Fertility clinics in Canada

When you have questions about diagnosis and treatment of infertility, you'll find the staff at fertility clinics to be most approachable and knowledgeable. Canada offers modern clinics from coast to coast.


Genesis Fertility Centre, #300 - 1367 West Broadway, Vancouver V6H 4A7, 1-800-753-0111 or 604-879-3032, genesis@genesis-fertility.com, www.genesis-fertility.com. Opened July 1995 by Dr. Margo Fluker and Dr. Albert Yuzpe. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Ovulation Induction and Superovulation, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Donor Sperm Insemination (DI), Donor Eggs, Surrogacy, Fertility Surgery, Fertility Preservation, Sperm Services. —Nov. 26, 2008

Kelowna Regional Fertility Centre, #202, 1630 Pandosy St., Kelowna V1Y 1P7, 1-888-861-5732, 250-861-6811, info@krfc.ca, www.kelownaregionalfertilitycentre.ca. Dr. Katherine E. Wise. Ovulation induction; superovulation; intrauterine insemination; IVF through Genesis Fertility Centre; donor sperm; sperm freezing. —Nov. 26, 2008

Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine, 500 - 4601 Canada Way, Burnaby BC V5G 4X7, 1-866-481-7276, 604-422-7276, fax 604-434-5522, info@pacificfertility.ca, www.pacificfertility.ca. Dr. Jon Havelock, Dr. Jeff Roberts, Dr. Ken Seethram. Fertility clinic opened in 2006. Sperm Retrieval, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Embryo Cryopreservation, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Donor Insemination. —Sept. 11, 2006

UBC Centre for Reproductive Health, BC Women's Hospital, D600-4500 Oak St., Vancouver V6H 3N1, 1-800-616-2496, 604-875-2445, www.ubcfertility.com. Dr. Tim Rowe, Dr. Anthony Cheung. Clomiphene (clomid) and intrauterine insemination; superovulation and IUI; in vitro fertilization; intracytoplasmic sperm injection; embryo freezing. —Nov. 26, 2008

Victoria Fertility Centre, #207 - 4400 Chatterton Way, Victoria V8X 5J2, 250-704-0024, 1-888-70-4BABY, inform@victoriafertility.com, www.victoriafertility.com. Dr. Stephen Hudson. In Vitro Fertilization; Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection; surgical retrieval of testicular sperm; intrauterine inseminations; ovulation induction; egg donation; sperm freezing; surrogacy. —Nov. 26, 2008


Alberta Fertility Centre, Dr. Michael Awad, 5201 43 St., #140, Red Deer AB T4N 1C7, 403-347-2650, Michael@albertafertility.com. Obstetrician-gynecologist; infertility services. Ovulation induction, superovulation, endocrinology, HSG, laparoscopic surgery for infertility, sperm washing, partner and donor insemination. —Apr. 15, 2009

Fertility and Endocrinology Clinic, Royal Alexandra Hospital, 10240 Kingsway Ave., Edmonton T5H 3V9, 780-735-5609, www.capitalhealth.ca. IUI, cryopreservation of semen. [sometimes, Women's Endocrinology Clinic] —Nov. 26, 2008

Regional Fertility Program, Foothills Medical Center, #300, 1620 - 29 Street NW, Calgary T2N 4L7, 403-284-5444, www.regionalfertilityprogram.ca. IVF program began in 1984. ICSI, IUI, HSG, superovulation intrauterine insemination, egg and embryo donation, surrogacy. —Nov. 26, 2008


ARTUS Centre (Assisted Reproductive Technology, University of Saskatchewan), Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Royal University Hospital, 103 Hospital Dr., Saskatoon S7N 0W8, 306-966-1953, artus.rei@usask.ca, www.medicine.usask.ca/obgyn/affiliates-1/artus-centre. Allison Case MD, director. In vitro fertilization; Ovulation induction; Intrauterine insemination; Embryo freezing; ICSI; Sperm cryopreservation; Donor egg (known); Gestational carrier (known). —Nov. 26, 2008


Heartland Fertility and Gynecology Clinic, 701 - 1661 Portage Ave., Winnipeg R3J 3T7, 204-779-8888, info@heartlandfertility.mb.ca, www.heartlandfertility.mb.ca. Opened 1997. Ovulation induction; therapeutic donor insemination; oocyte donation; hyperstimulation and intrauterine insemination; in vitro fertilization; intracytoplasmic sperm injection. —Nov. 26, 2008


Astra Fertility Clinic, 4303 Village Centre Court, Mississauga L4Z 1S2, 905-949-6999, 1-866-962-7872, info@astrafertility.com, www.astrafertility.com. Dr. Essam Michael, Director. Ovulation induction; IUI; Donor sperm, eggs and embryos; IVF/ET; ICSI; Freezing of embryos and sperm. —Jan. 17, 2006

Broadview Fertility/Gynecology Clinic, B1 - 770 Broadview Ave., Ottawa K2A 3Z3, 613-728-5108. Dr. Norman Barwin, director.

CReATe (Canadian Reproductive Assisted Technology) Fertility Centre, Sunnybrook and Women's College Hospital Fertility Centre, #1100, 790 Bay St., Toronto M5G 1N8, 416-323-7727, ruth@createivf.com, www.createivf.com. Director, Dr. Clifford Librach. Opened March 2002. IVF. Artificial insemination. Sperm donor. Ovulation induction. —Jan. 13, 2005

Durham Fertility Clinic, 117 King St. W., Oshawa L1H 1B9, 905-721-3582, DurhamFertility@yahoo.ca, www.durhamfertilityclinic.ca. Douglas Hepburn, MD, FRCSC and Charles Rowe, MD, FRCSC. Complete fertility services from initial workup to advanced reproductive technologies. On site ultrasound and diagnostic imaging. —Aug. 12, 2013

Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Centre, 2330 Kennedy Road, Suite 317, Toronto M1T 0A2, 416-609-8868, thefrmc@rogers.com, www.thefrmc.com. Nathan L. Roth, MD, FRCSC, FACOG. IVF and other techniques, embryo freezing, sperm banking, egg donation. —Jan. 29, 2010

Fertility Clinic at London Health Sciences Centre, University Hospital, 339 Windermere Rd., Box 5339, London N6A 5A5, 519-663-2966 ex. 1, thefertilityclinic@lhsc.on.ca, www.londonfertility.ca. Doctors: Feyles, Hollett-Caines, Power, Rebel. Associate physician: Dr. J. McNaught, Fertility Ontario. IVF, ICSI, intrauterine insemination, egg donation, gestational surrogacy, embryo freezing, semen analysis, sperm freezing, donor sperm program, electroejaculation and microsurgery for sperm aspiration, counselling and early pregnancy assessment. Procedures done on-site; many covered by Ontario health insurance. —June 24, 2010

Fertility Ontario, 746 Baseline Rd., #406, London N6C 5Z2, 519-286-0374, 888-826-7448, info@fertilityontario.com, www.fertilityontario.com. Dr. J. McNaught. Diagnostic services on-site; IUI, IVF and ICSI provided through Fertility Clinic at London Health Sciences Centre. —June 24, 2010

First Steps Fertility, #100, 36 York Mills Rd., Toronto M2P 2E9, 416-221-7545, www.firststepsfertility.ca. Dr. Marjorie Dixon, Dr. Sony Sierra, Dr. Fay Weisberg. IVF; ICSI; Sperm retrieval; Donor eggs; Embryo freezing; Sperm freezing; Donor insemination; IUI; Pre-Implantation Generic Diagnosis (PGD). —Nov. 26, 2008

Hamilton Assisted Reproductive Technologies, HART Fertility Centre, #102, 1057 Main Street West, 905-972-8382, www.hartfertility.ca. Dr. Rolando Cepeda. —May 6, 2010

Hannam Fertility Centre, 160 Bloor St. E., 15th Floor, Toronto M4W 3R2, 416-595-1521, fax 416-506-0680, info@hannamfertility.com, www.hannamfertility.com. Tom Hannam, M.D. FRCSC REI. Female and male fertility testing, cycle monitoring, insemination, IVF, ICSI, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, egg freezing, donor sperm and eggs. Infertility newsletter. Questions are answered at Fertility.ca. —Apr. 10, 2015

ISIS Regional Fertility Centre, 2180 Meadowvale Blvd., Mississauga L5N 5S3, 905-816-9822, info@isisrfc.com, www.isisrfc.com. Also at: ISIS Regional Fertility Centre Oakville, 408 North Service Rd. E., Level 2, Oakville L6H 5R2, 905-815-9822. Ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination. Therapeutic donor insemination. In vitro fertilization programs/ICSI. Known donor egg IVF. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Freezing of sperm and embryos. surrogacy. Est. 1999. —Sept. 27, 2011

IVF Canada/Life Program, #304, 2347 Kennedy Rd., Toronto M1T 3T8, 416-754-8742, info@ivfcanada.com, www.ivfcanada.com. IVF, IUI, ICSI, embryo freezing, donor embryo, gestational surrogacy. In vitro maturation, egg freezing/banking for cancer patients and women wishing to preserve their fertility, sperm banking for male cancer patients, treatment for Hepatitis B/C patients (Hepatitis Lab), electroejaculation with sperm freezing. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. —Apr. 1, 2011

Kingston General Hospital, Dept. Ob/Gyn, 76 Stuart St., Kingston K7L 2V7, 613-548-3232, web@kgh.kari.net, www.kgh.on.ca/programs/Obstetrics.asp. Reproductive endocrinology; infertility and genetic counselling. —Nov. 26, 2008

Lakeridge Fertility, 619 Brock St. S., Whitby L1N 4L1, 905-493-9222, admin@lakeridgefertility.com, www.lakeridgefertility.com. Dr. Andrew Browning, Medical Director. Comprehensive fertility treatment with lab and ultrasound on site. —Aug. 12, 2013

LifeQuest Centre for Reproductive Medicine, 655 Bay St., 18th Floor, Toronto M5G 2K4, 416-506-0804, info@lifequestivf.com, www.lifequestivf.com and www.itstime.ca. IVF; embryo freezing, preimplantation genetic diagnosis; IUI; ICSI; donor sperm; known egg donor. —Nov. 26, 2008

Lyndhurst Centre, 520 Sutherland Dr., Toronto M4G 3V9, 416-597-3422, www.torontorehab.on.ca/about/maps.htm#lc. The Robson Clinic at Lyndhurst Centre specializes in urological dysfunction in people with spinal cord injury. Services: urodynamic studies, cystoscopy, ultrasound and treatment of male infertility (electroejaculation). —Nov. 26, 2008

Markham Fertility Centre, Markham-Stouffville Health Centre, #305, 377 Church St., Markham L6B 1A1, 905-472-7128, drvirro@markhamfertility.com, www.markhamfertility.com. Michael R. Virro, MD, BSc, FRCSC. IVF, ICSI, GIFT, egg donation, donor insemination, gestational surrogacy. Est. 1989. —Nov 11, 2004

Mount Sinai Centre for Fertility and Reproductive Health, 250 Dundas St. W., 7th Floor, Toronto M5T 2Z5, 416-586-4748, fertility@mtsinai.on.ca, www.mtsinai.on.ca/reproductivebiology. IVF; Embryo Freezing; Third-Party Reproduction; Donor Insemination; Sperm Bank; Egg Donation (known donor); Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. —June 22, 2010

Nahal Fertility Program, Unit 22, 30 Wertheim Court, Richmond Hill L4B 1B9, 905-482-3389, info@nahalfertility.com, www.nahalfertility.com. Intrauterine insemination; Donor insemination; In Vitro Fertilization; Intracytoplasmic sperm injection; Embryo Freezing; Egg and Sperm Bank. —Nov. 28, 2008

NewLife Fertility Centre, 4250 Sherwoodtowne Blvd., Mississauga L4Z 2G6, 1-877-507-5433, 905-896-7100. info@newlifefertility.com, newlifefertility.com. Also in Brampton, Burlington, Woodbridge. Medical director, Dr. Samuel Soliman. IVF; ICSI; PGD; egg, embryo and sperm freezing; sperm and egg donation. —Nov. 26, 2008

Northern Reproductive Therapies, 72 Prospect St., Newmarket L3Y 3T2, 905-967-0852, info@northernfertility.ca, northernfertility.ca. IVF; donor sperm; sperm and embryo freezing. —Nov. 27, 2008

ONE Fertility, 3210 Harvester Rd., Burlington L7N 3T1, 905-634-4440, 1-877-663-0223, info@onefertility.com, www.onefertility.com. Ovarian stimulation, intrauterine insemination, donor insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, blastocyst culture, assisted hatching, cryo-preservation (egg, sperm, embryo), third-party reproduction program (donor egg, sperm and embryo; gestational carrier), counselling. Est. 2009. Affiliated with McMaster University. —Apr. 29, 2010

Ottawa Fertility Centre, 955 Green Valley Cr., Ottawa K2C 3V4, 613-686-3378, mail@conceive.ca, www.conceive.ca. Paul Claman MD, IVF Program Director. In Vitro Fertilization. ICSI. Intrauterine Insemination. Donor Sperm. Egg Donation. Embryo Freezing. —Dec. 16, 2007

Dr. H. Anthony Pattinson, #240, 2224 Walker Rd., Windsor N8W 5L7, 519-974-9991, www.mydoctor.ca/drpattinson. Ovulation induction, ovarian stimulation, intra-uterine insemination, donor insemination. IVF through ONE Fertility, Burlington. Egg donation through IVF Michigan. Est. 1995. —Nov. 8, 2011

Procrea Fertility Centre, Ontario Clinic, #400, 955 Major Mackenzie Rd. W., Vaughan L6A 4P9, 289-357-0100, info@procreafertility.com, www.procreafertility.com. (Also in Montreal, Quebec City and Granby.) Dr. Timea Belej-Rak. In Vitro Fertilization; ICSI; Cryopreservation; Genetic Testing; Egg Donation; Gestational Surrogacy, Donor Insemination. —Sep. 7, 2011

ReproMed, The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine, #300, 56 Aberfoyle Cr., Toronto M8X 2W4, 1-877-317-6079, 416-233-8111, info@repromed.ca, www.repromed.ca. In vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, intrauterine insemination, egg and embryos freezing, egg and sperm donation, surrogacy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). —Apr. 6, 2007

Rouge Valley Fertility Centre, Centenary Health Centre, #417, 2863 Ellesmere Rd., Toronto ON M1E 5E9, 416-283-5539, tgmwilliams@on.aibn.com, www.rougevalleyfertility.com. Dr. Tanya Williams, Dr. Carolyn Cooke. Intrauterine insemination, donor insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, egg donation, gestational carrier. —Nov. 27, 2008

Southern Ontario Fertility Technologies, #107, 555 Southdale Rd., London N6E 1A2, 519-685-5559, info@soft-infertility.com, www.soft-infertility.com. Dr. James Martin. Intrauterine insemination; sperm and egg donor. IVF, ICSI and embryo freezing are offered in conjunction with ISIS clinic, Mississauga. —Nov. 27, 2008

St. Michael's Hospital, Women's Health Centre, Fertility Clinic, 5th Floor, 61 Queen St. East, Toronto M5C 2T2. 416-867-7480 x 8193, www.stmichaelshospital.com. —June 1, 2001

Toronto Centre for Advanced Reproductive Technology (TCART), 2nd floor, 150 Bloor St. W., Toronto M5S 2X9, 1-800-520-0110, 416-972-0110, nurses@tcartonline.com, www.tcartonline.com. Dr. Robert Casper. Opened June 1995. Intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, egg freezing, known egg donor, embryo freezing, donor insemination. —Nov. 27, 2008

Toronto General Hospital, IVF Centre [transferred to Mount Sinai]

Toronto East General Hospital, LIFE Program [transferred to IVF Canada]

Toronto Fertility Sterility Institute, 2 - 66 Avenue Road, Toronto M5R 3N8, 416-964-8501, 1-800-267-3612, khamsi@ica.net, www.aaa-tfsi.com. Director, Dr. F. Khamsi. IVF. ICSI. Donor sperm. —Jan. 16, 2005; web site unavailable, Nov. 27, 2008; possible address: 600 Sherbourne St.

WeCARe, Westend Centre for Assisted Reproduction, #201, 101 Westmore Dr., Toronto M9V 3Y6, 1-888-748-2820, 416-748-2800, drshrutigandhi@hotmail.com, www.wecarefertility.ca. Dr. Shruti Gandhi. Ovulation induction; intrauterine insemination; donor insemination; freezing services. IVF and ICSI through CreATe IVF Program. Donor egg IVF and gestational surrogacy. —Nov. 28, 2008

Health centres

Women's Health Centre, 790 Bay St., Toronto, Ont. M5G 1N9, 416-351-3721. Jan Silverman, Coordinator, Infertility Support and Education Program. Counselling on infertility and adoption; library.

Women's Healthcare Centre, St. Michael's Hospital, 61 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ont. M5C 2T2, 416-867-7482, ext. 8193. Theresa Wetzel, Family Practice Nurse. Counselling, support group.


Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Laval, 2705 boul. Laurier, Québec City G1V 4G2, 418-654-2738. IVF.

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke, Clinique de Fertilité, 3001 - 12th Ave. N., Sherbrooke J1H 5N4, 819-563-5555

Hôpital de Chicoutimi, 305 St. Vallier, Chicoutimi G7H 5H6, 418-541-1033

Hôpital Maisonneuve Rosemont, Clinique de l'Infertilité, 5415 boul de l'Assomption, Montréal H1T 2M4, 514-252-3581

Hôpital Notre Dame, Clinique de Fertilité, 1560 boul. Sherbrooke est, Montréal H2L 4K8, 514-867-7232

Hôpital St. Francois Assise, 10 de l'Espinay, Québec G1L 3L5, 418-525-4307

Hôpital St. Luc, 264 boul René Lévesque, Montréal H2X 1P1, 514-281-2141

McGill Reproductive Centre / Centre de la Reproduction McGill, McGill University Health Centre, Women's Pavilion - 6th floor, Royal Victoria Hospital, 687 Pine Ave. W., Montréal H3A 1A1, 514-843-1650, fax 843-1496, info@mcgillivf.com, www.mcgillivf.com. Dr. Seang Lin Tan. Intra-uterine Insemination; In Vitro Fertilization; Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection; Embryo Freezing; Egg and sperm donation; surrogacy; Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. —Nov. 27, 2008

Montreal Fertility Centre, #220, 5252 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, Montreal H4A 3S5, 514-369-6116, info@montrealfertility.com, www.montrealfertility.com. Intrauterine inseminations; IVF sevices. Dr. Neal Mahutte. Intrauterine Insemination; Donor Sperm; IVF; ICSI; Frozen Embryos; Egg Donation. —Dec 6, 2007

OVO Fertility Clinic, #100, 8000 Decarie Blvd., Montreal H4P 2S4, 514-798-2000, message@cliniqueovo.com, www.cliniqueovo.com. Dr. François Bissonnette. Intrauterine insemination; donor sperm; Sperm banking; Egg donation; in vitro Fertilization; intracytoplasmic sperm injection; Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. —Nov. 27, 2008

Procrea Cliniques, #301, 1361 Beaumont Ave., Mont-Royal H3P 2W3, 514-345-8535, 1-888-PROCREA, info@procrea.com, www.procrea.com/en/. (Also in Quebec City, Granby and Vaughan, Ont.) Dr. Pierre St-Michel. Artificial Insemination; In Vitro Fertilization; ICSI; Genetic Testing; Embryo Freezing; Sperm Donation; Sperm Freezing. —Sep. 7, 2011


Conceptia Clinic, Hôtel Dieu Pavilion, Georges L. Dumont Hospital, 35 Providence, Moncton E1C 8X3, 506-862-4217, 1-866-381-2229, info@conceptia.ca, www.conceptia.ca. Dr. Alfred Robichaud. IVF, ICSI, IUI, sperm donation, embryo and sperm freezing. —Nov. 27, 2008


Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies, AART Centre, #213, 1535 Dresden Row, Halifax B3J 3T1, 902-404-8600, fax 902-404-8601, info@aart.ca, www.aart.ca. Dr. Bruce Dunphy. IUI, IVF, ICSI, blastocyst transfer, IVM, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, donor egg. —Nov. 27, 2008

Reproductive Endocrine Center, IWK Health Centre, Halifax, 902-470-6755, fax 902-470-7061. Located at the AART Centre. Assessment and screening of patients with fertility issues, including diagnostic procedures and blood work. Referrals made to Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies (AART). —Feb. 13, 2012


St. John's Health Sciences Centre, The Fertility Clinic, 300 Prince Philip Dr., St. John's A1B 3V6, 709-777-6300.