Contents, Joyce Hilborn


Chapter 1: Henry and Amelia Oxby
An unacknowledged father — When Henry met Amelia — In Australia — Life of Mrs. Oxby — Henry heads to Canada — Reconciled with Amelia

Chapter 2: Lilian Oxby
College in Wales — A Canadian affair and a random choice — The locksmith goes to Egypt — Lilian moves to Wednesfield — Amelia needed in Liverpool — Joyce and Mavis go to school — Wood Avenue

Chapter 3: Joyce and Mavis: life on Wood Avenue
Strangers in my house — Down to market — Our semi-detached home — Lemons and oranges — Stuffed with furniture — Sewing — Hearth rugs — Grandma always busy — On walks with Mother — Daily and weekly deliveries — Joyce declines an invitation — Games we played — Dialect spoken here — Chores — The Jobbers come visiting — Sunday roast dinner — Sunday School — A fatherless childhood — Visiting Dad — The Oxbys of Cardiff — Summer holidays — Schooling — Grandma moves in — Death of Henry Oxby — To Colwyn Bay — Studying for a scholarship — Remedies — Seasonal traditions — The last year of childhood — Holiday in Skegness — Bus to the future

Chapter 4: Winifred Annie (Cole) Hilborn
Grandma's story — Roy Henry’s history — “He couldn’t resist women” — Life on the Prairies — A cow for milk — Photography business — Weekend exercise — The Klan strike — Divorce — Return to England — Notes on Annie Cole and Winifred Cole

Chapter 5: Ralph Lloyd Hilborn
Uncle Ralph remembers the early days — A shack for Winnie — Roy in the sanatorium — Selling pianos in Moose Jaw — Roy’s newspaper

Chapter 6: Jack Howes
A visit to the old homestead in Saskatchewan

Chapter 7: Roy Hilborn in WWII
My Royal Navy career — Anti-submarine boats — Four to a room — Depth charges — Londonderry base — Rammed — Acoustic mines — Blitz — Bombed — Air-sea rescue — A nicked earlobe — Rum days — Undercover agents — To Plymouth — D-Day

Chapter 8: War-time romance

War-time romance: Roy’s version
          A girl to talk to — Up the river

War-time romance: Joyce’s version
          At the Wrennery — Number 44

Chapter 9: Post-war

Roy, on the post-war period
          A new house — Where’s Guelph? — Emigration

Joyce, on the post-war period
          Cherry Beach — A letter from father

Appendix A: Chronology, Residences

Appendix B: Genealogy
          Family trees: Oxby — Jobber — Hilborn — Cole

Appendix C: Sources


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