal statutes and NAIC fact sheets.

Agencies - Directories

There are thousands of adoption agencies in the U.S. -- too many to list, so here are some directories for finding them.

Adoption Agencies, Private and Public, Over 2,500 adoption agencies. By AdoptioNetwork, from NAIC information.

Adoption Agents and Agencies, Links to many agencies. By Rainbow Kids magazine.

Adoption Professionals, Search for an agency by state, country or speciality.

Adoption Resources Directory, Agencies and specialists, state by state.

American Association of Open Adoption Agencies, AAOAA provides advice on procedures, adoption related costs, and checking credentials of open adoption agencies. Bill Betzen.

ICC - Agencies, 56 international adoption agencies listed in Report on Intercountry Adoption. By International Concerns for Children.

Agencies - Top 28

Only the largest U.S. agencies are shown here: those with over 200 placements a year, as in the list in "2001 Adoption Guide" by Adoptive Families magazine. For other agencies, see Agency Directories.

Adopt International,
Adoptions from the Heart,
Alliance for Children,
American Adoptions,
Children's Home Society and Family Services, [Minnesota]
Children's Hope International /China's Children,
Children's Hope International /NW Region,
Children's Home Society of Florida,
Chinese Children Adoption International,
Christian World Adoption,
Commonwealth Adoptions International,
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center,
European Adoption Consultant,
Family and Children's Agency,
Frank Adoption Center,
Friends Adoptions International,
Holt International Children's Services,
La Vida Adoption Agency,
MAPS - Maine Adoption Placement Service, Offices in Maine, Boston, Florida.
Plan Loving Adoptions Now,
Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children,
Wide Horizons for Children,
World Assn. for Children and Parents (WACAP),
World Child International,

Products and Services

The following is by no means comprehensive, just a selection of businesses selling products and services, including magazines, books, music, videos, arts and crafts, announcement cards, traditional clothing and travel services., Private photolisting service. See Photolisting Sites.

AdoptionOnline.Com, of families waiting to adopt, who pay to post a "Dear Birthmother" letter and photo. By R+C Communications, Bob Chidekel, president. [Clarksville MD]

Adoption Quest, can search for adoptive families. Families submit a profile ($100 for three months, with photo). [Norwich NY]

Adoption Today Magazine, Magazine (was Chosen Child) on international and domestic adoption. Richard Fischer. [Loveland CO], For international adoption travel planning: articles by parents; travel tips, medical information, book reviews. Mary E. Petertyl, Folio One Publishing.

Adoptive Families Magazine, or or [NAIC pick, 2000] Largest U.S. adoption magazine, for everyone touched by adoption. Annual Guide to Adoption. Susan Caughman, Editor and Publisher. [New York]

Amazon Books, Books.

Asia for Kids, Books, music, CDs, toys. Language tapes for Asian languages. Catalogue.

Babycolors, Birth and adoption announcements with custom photos and messages.

Fostering Families TODAY Magazine, For families and professionals involved in domestic foster care, adoption, and post-placement issues. By Cynthia Peck and Dick Fischer, of Adoption TODAY., Adoption greeting cards; personalized candy bar wrappers; shirts; hats.

North American Council on Adoptable Children, Books.

Northwest Airlines, Discount fares for adoption travel.

Parent Network for the Post-Institutionalized Child, Books.

Perspectives Press, Books. Many articles and fact sheets on adoption and infertility. Pat Johnston. [Indianapolis IN]

R-Squared Press, Resources for open adoption. Books, tapes. [Royal Oak MI]

Raising Adopted Children, Author Lois Melina's books and newsletter.

Real Moms, Newsletter for adoptive mothers. Allison Martin.

Roots and Wings Magazine, and and Incorporated in April 2001 into Dick Fischer's Adoption Today magazine. Cynthia Peck. [Hackettstown NJ]

Tapestry Books, Adoption and infertility books.

Ties Program, Heritage tours to foreign countries; arrangements for foreign travel. [Wauwatosa WI]

Web Rings

Web sites with similar interests group together in "web rings". Each site in the ring has a button at the bottom linking it to every other site on the ring. You can move to the next site or back up, or view a list of all sites. Those dedicated to adoption include:

Adoption Web Ring, [Best site, Forbes, 2000] Over 400 adoption sites belong. Search function.

China Adoption Webring, China adoption.

Heartland Adoption Ring, Search and reunion.

Open Adoption Web Ring, Open adoption.

Transracial Adoptions Webring, By Cheryl Hughey.

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