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Hilborn Family Journal (1978 - 1986)

By Robin Hilborn

I published a family newsletter, Hilborn Family Journal (ISSN 0707-3836) between November 1978 (No. 1) and July 1986 (No. 27). (See contents list below.) After 27 issues and eight years the subscribers included 140 Hilborns in the U.S. and Canada (and a few other countries). Copies are archived at the National Library, Ottawa, or you may order them using the form below.

The index to the Journal, in HFJ 25, has about 4,000 entries. It list all the Hilborns ever mentioned in the first 25 editions, with birth, death and marriage dates. (HFJ was produced before the internet era, on a CP/M computer. The text was stored on eight-inch floppy discs in WordStar.)

How to order Hilborn Family Journal

To order back issues, fill in this form and tuck in an envelope with your cheque. Send to: Box 1203, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0 Canada.
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Back Issues -- Contents

Back issues of Hilborn Family Journal are $10 each. Use the order form above and send your cheque, payable to "Robin Hilborn", to Box 1203, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0 Canada. (U.S. readers may send a personal cheque on their U.S. bank.)

Highlights of the 27 issues of Hilborn Family Journal, 1978 to 1986

#1 -- Nov. 1978 -- Quaker Hilborns persecuted; Roy Henry Hilborn manuscript; exchanging homes for the holidays; George and Nelson Hilborn of Thedford, Ont.; Uncle Ralph Hilborn

#2 -- Jan. 1979 -- Harold Round's will; Hilborn coat of arms; Dr. Dales' letter; Jim Hilborn's escape; spelling of Hilborn; Professor J.K. Hilbraith; solar eclipse; of kith and kin; will of George Hilborne 1627-1707

#3 -- Jan. 1979 -- Bessie and Wesley Hilborn of Thedford, Ont.; Conestogas to Ontario; Pennsylvania homestead; famous Hilborns; 1978 reunion; Robin and Jane Hilborn meet; Descendants of Joseph Hilborn ca. 1783-1813, Part 1; Dr. Dales saves manuscript

#4 -- July 1979 -- George Hilborne ?-1733 coat of arms; Harold Round manuscript safe; Henry and Clarence Hilborn of Ontario; a Hilborn bibliography; Col. Robert Hilborn at the helm; a $650,000 Hilborn home; descendants of Joseph Hilborn ca. 1783-1813, Part 2

#5 -- Oct. 1979 -- Descendants of Joseph Hilborn ca. 1783-1813, Part 3; Bill Britnell, Hilborn genealogist; Michael and Sandra Hilborn climb the Great Wall of China; Jim Hilborn's spaghetti sauce recipe

#6 -- Dec. 1979 -- Joe Attwell of Somerset, England: letter of Nov. 1979; Boyd's Marriage Index of Hilborns in Somerset: 11 Hilborns listed for 1625-1650; Christopher Hilborne ?-1547 of Kingsdon, Somerset: first eight generations
Death of Aunt Velma; Admiral Robert Hilborn Falls; Hilborn business cards; Hilborn mills at Blair and New Dundee, Ont.

#7 -- March 1980 -- "Kingsdon: our ancestral home" by Joe Attwell; summary of his research; Hilborn roots in Kingsdon, Somerset, 13th century; origin of Hilborne name; Dr. Ruth Dales; two Robert Hilborns; Quakers at Podimore; Attwell coat of arms; Clifford and Rene Tatler [three pages]
Lineage of Joe Attwell, starting with Christopher Hilborne ?-1548.
Gordon and Edna Hilborn's 50th anniversary; spelling of Hilborn (breakdown for Group 1); Charles Hilborn's photo?; Mike and Sandra Hilborn in Hangchow, China; "The family newsletter in genealogical research" by Robin Hilborn, lecture of Jan. 8, 1980

#8 -- June 1980 -- William Hilborne 1816-? exiled to Tasmania; death of Oscar Hilborn; Letters from Britain; Harold Round $1,000 bequest lost; mother/daughter lawyers, Mildred and Sue Hilborn; father/son insurance men, Wayne and Jack Hilborn; Robert Hilborn's B.C. log house

#9 -- June 1980 -- William Wilson Hilborn 1849-1921; Joyce and Roy Hilborn in B.C.; Mike and Sandra Hilborn move to Dallas; Mary Hilborn, chef, Delaware OH; Oregon pioneers Charles and Emma Hilborn; a Hilborn at Waterloo; 1898 and 1921 Ohio Hilborn family reunions

#10 -- Aug. 1980 -- Death of John Hilborn, 1833; Quaker cemetery in Uxbridge, Ont.
George Hilborne ?-1733 of Somerset, by Joe Attwell: granted arms, 1708, as described in HFJ 4; his children; none of their descendants survived, so no present-day Hilborne can claim his arms. [one page]
Earliest Hilborne document (1300: Frytheloc, de Cary, Bakeber, Hillebrond, de Reigny, le Lyt, de Chitterne, Hillbrond)
13 pages of letters of genealogist Harold Round (1898-1974); 21 letters, from Nov. 19, 1970 to Nov. 5, 1973; Hilborn manuscript progresses from Round to Hilborn to Dales to Britnell.
Maine Hilborns: descendants of Robert Hilborn 1740-1834, b. Burlington NJ m. Chadbourne (ancestor of Harold Round)

#11 -- Dec. 1980 -- Family vault in Kingsdon, Somerset: its history, Clifford Tatler photo, Latin inscriptions, four Hilborns buried there, vicar Peter Hansell's drawing of the vault and his derogatory comment [four pages]
Dan Hilborn of Vancouver; Mike and Sandra Hilborn in Canton, China; "Trail of the Black Walnut," by G. Elmore Reaman, 1957; Witmer History and Genealogy
"Life and Times of Joseph Gould", 1887, Uxbridge, Ont.: all references to Hilborn, including 1804 migration from Pennsylvania to Ontario
Hilborn Finder: index to 722 Hilborn ancestors, by first name, with generation numbers I to VIII, 13th century to 1890 [four pages]

#12 -- May 1981 -- Rev. John Hilborn in El Salvador; planning the Hilborn history book; carrot pudding recipe; Nelson Hilborn 1842-1922 of Thedford, Ont.; Ohio Hilborns; descendants of John Hilborn 1766-1841

#13 -- Dec. 1981 -- Harley Hilborn in the Civil War; Nat and Sam Hilborn's book on South Carolina in the Revolution; Hilborns of New Dundee, Ont.; Pearl and Ruth Hilborn; Joseph Hilborn 1858-?; Harold Round's Verrill genealogy

#14 -- April 1982 -- South Carolina Hilburns; Hilborns of Nebraska and Iowa; fire destroys Hilborn mill; Michigan Hilborns; Albert E. Hilborne of Bonaventure Press; the Literary Hilborn; Uxbridge, Ont. Hilborns; Beatrice Bayley

#15 -- June 1982 -- Grandma Hilborn's life in Saskatchewan (Robin's grandmother)
George Hilborne ?-1733 of Somerset -- letter from Rene Tatler, Jan. 11, 1981, identifying George Hilborne's wife as Dorothy Cooper, m. 1710 at Fleet, Dorset; will of her father, Thomas Cooper [one page]
Day Hilborn, architect: death in 1971.; Stella Blackwell; Bill Britnell: Gould, Chappell, Doney, Oman, Darlington; Hilborn hockey stick; Jairus Hilborn of Maine

#16 -- Aug. 1982 -- Saga of Thomas Hilborn 1655-1723; land ownership in Bucks Co. PA; Samuel Hooton 1633-af. 1692; Bill Britnell makes progress on "Hilborn Heritage"; the strange will of Jairus Hilborn

#17 -- Nov. 1982 -- North Dakota Hilborns; Henry Alonzo Hilborn 1850-1919; Howard Atwood Willson; Hilbornes of Somerset, England; descendants of Christopher Hilborne ?-1548: the family tree printed by Albert E. Hilborne of Bonaventure Printing; Christopher Holder, Quaker

#18 -- Feb. 1983 -- 700 years of Hilbornes, by Joe Attwell: transcribed lecture (March 22, 1980) on the origin of the name Hilborn (hill-bourne) in Kingsdon, Somerset, early family members in Somerset, Quaker influence, the Hilborne brothers of Bonaventure Printing who printed the Christopher Hilborne family tree; rectors of Kingsdon; children of Thomas Hilborne 1601-1678 and Elizabeth Samson -- four lines of descent; Dr. Ruth Dales; North Petherton; Podimore; photos of Hilborne family vault in Kingsdon, Somerset [eight pages, nine photos]
Howard and Eva Hilborn in Somerset, 1981, visit Hilborne family vault; George Hilborne's photographs; Ohio Hilborns

#19 -- July 1983 -- Ohio Hilborns; Charles Hilborn married Bessie Hilborn; descendants of Jesse Hilborn 1809-1875; Bill Britnell; Maine Hilborns; Thomas Hilborn 1655-1723; Samuel Hilborn 1737-1820; murder by a Hilborn

#20 -- Oct. 1983 -- C. Harvey Hilborn 1884-1961 by Madeline Malott; pioneer Hilborn peach farm; John Hilborn 1780-1833; new computer at HFJ; Stella Blackwell

#21 -- Feb. 1984 -- Descendants of Mary Hilborn 1832-1882; Ernest C. Hilborn 1876-1952; Harold Round manuscript; Clarke Glennon searches for Mary Hilborn; Bill Britnell; how the Journal is created

#22 -- June 1984 -- Edwin Coates Hilborn 1824-1918; reunion of Spokane WA branch; Homer and Floy Hilborn; poetry; 50th anniversary of John and Stella Hilborn; Kingsdon Church, Somerset; Elizabeth Hooton; Oliver Hooton of Barbados

#23 -- Nov. 1984 -- Ernest C. Hilborn 1876-1952; Homer W. Hilborn 1863-1937; Col. Robert Hilborn plans royal tour; Joyce and Roy Hilborn go west; Clarke Glennon searches for Mary Hilborn Clark; 17 Mary Hilborns from the 18th century; how to start a family newsletter

#24 -- March 1985 -- Ohio Hilborns cover photo (1886, Samuel Hilborn 1837-1905 of Nevada OH and ten children); first six generations of Hilborns in North America; Michael Hilborn flies ultralight plane; Hilborn PA; Catawissa PA; Lycoming Co. PA; Hilborns in Bucks Co. PA; 270 most common surnames in the U.S.

#25 -- Oct. 1985 -- Iowa Hilborns; Ray and Ulrike Hilborn move to New Caledonia; genealogical libraries; cumulative index, #1 to #25

#26 -- Feb. 1986 -- My Royal Navy career, by Roy Hilborn; Nancy Hilborn, potter; New Caledonia, Part 2; from Stella Blackwell's file cabinet: PA Hilborns

#27 -- July 1986 -- Life after the Navy, by Roy Hilborn; Courting, Navy style, by Joyce Hilborn; Cedar Run PA; New Caledonia, Part 3 [final edition]



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