Families in Adoption
Families in Adoption (FIA): For the whole family ...

Information sharing, discussions and social activities for adoptive and pre-adoptive families.

Simultaneous children's program of games and crafts, so the whole family can attend.

Meetings are informal discussions and usually focus on a particular topic.

Topics include: talking about adoption, openness in adoption, your adopted child at school, growing up adopted, updates on adoption issues and resources, etc. Program includes occasional guest speakers, videos and member-led discussions.

Meetings are usually held at Rosedale United Church, 159 Roxborough (at Glen Rd.), Central Toronto.

For further info about Families in Adoption, call Pat or Aaron Fenton, at 416-487-3166 or e-mail pfenton@sympatico.ca

Annual Membership is $10 per family.

Upcoming meetings

March 28, 2004

May 24, 2004

July family picnic -- date to be announced.

Sept. 26, 2004

Nov. 28, 2004


Families in Adoption is a group for adoptive and pre-adoptive families. It began in 1984 and has a strong emphasis on post-placement support. Originally for families who had adopted privately, it now has a membership that represents a variety of adoptions both local and out of country. All families are welcome to attend. Children in the group currently range in age from infancy to adolescence. Some of our current members are in open local or US adoptions; others have done international adoptions. Couples who are seeking to adopt are very welcome; our members are very willing to share information with those who are in process.

FIA has been the incubator for the Adoption and the Schools project which is offering presentations for students and educators in the classroom as well as teacher workshops. A 30-minute presentation including a song and puppets has been developed for K-3 classes and is now being operated as a program of the Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO). A teachers' booklet on adoption has been prepared and is available through ACO. Presentations are also available for other primary school and secondary school classes. (For further details on the Adoption and the Schools program, call the ACO Adoption Resource Centre, at 416 482-0021.)

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