Adoptive parents can help in online survey of chronic medical conditions

(July 26, 2010)   For adopted children, an intercountry adoption makes for a radical change, from the culture of a country abroad to a home in Canada. How does this move affect their health, especially long-lasting medical conditions?

It's thought that the development of some chronic health conditions is influenced by environmental factors in early childhood. Internationally adopted children represent a unique population for study because they move from one environment to a significantly different one early on in life.

Parents can take part in a study of the connection between environment and health in these children.

Drs. Irene Fung and Dr. Charles Hui of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa are using an online questionnaire in their research. They are calling on interested parents of internationally adopted children to help by filling out a brief online survey.

Here's where to find the survey for the CHEO International Adoption and Health Study:
— For parents of an internationally adopted child who is currently between the ages of 12 to 36 months:
— For parents of an internationally adopted child who is currently age 6 or older:

Contact information:
CHEO Research Institute
401 Smyth Road, Rm. 139
Ottawa K1H 8L1
(613) 737-7600
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