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Since 1990 Canada's national adoption publication has helped people adopt domestically and internationally. First titled Adoption Helper, it became Family Helper in 2003, and incorporated Post-adoption Helper.

Starting in 2004 subscriptions to Family Helper were no longer available but individual editions continued to be issued. The last edition of Family Helper was published in 2008: No. 51, "Health Issues in Intercountry Adoption". No further editions are being published.

Past editions are still available, as they contain useful information. You may order any of the editions listed below. Just print this form, fill it in and mail with your cheque to: Box 1203, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0 Canada.

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Editions you may order           [For editions on post-adoption, see Post-adoption Helper]

    #46 ($12)   Adoption and Money
"The financial guide to bringing home your child". Costs of domestic public, domestic private and international adoption, by country. How to pay for an adoption with savings, grants, loans, paid leave from work, and tax breaks. Save on travel expenses. Make money with fundraisers. Collect benefits and subsidies. Expenses for China. Budget planner.     ISBN 9733470-5-8
      #49 ($12)   Canadian Guide to Intercountry Adoption - OUT OF PRINT - No longer available
The new fifth edition of our guide to international adoption includes: How to adopt from abroad, step by step -- Weigh the health risks -- Law on adoption -- Get a homestudy -- Choose a country -- Costs in 25 countries -- Rules in 24 countries -- Choose an agency -- Matching and decision -- Your trip abroad.     ISBN 0-9733470-8-2
    #41 ($12)   Conference 2002
Highlights of the November 2002 adoption conference in Toronto. 20 experts summarize their workshops: topics in pre- and post-adoption ...
    Robin Hilborn on intercountry adoption
    Mary Hopkins-Best on toddlers
    Brenda McCreight on older child adoption
    Adam Pertman on media skills
    Wendy Robinson on transracial adoption     ... many more.     ISBN 0-9733470-0-7
      #47 ($12)   We Adopted From China ... You Can, Too!
How four Canadian families did it: their first-person stories. Entire process explained; agencies you can use; cost, time, documents, health of the children. Why Chinese girls are abandoned. Pre-adoption preparations. How to raise your Chinese child. Support groups. Best books and web sites on China. All you need to know to make a decision for China.     ISBN 9733470-6-6
            #51 ($12)   Health Issues in Intercountry Adoption
The second edition (2008) covers common diseases and medical conditions by country, health problems experienced by five families, dietary suggestions, health of Chinese children, doctors to consult before you decide on the adoption, tests your doctor should do when your child arrives home. Web sites on health issues. Explanations of medical terms, to help in interpreting medical reports. 2006 international adoption statistics.     ISBN 978-0-9809468-0-2

    #43 ($12)  All About Domestic Adoption
Guidance on both public adoption and private adoption. Experts explore both domestic options:
    Robin May: Photolisting at CAS Ottawa
    Sandra Scarth: Straight talk on photolisting
    Pat Fenton: Following Ontario rules
    Catherine Clute: N.B. Adoption Foundation
    Marika Flegg: Aboriginal culture
    Brenda McCreight: Survive tough times
    Debbie Brennan: Finding Diana in seven months
    ... and more.     ISBN 0-9733470-2-3

For editions on post-adoption, see Post-adoption Helper.


1995 -- Adoption Helper magazine received an Ontario Adoption Award from the Adoption Council of Ontario, "in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the adoption community of Ontario."
1997 -- Jennifer Smart, editor of Post-adoption Helper, received an Ontario Adoption Award from the Adoption Council of Ontario for her work on behalf of adoption causes.
2001 -- Robin Hilborn, editor of Adoption Helper, received an Adoption Activist Award from the North American Council on Adoptable Children for "dedicated work in making adoption information more accessible and providing materials for post-adoptive support".

Robin Hilborn edits and publishes Family Helper, which began as Adoption Helper in 1990. Write to him at

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