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  Jay Hill's tax credit bill: expenses up to $10,000
Family Helper editor
(Oct. 20, 2004) Today Conservative M.P. Jay Hill introduced his adoption tax credit bill in parliament. Bill C-246 could be passed this time, as long as the minority government lasts long enough. Following is a news release from Jay Hill:
MP Jay Hill Boosts Adoption Tax Deduction Proposal to $10,000

Ottawa, Oct. 20, 2004 -- Citing the need to better reflect the cost of adoption and its benefits to society, Jay Hill, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River, announced today he has increased his proposal for a federal tax deduction for adoption expenses to a maximum of $10,000.

"In preparing my private members' legislation for re-introduction today, we realized that my bill proposing an adoption tax deduction, which I first introduced more than three years ago, needed to be revised to accurately reflect the exorbitant costs of adopting a child," said Hill in explaining why he raised the proposed maximum deduction by $3,000.

Parents can pay between $10,000 and $15,000 to privately adopt in Canada. International adoptions can cost up to $30,000 or more. "While parents willingly incur these expenses to bring a child into their lives, so many children and all of society benefit from their decision to adopt," stated Hill. "I believe our tax system should fairly acknowledge this contribution, as well as provide financial incentive to encourage adoption."

Hill stated he has high hopes for the passage of the adoption expenses bill, which will once again be numbered Bill C-246 at his request. "In the last Parliament, there was tremendous backing from all political parties for this bill. Against their Finance Minister's advice, even government backbenchers voted to support my legislation." Hill added, "I believe adoptive parents and children can be optimistic that they could soon see some form of financial relief." For more information: Jay Hill, (613) 947-4524 or (250) 787-1194

Tax credit bill dies; to be reborn -- (Sept. 27, 2004) Conservative M.P. Jay Hill's Bill C-246, the adoption tax credit bill, passed a vote of M.P.s on April 20 and went to the Finance Committee for review. Then the government called a federal election, and Bill C-246 died. Mr. Hill plans to reintroduce his tax credit bill.

You can contact your M.P. to discuss the merits of the adoption tax credit bill. Use your postal code to get your M.P.'s contact information:

The Child Adoption Expenses Bill, C-246, was a private member's bill from Conservative M.P. Jay Hill. It was debated at second reading in the House of Commons Feb. 19, 2004 -- the Liberal government stated that it does not support any tax deduction for adoption expenses. The bill would allow a tax deduction for expenses incurred by parents during the process of adopting a child. Adoptive parents could deduct adoption expenses of up to $7,000 when computing their income. Read the text of the bill at

C-246 had passed first reading in the House on Oct. 23, 2002. However, it died along with all other bills, at the end of the Second Session of the 37th Parliament, Nov. 12, 2003. It was revived for the Third Session.

FOLLOW-UP: Jay Hill, MP, House of Commons, Ottawa K1A 0A6, 613-947-4524,

New adoption tax credit bill: C-461 -- (2002) M.P. Jay Hill is relaunching his adoption tax credit bill, which failed twice before. On May 3, 2002 Bill C-461 got first reading in parliament. C-461 would amend the federal Income Tax Act to allow adoptive parents to deduct up to $7,000 in adoption expenses. Adoption tax credits now exist in the province of Quebec and in the United States.

Tax credit bill fails again -- (2001) Another Alliance M.P. tried to succeed where Eric Lowther failed, but his bill also failed to reach a vote in the House of Commons. On Feb. 19, 2001, Jay Hill (Alliance M.P., Prince George/Peace River) introduced a private member's bill, Bill C-272. It would amend the Income Tax Act to allow parents to deduct up to $7,000 in adoption expenses on their income tax return. In June 2001, it was deemed "non-votable", meeting the same fate as Eric Lowther's Bill C-289.

C-289 misses -- (2000) Bill C-289 (child adoption expenses) missed its chance to become federal law when the Sub-Committee on Private Members' Business decided on June 1, 2000 that the bill was non-votable. It was debated for one hour in the House of Commons Sept. 19, 2000. Although there was no vote, debate did raise awareness of adoption issues. A private member's bill from Alliance M.P. Eric Lowther, C-289 would have allowed a taxpayer to deduct expenses related to adoption. Adoptive families could deduct up to $7,000 of the costs of adopting a child (equal to the maximum amount birthparents can claim for child care), when computing his or her income for a taxation year. This would include reasonable travel costs, homestudy costs, agency and lawyer fees.

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