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By Robin Hilborn

Whether yours is a support group or an agency, you could benefit from a presence on the Internet.

We can offer you a Web Page on the World Wide Web, here at Family Helper (, for much less than you would pay for your own Web site. The cost is $15 a month plus a set-up fee. But we offer free pages for support groups.

Join these support groups who already call Family Helper home:
Families In Adoption
Infertility Network

A growing number of adoption agencies also have Web Pages at Family Helper. Your support group can get a free web page by emailing, as long as it is a Canadian nonprofit adoption group not funded by government. See details at Free web pages.

Put your own Web Page on the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web site called Family Helper is at Here, anyone with access to the Internet can find authoritative information on infertility, adoption and post-adoption.

With your own Web Page at Family Helper, you could announce services, publicize seminars, list items for sale and give background information. Your Web Page needn't be just a single page; it can run to many pages and include links to many other sources on the Internet.

The Web Page proposal

I will design your Web Page with the proper HTML codes and formatting and maintain it on the Web for as long as you wish. The terms are given below. (Note that the maximum size is 100K, which is about 14,000 words, or fewer words plus images. You can combine text and images up to the maximum size.) The following charges do not apply to Canadian nonprofit adoption groups.
Set-up fee ............ $20, including HTML coding.
Monthly fee ......... $15
Maximum size ... 100K
Updates .............. No charge for monthly updates
Commitment ..... You can take this service for any period and cancel when you like, with unused time refunded

How to order your Web Page

To subscribe to this service, write to Robin Hilborn, Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0, or e-mail

How it works

Submit your Web Page information on IBM or Macintosh disk in a single file. Have your word processor save it in text-only or ASCII format. Include a printout showing where bold face and italic words appear.

Your information is stored at the Family Helper web site (at our internet service provider). You will have your own web address (a URL), which you can print on business cards and letterhead. The user can go directly to your address and see the information you choose to put there. The user can also find you by doing a search for your name, or by following the menus at Family Helper.

Benefits of your Web Page

When you have your own Web address the whole world can reach you. And you can tell the whole world about yourself: your seminars and workshops, your books for sale, your next meeting. A Web Page is an effective service to offer people who have Internet access: it costs them next to nothing to access your Web Page; they can download and print out information; and it is as current as your latest update.

Of course a Web Page does not replace more traditional means of communication; it is an adjunct, but a high-profile one. More than just providing information, a Web Page has these benefits:
-- Enhances your image in the public eye.
-- Provides a high-tech angle to attract media attention.
-- Enhances your group's communication power; increases your effectiveness in public education and advocacy.
-- At fund-raising time, your Internet presence will impress potential donors.

How to use your URL

Your URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, is your address on the Web -- what the user would type to reach your Web Page. Here is a sample text using URLs (I like to put them in italics, but this is optional). I have left out the http:// because Web browsers insert it automatically.
Family Helper Web site has four sections: Infertility, Adoption, Post-adoption and Family Tree. Family Helper's URL is In brief, it holds information on infertility, adoption and family research. The site is maintained by Robin Hilborn.
The Infertility section is at Arriving here you will see the contents list, followed by a directory of infertility newsletters, and lists of infertility Web sites, support groups and clinics. One of the infertility support groups has its own Web Page, and that is Infertility Network, at ...

How to publicize your Web Page

You will want to publicize your URL as much as possible. Tell everyone, with phrases like, "Visit our Web Page at www..." or "You'll find us on the Internet at www...".
-- Networking. Tell friends and associates about your presence on the Internet.
-- Use the media ... get free publicity. Announce your Web Page in a news release.
-- Put your URL on business cards, letterhead, fliers, brochures, advertising, price lists.
-- Mention your address on Internet mailing lists, and newsgroups such as alt.adoption and alt.infertility.
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Contact: Robin Hilborn,
Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0 Canada
Copyright 2005 Robin Hilborn. All rights reserved
Updated   Apr. 21, 2004

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