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Selected private adoption agencies in the U.S.

Compiled by Robin Hilborn, editor, Family Helper

This is a selection of U.S. agencies which in the past have had experience handling adoptions for Canadians. I compiled this list from many sources, including agency documents and input from support groups and adoptive parents.

Because of recent changes, use this list with care. The United States implemented the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption on April 1, 2008. This introduced complex new rules governing the adoption process in the U.S.

The list of U.S. agencies below dates from before April 1, 2008 -- many of those listed don't currently deal with Canadian adopters, though they have in the past. I've left this list here for reference since some of these agencies may choose to adjust to the new Hague rules and may again work with Canadians. To see if a U.S. agency can work with you, call and ask if they are accredited for "outgoing cases".

For links to all agencies in the U.S., see Adoption agencies.

For help in choosing an agency, see the articles at the American Association of Open Adoption Agencies.

How can you judge if an agency is reputable? Some ideas are in How to Assess the Reputation of Licensed, Private Adoption Agencies by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. In What to Look for in an Adoption Agency, About.Com has some positive and negative signs to watch for.

Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement. It is prudent to check the reliability of agencies by asking for references. We will happily correct any errors or omissions.

If your agency isn't here, e-mail us and we'll include it (no charge). Your agency must have experience handling adoptions for Canadians and have the proper accreditation.

Adoption Associates Inc., Richard VanDeelen, Founding Director, 1338 Baldwin, Jenison, MI 49428, 616-667-0677, 1-800-677-2367,, Mixed-race or African-American infants (waiting period, 4-9 months). Birth mothers choose from family profiles. Domestic and international (China, Russia, Guatemala). Four offices in Michigan. 128 domestic infants placed in 2003. --June 23, 2004

Adoption Associates, law offices of Felice Webster, 4525 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 201, Los Angeles, California 90010, (323) 664-5600; fax 664-4551; Law firm handling domestic adoption in the U.S. and international adoption from Canada and the U.S. (helping Canadian adoptive parents). Search for child, screen birthparents; legal work as California attorney, in conjunction with Canadian attorney or agency. Infants of mixed race, or African-American or Hispanic background. Can help couples place ads to prospective birthmothers in the States. Legal fees: about $4,000; social worker fees: $1,000. --July 7, 2000

Adoption-Link, 1113 South Blvd., Oak Park, IL 60302, 708-524-1433,, Founded in 1992 by director Margaret Fleming, LCSW. Specializing in African-American adoptions. --Mar. 22, 2007

Adoption S.T.A.R, 2001 Niagara Falls Blvd., #5, West Amherst NY 14228, 716-691-3300,, New York State authorized adoption agency. Works with Canadian clients, couples and singles. Adoptive parent educational workshops. --26 June 2001

Adoptions From The Heart, 30-31 Hampstead Circle, Wynnewood PA 19096, 610-642-7200, fax 642-7938, Linda Ryan,, Domestic (USA) infant adoption and international adoption from China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Guatemala, Lithuania, Ecuador and India. Not currently working with Canadian families. --24 May 2002

Americans for African Adoptions, AFAA, 8910 Timberwood Dr., Indianapolis IN 46234, tel/fax 317-271-4567, Ethiopia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Somalia. Licensed non-profit agency helping African orphans to be adopted. --AH 10, p. 17

A.M.O.R. Adoptions, Inc. [?old address?] 300 Route 516 at Morganville Rd., Matawan NJ 07747, 908-583-0174, fax 290-0012. Marian McAndrews, Founder. Closed its New Mexico office; law suit pending. -- 04.03.04,, Daily Record, Morris County, New Jersey

Bethany Christian Services -- Bethany Christian Services ( offers an introduction for birth parents and adoptive parents; how adoption is treated in the Bible; and the agency's adoption services ( --26 Jun 97

Children Awaiting Parents, Inc., 595 Blossom Road, Suite 306, Rochester NY 14610, 888-835-8802,, Executive Director, Mark W. Soule. Publishes The CAP Book, a national directory of waiting children.

Children's Hope, 7823 S. Whiteville Road, Shepherd MI 48883, 517-828-5842

Christine Deering, American Adoption Consultant, (01539) 535035,, US trained and licensed adoption social worker based in England, working with Americans and Canadians living abroad, using American adoption agencies. Adoption home studies and post-placement services. Does not place children . --22 Mar 2004

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, 8630 Fenton St., #310, Silver Spring MD 20910. 301-587-4400, A non-profit agency licensed in Maryland, Washington, DC., and Virginia. Founded in 1990 by Executive Director, Linda Perilstein, who adopted domestically and Internationally. CHAC has placed over 3,000 children from Russia, Romania and Latin America. Active in Russia, China. --Aug 18, 2008

European Adoption Consultants, N. Royalton Ohio, 216-582-3900. Margaret Ann Cole (, Executive Director. Web, China and Russia.

Families Thru International Adoption, Inc., 400 Bentee Wes Court, Evansville IN 47715. 812-479-9900, toll-free 888-797-9900, fax 812-479-9901,, Executive Director, Keith M. Wallace. Adoption programs in China, Guatemala, Russia, Vietnam. Has worked with families in the U.S., Germany, Hong Kong, Sweden and U.K. Over 175 adoptions a year. --Sept. 2002

Focus on Children of Wyoming, 405 Sage St., Cokeville WY 83114, 307-279-3434, fax: 307-279-3444,, Agency placing domestic newborns, and has international programs in Bulgaria, China, Russia, and Ukraine. Will work with Canadian families for Ukraine. --30 Mar 2004

Friends In Adoption, 44 South St., Box 1228, Middletown VT 05757-1228, 802-235-2373, 800-844-3630,, Agency Director: Dawn Smith-Pliner. Non-profit, licensed domestic open adoption agency providing services for pregnant women and child placement with waiting families. 20 years of experience working with pregnant women/couples helping to create compassionate adoption plans for their babies. Over 900 families have been created with the expertise of FIA staff. Will place U.S. babies in Canada. --June 8, 2006

Genesis Adoptions, 1542 Monroe Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, 404-870-3900,, [web site no longer available, Oct. 15, 2006]. Adoption agency specializing in Eastern Europe. International consultant on staff specializes in non-U.S.-citizen adoptions. --Oct. 15, 2006

Hope Cottage Adoption Center, 4209 McKinney Ave., #200, Dallas TX 75205, 214-526-8721, fax 528-7168, 1-800-944-4460.

International Family Services, 504 Falling Leaf Drive, Friendswood TX 77546, 713-992-4677, fax 992-3179. Russia, Belarus, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, China.

Limiar:USA, 111 Broken Bough, San Antonio TX 78231, 210-479-0300, fax 479-3835. E-mail web Nancy Cameron, President. Brazil. Limiar:Brazil was founded in 1984; Limiar:USA in 1985 and Limiar:Canada in 1995. Limiar:USA is a non-profit private organization which has worked with Canadian families since 1984. Limiar has placed over 1,000 children in North America and Europe. Its objective is to find homes for Brazilian children who will not be adopted by Brazilians. Limiar works directly with Brazilian courts and orphanages, without using lawyers or other intermediaries. Adoptable children are legally abandoned, as declared by the Brazilian Court of Minors. About 15% have special needs. Older children are available sooner than toddlers. Also in-country child care and family aid. Services: identify a child; translate and register documents in Brazil (US$1,850); escort service; medical exam; Canadian visa in Brazil. Donation of US$5,500 to support work in Brazil, or $8,000 if adopting siblings. The Brazilian Limiar, Associaçao de Apoio a Criança e Familia Substituta, is a private, social welfare organization helping children indicated by Brazilian courts. Much of its work is for children in Brazil who cannot be adopted. It has offices in Sao Paulo and Recife. --Nov. 18, 1998

Los Ninos International Adoption Agency, 1600 Lake Front Circle, Suite 130, The Woodlands TX 77380-3600; 281-363-2892, fax 297-4191, e-mail Contacts: Helen Kubiak,; Susy Foster, Executive Director is Heino R. Erichsen. Registration fee $500. Agency fee $5,000. Travel costs are extra. Program fees, by country: Bulgaria $10,000; China $6,500; Colombia, $7,700; Ecuador $7,550; Romania $10,000; Vietnam $7,000; Guatemala $13,500; Russia $10,000. Single women may adopt from every country except Colombia and Ecuador. --12 Sep 1998

Maine Adoption Placement Service, Box 772, Houlton ME 04730, 207-532-9358. Domestic and Russia.

New Families, Inc., 15959 S.W. 172 Ave., Miami FL 33187, 305-254-8425 (Miami); 887-1898 (Hialeah); fax 238-6789. Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico. Eight years' experience. Attorneys in all three countries are well-established professionals. No fees due until a child is found for applicant. Time: four to six months. Travel: one or two trips to Paraguay; one to Guatemala; three to Mexico. Stay in country: one week, three weeks and three to four weeks, respectively. Cost: Paraguay and Guatemala: agency fee $3,000, legal fees in country $12,000 to $13,000, other costs $1,000. Total cost, roughly $17,000. --Agency documents

Open Door Adoption Agency, Box 4, Thomasville GA 31799-0004, 912-228-6339, Walter Gilbert, Minority program consultant: Betty Elkins. Black infants and children. Open Door believes in the child's spiritual growth; church attendance is not always required; no need to be affiliated with a denomination. Cost: $8,000. --Nov. 18, 2001

Rainbow House, 19676 Highway 85, Belen NM 87002, 505-865-5550.

VIDA, Voice for International and Domestic Adoption, 354 Allen St., Hudson NY 12534, 518-828-4527, fax 828-0688, e-mail Has placed with Canadian families. Bolivia, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines. Fees: $12, 000 to $17,000. Waiting time: about a year. --AH 10, p. 17

WACAP, World Association for Children and Parents, Box 88948, Seattle WA 98138, 206-575-4550,, Licensed non-profit adoption agency supported by donations and fees. Child assistance programs in Thailand, Korea, India, Romania, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Colombia, Ecuador and the Phillipines. WACAP's program fees range from US$1,200 for U.S. adoptions to US$4,400 for China adoptions to US$8,900 for the other countries mentioned. Homestudy, travel expenses, immigration fees etc. are extra. --13 Feb 2002

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