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At is an Adoption Reunion Registry dealing with Nova Scotia adoptions only (but with referrals/links to other registries). Michael Mackenzie is a former private investigator with 17 years experience dealing with adoptions. A free service to help those searching. --Michael Mackenzie,, 18 Jul 1997


Adoption Searches & Investigations. Anne Patterson is a reunited adoptee, and a licensed private investigator with an investigation agency in London, Ont. She locates and reunites birth families. Her website is at Adoption Searches & Investigations, 533 Queen's Avenue, London, ON N6B 1Y3, (519) 432-8251. --Anne Patterson,, May 26, 1999

Assets and Family Research Consultants, Sharon Chianelli, 47 Abbey Dawn Dr., Bath, Ont. K0H 1G0, 613-352-1163; 416-398-7655, fax 613-352-1163. Email: Web: Licensed private investigator, offices in Kingston and Toronto. Specializing in adoption searches for the past 19 years. Sharon Chianelli is a reunited adoptee and adoptive parent. --Mar. 23, 2001


Adoption By Choice,
In Calgary:
#315, 908 - 17 Ave. SW, Calgary T2T 0A3. 403-245-8854, toll-free in Alberta 800-570-2835, fax 245-8897,, Carol H. Lamb, Program Director. In Edmonton:
14030 - 106 Ave., Edmonton T5N 1B2, 403-448-1159,
Licensed adoption search agency. --28 Nov 2002

Adoption Options Marilyn E. Shinyei, #320, 9707 - 110 St., Edmonton, Alta. T5K 2L9. 780-433-5656, fax 447-4763. E-mail Web: Also at #202, 1228 Kensington Rd. N.W., Calgary, Alta. T2N 4P9. 403-270-8228, fax 270-3929. Licensed adoption and search agency. --Nov. 20, 1998

Catholic Social Services, 8815 - 99 Street, Edmonton, Alta. T6E 3V3, 780-432-1137, fax 439-3154. Karen Reynolds, Director ( In Red Deer: Jill Draper, 403-437-8844. Licensed adoption search agency. --9 Dec 1998

Christian Adoption Services, Wendy Robinson, #221, 276 Midpark Way S.E., Calgary, Alta. T2X 2B5. 403-256-3224, fax 256-8367. Licensed adoption and search agency. --Nov. 17, 1998

Crossroads Counselling Centre, Suite 202, 542 - 7th St. South, Lethbridge, Alta. T1J 2H1. 327-7080, fax 327-7282, Licensed adoption and search agency. --Nov. 17, 1998

NuWay Consulting Services, Roxanne L. Shoulders, MSW, RSW, Clinical Director, #1-A101, 5212-48 St., Red Deer AB T4N 7C3, 403-341-3773. Licensed adoption and search agency. --May 10, 2006


Alberta gets adoption search agencies

Licensed adoption search agencies are allowed in Alberta under the Child Welfare Amendment Act 1994. Any adult adopted in Alberta can still apply to the provincial Post-Adoption Registry for information about a family member. If both parties are registered, they are put in touch with each other. If no match is found in the Post-Adoption Registry, the search agency would:
-- Accept a request from an adult adoptee to search for a birth family member.
-- Use information from the Post-Adoption Registry to do a search.
-- Help arrange a reunion, if asked.
-- To refuse contact, the person sought would sign a veto prohibiting release of identifying information. The veto would stay in effect until rescinded.
-- The search agency would charge a fee of $250 and up, depending on how hard the search was and whether it arranged a reunion or supplied counselling afterward. --ACC, March 1995

Under Alberta law, if you are an adult adoptee (including those adopted from July 1965 to July 1985 when names were not put on adoption orders) you can ask for your birth surname and for a search for birth family members by a private licensed search agency. If you are already listed on the Provincial Reunion Registry, send your request by mail. If not, send your application now. Fees start at $250 and could go to $1,000. --Windows on Adoption, Apr. 1995, p. 5

Under the Child Welfare Amendment Act 1994 licensed agencies will now process all private adoptions. Unlicensed intermediaries (such as doctors, lawyers and other private individuals) will no longer be involved in adoption placements. Among other changes: automatic, interim joint guardianship between birth parents and adoptive parents until adoptions are finalized will ensure that birth parents are involved in the proceedings, while providing adoptive parents with interim legal status to care for the child. Family adoptions are now simplified. Between January and June 1994, 65 placements were completed by licensed agencies and 18 by unlicensed agencies. Twenty children were adopted by their relatives. --ACC, March 1995


Genealogical Research Consulting,
#204 - 1595 Barclay St., Vancouver V6G 1J8, 604-682-2600,, Nina Miller, search consultant. Finding family lost through adoption and foster care; family trees; skip-tracing. --Oct. 20, 2004

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