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Committee volunteers

Tim Andersen, Betty Bender, Bill Boyer, Patti Brill, Marnie Cammidge, Bob Cartwright, Ken Harlock, Robin Hilborn, Jim and Shirley Irwin, Sam Klaman, Jane Kramer, Margaret Large, Michael and Andrea Leblance, Katherine Leonard, Arlene Letheren, Don Matheson, Duncan McCallum, Luanne McIntosh, Steve McMillan, Bob Miller, Bev Morgan, Joanne Robbins, Jill Roote, Lorne Shantz ... and many others arriving all the time. Apologies if we haven't listed your name here.

The Southampton 150th Anniversary Committee is a sub-committee of the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce. As a steering committee, it works closely with local groups and organizations, which run their own anniversary events as part of, or in addition to, their regular programs.

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 See the online list of 150th anniversary events, or pick up the Events Flyer at the Chamber of Commerce and at various locations around Southampton.


Southampton 150th   Southampton 150th Anniversary
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