History of Southampton now updated

Southampton Vignettes

Return of the only book devoted entirely to the history of Southampton

October 2015 -- After the first edition sold out in 2011 author Robin Hilborn received many requests to reprint his local history book, Southampton Vignettes. He has just released a second edition, updated with new chapters on Southampton history before 1850.

Orders are now being accepted -- good news for those who missed out on the first edition. Here is a book which would make a nice Christmas present for someone ...

• 24 chapters cover 200 years of Southampton history, from fur traders in the 19th century to the 21st century restoration of the lightkeeper's cottage on Chantry Island.

• 140 photographs illustrate many aspects of town history, from the bustling river harbour and train station to the destruction caused by Hurricane Hazel, the bridges which tumbled into the Saugeen River and the great docks forming the Harbour of Refuge.

"Southampton Vignettes is a wonderful addition to everyone's library".
—Ann-Marie Collins, Bruce County Archivist

"It is the first local history. There have been others covering very abbreviated sections of the village history, but yours surely sounds to be the most thorough, covering a full range of time periods." —John Weichel, historian

Past events

Nov. 21, 2015, 2:00 p.m.
Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre

Bruce Power Theatre, Southampton, Ont. (519) 797-2080
Launch of the updated second edition of Southampton Vignettes
Talk by Robin Hilborn - Book signing

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Southampton Vignettes:
    a brief history of a
    Lake Huron town,

    2nd ed.
ISBN 978-0-9809468-8-8
134 pp., 140 illustrations,
    bibliography, index
$25, from Robin Hilborn,
    Box 1203, Southampton
    ON  N0H 2L0