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Online adoption search and reunion resources

Compiled by Robin Hilborn, editor, Family Helper

Web search and reunion resources

Adoptee Search Center -- At Has many Canadian registrations. --Julie (, Co-Owner, Adoptee Search Center and Registry, 5 Nov 1998 [not operating, Aug. 24, 2007]

Adoption: Assistance, Information and Support -- At is a highly detailed site covering infertility, how to adopt, post-adoption, searching for birth relatives, and parenting. By Adopting Resources, e-mail:

Adoption Reunion: A Success Story. -- Personal reunion story, by Marilyn and her birthson Sean, at Marilyn, --9 Sep 2000

American Association of Open Adoption Agencies -- at, includes an open records talk given by a Catholic priest (Rev. Tom Brosnan, an adoptee) to the 1996 CC USA National Maternity and Adoption Conference in San Antonio this past April. --Bill Betzen,

Americans For Open Records (AmFOR), Box 401, Palm Desert CA 92261, 619-341-2619, Free adoptee/parent search assistance. A civil liberties organization acting through lobbying and lawsuits on behalf of adoptees, adoptive parents and birthparents. --Lori Carangelo, publisher, Access Press; founder, AmFOR;, 3 Feb 2000

Canadian Adoptees Registry Inc. -- at is a list of adoptees, birth mothers/families searching for family members. Includes Canadian adoption notices from newspapers from 1950-1973. Lists by: Birth Mothers searching, siblings searching and more. --Nov. 5, 2006

Canadian Stepfamily Association -- Founded 1996, no longer active 2003. Web site was at Executive Director was Judith Collar, Box 96, Site 11, R.R. 4, Colborne, Ont. K0K 1S0, Quarterly, four-page newsletter was titled "The Canadian Stepfamily Association". See "Ontario Stepfamily Association". --31 Dec 2003

CANADopt, Forum for members to seek help and exchange information about adoption searches, reunions and reform. Open to anyone searching for kin in Canada or the U.S. Register or conduct a search of the database. E-mail list with topics to choose from: Search, Reunion, Legal, Media, Legal, and Social. French site at

Children's Home Society and Family Services, Jeff Mondloh (, Korean Services Program, Director, 2230 Como Ave. St. Paul, MN 55108. Homeland tours to Korea.

Family Helper-- Search and reunion support groups, registries, magazines and online resources. Also covers infertility, adoption and genealogy. Home of the magazine Family Helper. E-mail:

Genealogy -- Home of the Online Genealogy Index (links to thousands of web sites, along with clubs, books and queries). Team Roots, at, is a a free membership service of Genealogy Today.

Manitoba LINKS Post-Legal Adoption Support Group -- A volunteer, non-profit organization, offering support for all members of the triad i.e. adoptee, birthparent and adoptive parent, at (Includes changes to the Child and Family Services Act.) The LINKS Manitoba Canada Search List gives lists of adoptees and birthfamily members searching; it shows the birthdate, birthname, where born (hospital if known) and status of the person searching. Names are taken from newspapers, telephone calls, correspondence, Internet, etc., says Roy Kading ( --27 Apr 2001

Nova Scotia Adoption Information Act -- at is a copy of the legislation for the Adoption Information Act. Adoptees/birthparents may apply to the Ministry to initiate a search. If they are already registered with the Ministry's registry, they must reapply for the search. Nova Scotia Ministry of Community Services, 902-424-3205. --Josette Maillet ( Apr. 15, '96 (from Adoption Helper, April 1996, p. 7)

Ontario Stepfamily Association, Ray Heinrich, 224 Richardson Dr., Port Dover, Ont. N0A 1N4, Advice and support for Canadian stepfamilies. Plans to evolve to become The Canadian Stepfamily Foundation. --Jan. 5, 2004

Parent Finders of Canada / Parent Finders Ottawa / Canadian Adoption Reunion Register --,
Pat McCarron, President. Monica Byrne, Registrar. Facebook page: Parent Finders Ottawa --Nov. 14, 2012

Reunion Network: -- for those who have posted a search or advertisement on REUNET, we will answer your request as soon as possible. Norma, --18 Jan 1997

Reunions Magazine -- is the home of the joy of family, class, military and all reunions -- adoption, genealogy and lost loves. Reunions Magazine, Box 11727, Milwaukee WI 53211-0727.

Rock for Open Adoption Records -- at is the official R.O.A.R. Homepage. Relating to opening closed adoption records. [message, 25 Jul 1996, from]

Seeker magazine -- Designed to reunite America (and the world) with family members (including birth parents, adopted children, adoptive parents) friends, classmates, military. At[20 Feb. 96] Contact: Linda S. Hammer (seeker@Packet.Net).

Email Lists Leigh Murry, Moderator, (also:; --16 Sep 1999

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