Infertility Network


Join people like yourself -- caring, concerned, compassionate -- to help provide information and support at the grassroots level.

Whether you are currently in medical treatment, are investigating family-building options, have become a parent through birth/adoption, or have decided to live child-free, we hope you will continue to help us reach out to others who are struggling with infertility. Our heartfelt thanks for your encouraging response and support.


$10 to become a member of the Infertility Network. Donate directly or through your United Way contribution at work to support the Infertility Network's activities. Visa and Mastercard accepted.
(Charitable tax receipts issued for both memberships and donations (#89075 6869 RR0001).

Contact the Infertility Network

Mail: Infertility Network, 160 Pickering St., Toronto, Ont. M4E 3J7 Canada
Phone: 416-691-3611
Fax: 416-690-8015

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Updated Nov 15, 2001