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Welcome to Adoption Resource Central, your adoption Yellow Pages. On the menu bar below, click a topic to read a summary and then see resources such as web sites, articles, books, email lists, newsletters and videotapes.  

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You'll find the menu bar on every A.R.C. page, so you can't get lost. To get back to this welcome page, click "Adoption Resource Central" at the very top.
What's on the menu? Here's a guide to the 28 topics in Adoption Resource Central.

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General   ... GENERAL: Web sites and books covering many aspects of adoption
Considering  ... CONSIDERING whether to adopt. Options and issues. The process of adoption.
Collecting  ... COLLECTING information. Research three options. Find agencies, news, groups, email lists.
Private  ... DOMESTIC PRIVATE ADOPTION. Adopt domestically using a private agency.
Public  ... DOMESTIC PUBLIC ADOPTION, through a government agency. Services by province. Ontario spotlight.
Intn'l  ... INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION. Web, books, Canadian govt. sites. Hague Convention. Ontario spotlight.
Medical  ... HEALTH AND MEDICINE. Health of intercountry adoptees. Medical clinics. Travel health.
Countries  ... COUNTRY-SPECIFIC info. By country: web sites, personal web sites, email lists, articles, books.
Agencies  ... AGENCIES in Canada for domestic/int'l adoption. Agency programs, costs, time, contact info.
Photolist  ... PHOTOLISTING WEB SITES in Canada, U.S.: photos, profiles of children from public agencies.
Gay  ... GAY ADOPTION web sites support family formation by gays and lesbians.
Older  ... OLDER CHILD ADOPTION. When you adopt toddlers and up. Reaction of biological siblings.
Open  ... OPEN ADOPTION keeps your adopted child in touch with the birthfamily. Birthparent issues.
Single  ... SINGLE PARENT ADOPTION. Singles can find support and parenting tips.
Support  ... SUPPORT GROUPS in Canada, in postal code order. Descriptions and contact info.
Special needs  ... SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION. Coping with disorders, behaviours, developmental delays.
Attach  ... ATTACHMENT DISORDER. Diagnosis and treatment for the poorly attached child. Therapists.
ADD  ... ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER is on the web and in newsletters, articles, books and videos.
FAS  ... FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME affects the children of women who drink while pregnant.
Institutions  ... INSTITUTIONAL CARE affects children adopted from orphanages abroad.
Learning  ... LEARNING DISABILITIES such as dyslexia tend to occur more often in adopted children.
Sensory  ... SENSORY INTEGRATION DYSFUNCTION is seen in orphanage children and poor learners.
Parenting  ... PARENTING ADOPTED CHILDREN calls for special knowledge and strategies.
Talking  ... TALKING ABOUT ADOPTION to your children, or to nosy strangers.
School  ... SCHOOL ISSUES concern parents and teachers: biases, racism, privacy.
Transracial  ... TRANSRACIAL ADOPTION: facing issues of adopting a child of another race or culture.
Culture  ... CULTURE AND HERITAGE are important to teach to the child of another race or ethnic group.
Search  ... SEARCH AND REUNION. Resources for those seeking birthparents or adult adoptees.

If you can't find it in A.R.C., first try a search in the rest of Family Helper (use "Search this site", top right of each page). Then try a Google search on the whole web.

Robin Hilborn has accumulated adoption resources since first publishing Adoption Helper magazine in 1990 (now Family Helper). Resources in A.R.C. grew further when Robin prepared handouts for his workshops at three conferences: Toronto in November 2002 and April 2003, and the NACAC conference in Vancouver in August 2003. Are resources missing? Email Robin at

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