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Online genealogy resources

By Robin Hilborn

I've just started exploring the online resources for those interested in their family history. In an earlier life I published our family newsletter Hilborn Family Journal (see Hilborn Family Research) but the field of genealogy has changed radically since 1986 when I suspended publication. The advent of the web has changed everything. After viewing just the sample sites below, I can say that family researchers now have a truly awesome set of tools awaiting them. If you have additions to these lists, please email me e-mail at

Heritage helps Canadians research past -- A database created by three genealogy groups will help thousands of Canadians get in touch with their heritage. The Canadian Genealogy Centre,, a branch of the Library and Archives of Canada, recently placed the names of all Canadians naturalized as citizens between 1915 and 1932 on its website. There are about 200,000 names there for this first phase of the project. Phase 2 will involve the years 1933 to 1951. This Montreal group teamed up with the Jewish Genealogical Society of Ottawa and the Canadian Genealogical Centre to create this resource, the data of which is about half made up of Jews from Europe. Source:


Genealogy Home Page is where you'll find the not-to-be-missed Genealogy Home Page. It's by Stephen A. Wood ( and contains:
* Genealogy Help and Guides
* Libraries
* Maps, Geography, Deeds and Photography
* Communicating with other genealogists
* Searching for related genealogists
* Online genealogy information
* Internet Guides and Genealogy Home Pages
* North American Genealogy Resources
* World-Wide Genealogy Resources
* Genealogy Software
* Genealogy Societies
* Upcoming Genealogy Events
* Commercial Services

Genealogy Today - Canadian Genealogy

Go to for Canadian Genealogy Resources. Genealogy Today presents Canadian resources and helpful articles on Canadian genealogy topics.
-- Census Records in Ontario (article)
-- O Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Research (article)
-- Newspaper Records of Passengers to Canada (article)
-- Canadian Databases
-- Canadian Genealogical Societies

B.C. Marriage and Death Records

Marriage and death records back to 1872 in British Columbia may be accessed at the B.C. Archives web site, For privacy reasons, marriage records will only be released 75 years after the date of the ceremony, death records 20 years after the date of death, and birth records 100 years after the date of birth.

Genealogical Helper is the home of Everton's Genealogical Helper. Online version of the world's largest genealogical magazine, and many other resources. (The name of this magazine inspired those of Adoption Helper and Post-Adoption Helper magazines and Family Helper web site.) The many databases may be searched online with Everton's On-Line Search.

Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Resources, Trace your family in Canada. From Adoptee Searcher's Handbook.

Hilborn genealogy web sites

See Hilborn Family Research at Family Helper,, run by Robin Hilborn,, for Hilborn family research. Email him to get back issues of Hilborn Family Journal, published 1978 to 1986. He's not currently involved in researching the Hilborn family (although he may be in the future).


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