Cocoa of Southampton: adventures of a little brown poodle

Cocoa of Southampton: adventures of a little brown poodle

For the young reader, the adventures of a little brown poodle

       These are all true stories. Cocoa the poodle really did save Heather and Chelsea from three dangerous dogs. And that was just the start of his adventures.

Though he was afraid at first, Cocoa discovered what an adventure it was, canoeing down the Saugeen River.

And then he got sick on the ferry boat, but he did make friends with the Husky dog Alaska.

Finally, Cocoa proved he was a great rock-climber, and found the trail back to the campsite all by himself. (But Heather chased off the bear.)

Social worker Heather Wallace lives in Southampton and enjoys kayaking on the Saugeen.

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Heather Wallace kayaks on the Saugeen ...

Heather Wallace on the Saugeen
Cocoa of Southampton
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