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Effectively closed for adoptions. Intercountry adoptions from Azerbaijan resumed in August 2005, after an April 2004 suspension, but the process worked poorly owing to bureaucratic delays. New legislation halted adoptions again in December 2006 and even pending files are up in the air.

Azerbaijan has suspended intercountry adoptions while it implements new procedures. As this requires parliamentary approval, it is unlikely that Azerbaijan's parliament will do so before the current session ends June 1, 2005. Next session of parliament begins in late November 2005. [U.S. State Department,, April 29, 2005]

In an Aug. 2, 2005 notice ( the U.S. State Department said that following a suspension of intercountry adoptions in April 2004 to investigate adoption practices, Azerbaijani authorities have ended the suspension and adoptions can resume. The Azerbaijani Embassy in the U.S. is accepting dossiers and registering adoption applications

In its Feb. 9, 2006 notice, the U.S. State Dept. said Azerbaijan adoptions are proceeding slowly. After an April 2004 suspension to investigate adoption practices, intercountry adoptions from Azerbaijan resumed in August 2005. The Azerbaijani Embassy in the U.S. is accepting adoption applications. To date, only three American families have completed adoptions. Many families continue to face bureaucratic delays.

Department of State urged U.S. citizens to consider the uncertainty of adopting in Azerbaijan. Adoptions are technically open, but some U.S. agencies have decided the situation is too fluid for them to operate comfortably. The Azerbaijani Parliament will consider a new law on international adoption.

March 30, 2007 -- U.S. State Department said that changes in legislation have made the adoption process unclear. In December 2006 the process effectively stopped due to amended laws meant to bring domestic legislation into line with the Hague Convention. It is not known when cases started under the previous law will be completed. In March 2007 the State Committee for Family, Women and Children's Issues was named the new adoption authority, replacing the State Adoption Commission. State Department repeated its warning to U.S. citizens to consider how seriously difficult an adoption in Azerbaijan could be. There are no guarantees that adoptions will be concluded regularly and transparently, and no assurance that pending adoptions will be processed expeditiously. The latest legislative changes haven't improved the situation.


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