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NEWS RELEASE          For release Aug. 8, 2008

Launch of Southampton Remembered book

Southampton, Ont., Aug. 8, 2008 -- One souvenir of the 150th anniversary of Southampton which you can cherish for years is the just-published Southampton Remembered book, 120 pages of memories that people have of Southampton over the years.

The book presents a superb collection of period photographs to complement the recollections of Southampton residents. This is truly a beautiful publication that would make a wonderful addition to your literary collection, or a perfect gift to friends and family.

The 150th Committee will hold a book launching at 11 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 11 at the 150th Store on High Street, Southampton (next to Designing Women)

Coordinator Jill Roote has invited last Southampton mayor Art Eby, Saugeen Shores mayor Mike Smith, and the "seniors" interviewed for the book, along with Anne Judd and Julie Fitzgerald, who did the interviewing. 150th Committee members will appear in period costume.

The book is third in a series of 150th anniversary publications. Previously the committee published the Then and Now souvenir calendar and the Beaches and Beacons historical booklet.

The souvenir edition of Southampton Remembered is $20, at the 150th Store on High Street, next to Designing Women. The store is open 10-6, seven days a week, except Thursday, 10-8. The book is also available at Southampton Visitors' Centre in Town Hall and at the Port Elgin Tourist Office.

While at the 150th store, see the souvenirs available, pick up the latest events flyer and buy tickets to selected 150th events.

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For more: Jill Roote, 519-797-1020



Southampton Remembered. 120 pages. Southampton, 2008. $20. Memoirs of Southampton residents, with period photographs. Editors: Duncan McCallum, Jill Roote. Interviewers: Anne Judd, Julie Fitzgerald. Design: Phil McDonald. Printing: Austin Graphics. Research help: Ann-Marie Collins, Sue Schlorff, Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre.



Linda Hughes: "Being able to walk down to the river, watch the boats unload their catches, and then walk over to the Fish House to watch the filleting process was memorable. Treading between the slimy blood and guts on the floor, and watching the ladies swirl their knives so expertly, made this adventure a weekly must for kids."

Madge Trelford remembers that her family kept an ice house on Clarendon Street. They sold blocks for about a quarter, to people with ice boxes, both year-round residents and cottagers. Kids who came with their dads for ice liked a sliver to suck on. Her brothers harvested the ice and put it up in sawdust. "Hard work!" Madge said. "There was always enough ice to last all summer." They would dig the big blocks out of the sawdust and haul them down to their shop on the south bank at the mouth of the Saugeen River.

Hartley Doran remembers that at the Southampton harbour he and his brothers had a shed where they sold fish and also packed 60-pound boxes of fish in ice that went out by train to city markets. They sold whole herring and trout, and filleted whitefish. Fishing season began when the ice went out, and ended late in fall, after all the gear was cleaned and stored. Work days started early. "We'd be out on the Lake by seven, and stay out until three o'clock or so, then come back to the shed and pack the fish for shipping."

Cindy Cartwright worked for Helen Mahon: "I don't know how many times a customer would ask for whitefish and Helen would send Allan running down to the boats to get a fresh fish. When I was young the Southampton harbour was full of fishing boats -- Pilons, McLays, Jacksons. I remember nets drying on strange-looking racks."

Laura Macaulay recalls, "The harbour was always a busy spot. I remember the freighters bringing in loads of coal and lumber and we had a large fishing fleet. Our main street -- which is High Street -- was very busy. We had five grocery stores, two butcher shops, two pool rooms and three ice cream parlours!"



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  The Southampton Remembered memories book is available at the 150th Store on High Street.

 2008 marks 150 years since Southampton was incorporated as a village on July 24, 1858. Celebrations culminate in the 150th Anniversary Weekend, Aug. 14-17, 2008. For more about Southampton's 150th Anniversary, see


The Southampton 150th Anniversary Committee is composed of volunteers and is a sub-committee of the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce. As a steering committee, it plans events and works closely with local groups and businesses, which run their own 150th anniversary events along with their regular programming.

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