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Helping the adopted
child with FAS

By Robin Hilborn

First edition, 2002
$12 / ISBN 0-9687944-7-5


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How to order Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Robin Hilborn covers all the aspects of raising the adopted child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, from diagnosis to education and finding a place in society. It includes an extensive list of resources. (For more, see the excerpt below.)

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From the introduction to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
By Robin Hilborn

Can this be the explanation?

Are you struggling with your adopted child's difficult behaviours? Could you be dealing with a child affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

You owe it to yourself, and your child, to learn more about how alcohol can damage a child's brain before birth.

Women who drink while pregnant subject their unborn child to an alcohol bath which distorts the brain's wiring and alters body development.

The child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is born with physical and mental defects. Doctors can diagnose FAS by observing central nervous system problems, growth retardation and characteristic facial features.

FAS can be a cause of mental retardation, attention deficit disorder, developmental delays, learning disabilities and behaviour disorders. It's often called a hidden or invisible disability because you can't always tell someone has FAS just by the way they look.

Prenatal alcohol and drug exposure is a primary factor in placing children in state care. It's estimated that 60% to 75% of foster children are affected by FAS.

A significant number of children with FAS move from state care into adoptive homes. They can be extremely hard to work and live with. If parents don't get a high level of post-adoption support, the children risk developing life-long problems-mental health problems, difficulty in school and trouble with the law.

Consider that alcohol may have been a factor in why your adopted child acts the way she does. You may develop more realistic expectations once you realize that the damage of FAS is permanent-you can't assume that your child will learn from her mistakes.

How to order Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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