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  Articles by Leceta Chisholm Guibault
  International Adoption
My Personal Experience Adopting Through An American Agency (1997)
   Leceta adopts from Guatemala (1991) and Colombia (1994) and is totally satisfied
  Raising Your Child
What's A Birthfather? What's A Daddy? (1998)
   Kahleah knows the difference
How You Can Accept the Reality of the Birthfamily (2006)
   Get comfortable with your child's birth history and adoption
Should I Change My Child's Name? (2002)
   Leceta is glad she kept Kahleah's name
Renommer mon enfant adopté? (2002)
   Kahleah dit : "Mon prénom est une partie de moi."
A Mother's Thoughts On Cultural Pride (1998)
   We celebrate our children's differences
Latin American Heritage Camp (2006)
   At the Snow Mountain Ranch, Colorado
  Talking to Strangers
Unsolicited Comments (1997)
   Why can't people accept us as we are?
Les commentaires non sollicités (1997)
   Combien a-t-elle coûté ?
The Healing Power of a Mother's Day Card (2004)
   A simple card from Tristan's birthmother, so full of meaning
  Birth Country Adventures
Try to Meet the Birth Family Abroad (1997)
   One mother's motivation
Finding The Birth Family Abroad (1998)
   Birthmothers support Leceta's search
Loving Links, Pt. 1: A Mother's Journey Into Her Young Daughter's Past (2000)
   Leceta visits Guatemala
Loving Links, Pt. 2: I Take My Daughter Back to Guatemala (2005)
   A promise made is a promise kept
Loving Links, Pt. 3: Kahleah Answers Your Questions on Guatemala (2005)
   How about a trip to Guatemala every two years!
Mon aventure Guatémaltèque (2000)
   Une semaine au pays de naissance de ma fille
I Wrote To My Son's Birthmother (2004)
   ... and our relationship blossomed
Tristan's in Good Hands (2004)
   Birth mom in Colombia, adoptive mom in Canada
Your First Mother Will Never Forget You (2004)
   The hopes and fears of Tristan's birthmother
The Day I Met My Birthfamily in Colombia (2004)
   Tristan's thoughts on returning from Colombia
Having Two Families (2005)
   Tristan: "I'm happiest when I see both my families laughing together"
My Daughter Feels Like Two People (2005)
   Kahleah is torn between two countries
The Gift of Foster Family, 14 Years Later (2005)
   ... on the eve of Kahleah's solo trip to Guatemala
Meeting Rosa (2006)
   A Guatemalan birthmother, and a surprising discovery

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