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International adoptions continue in Taiwan, but with long delays, as the country emphasizes domestic adoption. Quotas are set on foreign applications, and agencies quickly reach their annual quota.

In 2005 30 children were adopted from Taiwan to Canada, compared to 15 in 2004, and 26 in 2003.

Americans adopted 141 Taiwan orphans in 2005, compared to 89 in 2004.

In Taiwan the adoption authority is the Children's Bureau in the Ministry of Interior. An adoption application goes first to the Taiwan Supreme Court, which designates an office of the Taiwan District Court to process the adoption, which is registered at the Taiwan Registrar's office. For more on the process, see Taiwan by the U.S. State Department.

Birth information for adult adoptees -- According to a July 5, 2006 China Post article the national Child and Juvenile Adoption Information Center opened in July 2006 in XinDian, Taiwan, to provide adopted people 20 and older, including those adopted overseas, access to information about their biological parents. Those under 20 must get permission from their adoptive parents.

On March 8, 2007 the Secrétariat à l´adoption internationale (SAI) in Montreal announced that applications in Quebec would be limited to 20 in 2007. As in other countries, Taiwan is emphasizing domestic adoption, which reduces the number of children going abroad. However foreign applications continue to pour in, with the time before getting a child proposal reaching 16 months in 2006. To keep the waiting time reasonable Cathwel Service in Taiwan has decided to limit both the number of foreign agencies it deals with and the number of foreign applications it accepts. It has set the quota for the Quebec agency Enfants d'Orient at 20 new files in 2007. SAI also announced two changes to the adoption criteria for Taiwan: 1) priority will go to childless couples or those who have already adopted from Taiwan or China; 2) an adopted child may be escorted to Quebec, but adoptive parents may nonetheless need to travel to Taiwan, for example to meet the birth mother.

SAI added a clarification on May 7, 2007: Enfants d'Orient will work on at most 20 files at the same time. When a file is closed, a new file may be opened, drawn from the agency's waiting list. The agency has 20 files waiting for proposals and 50 new applications on file. _____________________

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