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Adoption agencies

Compiled by Robin Hilborn, editor, Family Helper


For directories listing all U.S. agencies, see "Adoption agencies - U.S." in Collecting Information.

To search for U.S. agencies by state, go to the National Adoption Directory, by the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

For a list of selected American adoption agencies serving Canadians, see Private agencies in the U.S.

How can you judge if an agency is reputable? Some ideas are in How to Assess the Reputation of Licensed, Private Adoption Agencies by the Child Welfare Information Gateway. In What to Look for in an Adoption Agency, About.Com has some positive and negative signs to watch for.

For those concerned about the legitimacy of adoption agencies, I've found the following site which might be helpful:
Adoption Agency Checklist, Checklist to vet international adoption agencies. Judge an adoption agency from its web site: use of photos, credentials, testimonials. Ethics of photolistings. By David Kruchkow, a victim of adoption fraud in Mexico.


The private Canadian agencies and facilitators listed below handle either domestic or international adoption; some do both. Fees are in Canadian dollars, unless marked US$. This list doesn't include public agencies such as the Children's Aid Society (see Domestic Public Adoption).

Looking for an agency for a particular country? See my alphabetical list of countries Canadians can adopt from, with the agencies for each -- Agency Chooser. Pick a country, see the agencies for that country, and then find descriptions of the agencies in the list below.

It's prudent to inquire into the reliability of an agency by checking with the provincial adoption co-ordinator and other adoptive families (ask the agency for references).

For more news about the countries served by these agencies, see Country News.

For historical reference I've included agencies which are no longer operating; they are shown in small type. I'll happily correct errors or omissions. Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement. If your agency isn't here, email and I'll include it (no charge).


All adoptions in B.C. must occur through a B.C.-licensed agency or through the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Look for the mention "B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency." Some of those listed below are not licensed agencies. Unlicensed agencies and facilitators may not place a child for adoption inside or outside B.C., but they may act as consultants.

Agencies which are unlicensed or closed are listed here for reference, in small type.

Andrew & Barbara Chen, Box 8687, Victoria V8W 3S2, 250-386-5962, Moved to Hong Kong and no longer facilitating adoptions for China. Ceased operating. --June 13, 2000

Brilliance Immigration Consultants, Vancouver. 604-298-1132. China. [number not in service, Nov. 12, 1998]

Brenda McCreight Consulting
4702 Laguna Way, Nanaimo V9T 5C3. 250-729-9193, fax 250-729-9194,,
Adoption consulting and coaching services: helping adoptive parents and foster parents with strategies to deal with challenging behaviors in children such as attachment concerns, aggression, FAS, ADHD, anger management. Counselling throughout B.C., Canada and internationally by telephone and in person. Ms. McCreight is author of "Recognizing and Managing Children with FAS" and "Parenting Your Older Adopted Child". --Jan. 6, 2005
Canadian-C.I.S. Friendship Exchange Society
Dave Rempel, 10607 - 277th St., Maple Ridge V2W 1M7, 604-462-7563,, Dave Rempel.
Russia, Kazakhstan. Children from orphanages in Ekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Karaganda, Novosibirsk and Vladivostock. Adoption consultant, working with B.C. agencies and other governments, helping families with documents, accommodation, translation, etc. The Society has six co-ordinators in-country to help Canadian families. To date over 70 children have come to Canada, most in B.C. Canadian parents have banded together to preserve their children's Russian heritage. They have a Christmas party, a spring dinner and a summer picnic. Buddy parent support system. The Society seeks cash, medicine and clothing for orphanages. It has contributed over US$200,000 in humanitarian aid to orphanages. All directors are volunteers; some have adopted from Russia and Kazakhstan. --29 Nov 1999
Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti (CFCH)
18085 - 60th Ave., Surrey V3C 1V5. Gail Barth, 604-576-8308,
Provides adoption information on Haiti. Children are from the Rainbow of Love nursery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Gladys Sylvestre) via the Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FCH). Children are 6 months to 5 years, black. 6 to 12 months to match you with a child after FCH has your documents, then 6 to 9 months for the child to travel. Costs: FCH fee (US$4,700 one child, US$7,300 siblings [2 children]) covers Haitian costs only: child's medical, foster care, lawyer's and Social Welfare fees, passport and visa. US$30 non-refundable registration fee payable to FCH when submitting documents to CFCH for review. Embassy of Haiti charges $130 to authenticate documents before being sent to Haiti. --June 22, 2000
Canadian Foundation For Ukrainian Orphans, Irina Plavutska and Andriy Yemelyanenko, 3861 Napier St., Burnaby V5C 3E6, 604-293-2920, fax 293-2919, Consultant for licensed B.C. agencies, helped families adopt from Ukraine. -- Not operating, 2000. Requested removal from list, Mar. 24, 2009
Choices Adoption and Counselling Services
#100, 850 Blanshard St., Victoria V8W 2H2, 250-479-9811, 888-479-9811, fax 250-479-9850,,
Cheryl Fix, Executive Director.
B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency. All adoption services. Domestic and intercountry adoption; free birthparent counselling and monthly support groups around the province; adoption education; post-adoption support across B.C. Working in these countries: Bulgaria, Belize, China, Congo, Ethiopia, Japan, Jamaica, Kenya, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, St. Vincent, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam and upcoming programs in Hungary and Poland. (Choices is the only B.C. agency accredited in Russia for adoptions.) Also works with provincial and state governments for adoption of children in foster care. --Nov. 26, 2011
Family Services of Greater Vancouver
FSGV, 1616 West 7th Ave., Vancouver V6J 1S5, 604-736-7613, 1-866-582-3678,, Cathy Loptson, Administrator,
B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency for homestudies, local and intercountry adoptions. Pre- and post-adoption services to birth and adoptive parents. Specializes in Philippines and India, but has worked with: China, Ethiopia, Fiji, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S., Vietnam, Yugoslavia. --Apr. 6, 2007
Greenbay Adoption Services Inc., 5078 - 219A St., Langley V3A 8P8, 604-530-0072. China. Consultant. --closed?, Dec. 3, 1998
Hope Pregnancy and Adoption Services Society
#200, 2975 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford V2T 5T4. 604-850-1002, 1-800-916-4673, fax 852-1045,, Lorne Welwood, Agency Administrator.
B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency. Domestic and intercountry adoptions; birthparent counselling; monthly orientations. Countries dealt with most frequently are China, Haiti, Russia, Thailand, United States. --May 26, 2004
LDS Adoption Services of British Columbia
Michael Todd, Agency Administrator, 10122 - 140th St., Surrey V3T 4M9, 604-585-7735, in B.C. 888-285-7735, in Alberta 800-563-9956, fax 604-585-2977,
B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency. Domestic and interprovincial adoption. Applicants must be practising Latter Day Saints. --Sept. 27, 2006
Northern Interior Regional Health Board, Adoption Services, 1444 Edmonton St., Prince George V2M 6W5, 250-565-7492, toll free 888-736-8811, fax 565-7386. B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency. Tim Rowe, Director, Community and Senior Services. Marla Dhenin, Adoption Coordinator, Agency closing, November 2001, owing to a lack of clients.

Romanian Canadian Adoption Network (Rom/CAN), Nancy Tucker, 23 - 20841 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge V2X 3E7, 604-466-5089,, web was at Formerly working in Romania. Nancy and Ron Tucker adopted two Romanian children in 1990 and 1991. She wrote on June 8, 1998 requesting removal of her agency from this agency list -- she is ceasing involvement with Romanian adoptions, citing extreme dissatisfaction with the adoption system in Romania. Her relief work will continue as it has for the last eight years (Romanian Orphan and Aid Relief).

Sunrise Family Services Society
#102, 171 West Esplanade St., North Vancouver V7M 3J9, 604-984-2488, fax 980-6469, toll-free in B.C. 1-888-984-2488., Vancouver address: 1500-701 Georgia St. W., Vancouver V7Y 1K8, 604-984-2488. Douglas R. Chalke, executive director,; Marg Harrington, Manager of the Sunrise Asia Program.
For a summary of the adoption process in British Columbia and the services offered by Sunrise Adoption, see Adoption BC,
B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency serving both birthparents and adoptive parents. Services to birth parents include information and support; confidential pregnancy counselling; help locating support services; peer counselling; birth mother support group; and adoption planning services. Services to adoptive parents include adoption preparation; homestudies; facilitating local infant, intercountry, and direct placement adoptions; and post placement support.
Programs in Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, St. Vincent, Taiwan, Thailand, U.S., Vietnam.
Sunrise specializes in adoptions from Asia and the Americas, including the U.S.A. It monitors the progress of the Hague Convention in the U.S. --July 9, 2004
South Korea program: Korea program temporarily closed. --Country Survey, Sept. 20, 2006
The Adoption Centre
255 Lawrence Ave., Kelowna V1Y 6L2, 250-763-8002, 800-935-4237, fax 250-763-6282,, Agency Administrator is Bill Downie.
B.C. Licensed Adoption Agency. Services only to B.C. residents. Domestic and intercountry adoption; homestudies; seminars; post-adoption services. Counselling before and after placement. Special fees may be incurred if the intercountry consultant's services are necessary. For a child from another province, local fees may also be incurred. --7 Mar 2002
Tribo Services/Bonnie Wong
8363 Shaughnessy St., Vancouver V5R 5J9, 604-322-8606, fax 322-8677, e-mail
China adoption consultant. Eight years' experience. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Well-established network of contacts. Personal advice and guidance. Services including escort in China. --Feb. 22, 2010


Alberta has five non-government, non-profit agencies which are licensed to arrange private adoptions in Alberta: Adoption Options, Adoption By Choice, Catholic Social Services, Christian Adoption Services and LDS Family Services. They must comply with the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act. Agencies which are unlicensed or closed are shown in small type.
Adoption and Foster Family Resource Centre, 631 Prospect Dr. S.W., Medicine Hat T1A 4C2, 529-8079. --March 1998
Adoption By Choice
In Calgary:
Ramone Kindrat, Director, #250, 3115 12 St. NE, Calgary T2E 7J2. 403-245-8854, toll-free in Alberta 800-570-2835, fax 403-245-8897,, Carol H. Lamb, Program Director.
In Edmonton:
Sheila Feehan, Social Worker, 355 Burton Rd., Edmonton T6R 2J1, 780-448-1159,,
Licensed open adoption agency. Programs include: domestic adoption, bringing birth families and adoptive families together through open adoption since 1989; international adoption (guiding families through the approval process); adoption counselling service for individuals, families and groups.
--Dec. 18, 2013
Adoption Journeys, Linda Spiteri, 1009-17 Ave. S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2G 1J6, 403-269-2755, Was coordinating adoptions from Romania. Retired, Oct. 22, 2000.
Adoption Options
Edmonton office: #304, 10109 - 106 St. NW, Edmonton T5J 3L7, 780-433-5656, toll-free in Alberta 1-800-770-3023, fax 780-447-4763,,
Calgary office: Sheryl Proulx, #207, 5940 Macleod Trail S., Calgary T2H 2G4. 403-270-8228, fax 270-3929, toll free 888-277-8228,
Licensed adoption agency. Fully open domestic adoption -- birthmother chooses family (free services to birthparents). Will place transracially. Publishes "Adoption Matters" newsletter.
Domestic adoption. Singles and same-sex couples may apply. Couples, whether married or common-law, must have been together for two years. Have been placing an average of 60 children per year for 20 years. Average wait is three years. Contact the agency for more information.
International adoption. Educational sessions, homestudy reports, post-placement reports and finalizing in Canada. Contact the agency for more information. --June 20, 2012
Adoptions International, Inc., Penny Hiebert, Box 59008, River Bend P.O., Edmonton T6H 5Y3, 780-437-3687. --Believed no longer operating, 1997
Catholic Social Services
8815 - 99 Street, Edmonton T6E 3V3, 780-432-1137, fax 439-3154. Karen Reynolds, Director,, Licensed adoption agency since 1990, supporting open adoption. Complete home studies for international adoptions after approval by Alberta Children's Services. Non-denominational services. --11 Mar 2002
Connections in Adoption, Red Deer. Adoption agency, ceased operating in spring 2003. Formerly the licensed adoption and search agency Nuway Adoption Services Ltd. Now: Roxanne L. Shoulders, MSW, RSW, Clinical Director, NuWay Consulting Services, #1-A101, 5212-48 St., Red Deer AB T4N 7C3, 403-341-3773. --Sept. 5, 2006
Christian Adoption Services
Wendy Robinson, #204, 11625 Elbow Dr., S.W., Calgary T2W 1G8. 403-256-3224, fax 256-8367, Web Agency licensed to operate in Alberta only. International Home Studies. Monthly course "Preparation for International Adoption" provides information on many countries and international coordinators that have worked well for Alberta couples. Also, a course "Preparing for Adoption from China". The agency also places newborns into practising Christian homes in Alberta; expect a two-year wait. For domestic adoptions couples must be married and unable to conceive or have tried for three years. The agency placed 20 infants in 2001 and assisted with 56 international placements. 16 domestic placements in 2003; international about the same. --Mar. 30, 2004
Crossroads Counselling Centre, #202, 542 - 7th St. South, Lethbridge T1J 2H1. 327-7080, fax 327-7282,, Suvi Teigen, Director. Crossroads' adoption program ceased operating in spring 2003, but the counselling service continues. It was a licensed adoption and search agency doing international adoption home assessments, private direct placements and licensed agency placements, and averaged 9 to 11 placements a year. --Sept. 5, 2003
LDS Family Services, Canada
Steve Zobell, Program Director, 7040 Farrell Rd. SE, Calgary T2H 0T2, (403) 255-0153, toll free: 1-800-661-8256. Mike Todd, Director, Lethbridge, (403) 328-8263, fax 328-0383, toll free 800-563-9956.
Licensed adoption agency. Applicants must be practising Latter Day Saints. Placed 28 children in 1997, in a program covering four provinces. Formerly named LDS Social Services. --Sept. 21, 2003; Aug. 2006
South Eastern Adoption Agency, Medicine Hat. Opened July 2002, ceased operating spring 2003; no placements. --Sept. 5, 2003
British Columbia
Nova Scotia


Saskatchewan has no adoption agencies accredited to provide domestic or intercountry adoption services, but there are agencies in other provinces that will accept clients from outside their own province. All adoptions are handled through the Ministry of Social Services. It offers programs in domestic adoption, assisted adoption, intercountry adoption and post-adoption. Contact: Adoption Services, Ministry of Social Services, 12th floor, 1920 Broad Street, Regina, Sask. S4P 3V6, 306-787-5698, --Sept. 24, 2008
Christian Counselling Services, 1125 Louise Ave., Saskatoon S7H 2P8, 306-244-9836. Founded 1987. Formerly a private adoption agency in Saskatchewan. Was at No web site, Sept. 24, 2008


Adoptions in Manitoba occur under the Adoption Act and the Child and Family Services Act. Adoptions are handled by a Child and Family Services agency or by a licensed adoption agency, of which there are three.
Adoption Options Manitoba
1313 Portage Ave., Winnipeg R3G 0V3, 204-774-0511,, Sharon Riches, Executive Director.
Founded in 1989. Licensed by Manitoba for domestic private adoption in Manitoba; intercountry adoption from China; de facto adoption (where applicant has cared for a child two or more years); extended family adoption in Manitoba; and adoption by a person married to the child's parent. --July 12, 2007
CAFAC Intercountry Adoptions (Canadian Advocates for the Adoption of Children)
Box 1680, 214 Main St., Minnedosa R0J 1E0, 204-867-5556,, Roberta Galbraith, Executive Director.
Now working with or has worked with: Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, St. Vincent, Vietnam (and will consider other countries). Information on other countries available. Helps families outside Manitoba. Licensed by the Province of Manitoba as an Intercountry Adoption Agency and accredited to work with Hague Countries.
Guatemala program: no new applications being accepted, following the halt in Guatemalan adoptions of Sept. 10, 2001.
Vietnam program: no new applications being accepted at this time, following the halt in adoptions of Aug. 27, 2001.
--Jan. 2, 2009
Ukrainian Adoption Services
777 Pritchard Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 0E8, 204-947-2953,, Darla Penner, Executive Director.
Licensed in Manitoba for Ukraine. Complete adoption services for Manitobans; facilitation services for those outside Manitoba; includes dossier preparation and translation, educational materials, assistance in Ukraine to complete the international adoption process. Seminars for those considering adoption. --June 24, 2006
--Licensed for Ukraine, April 15, 2004


Adoption in Ontario is regulated by the
Ministry of Children and Youth Services (CYS).

Adoptions which are finalized within the province (that is, domestic adoptions and some international adoptions) fall under the Child and Family Services Act, or CFSA. When you are considering an adoption to be finalized here you must use the Children's Aid Society (a public adoption), or go the private route, using one of the adoption agencies or people licensed for private adoption. CYS grants the licences for private adoption -- look for licensed agencies and licencees below, as shown by the mention "CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA)."

Many international adoptions are finalized abroad, in your child's birth country. For adoptions finalized abroad, you must use one of the international adoption agencies licensed by CYS under IAA ( Intercountry Adoption Act), for the country you choose. Below, look for the mention "CYS-licensed for [country] (IAA)."

To get a homestudy done you'll need to hire someone on the CYS list of Private Adoption Practitioners Approved to Conduct Homestudies. Below, look for the mention "CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements."

Besides the above licensed agencies and practitioners, I've also listed below in small type some agencies which are not licensed, or are closed. These are for historical reference only, and are not approved by CYS for use in adoptions.

Also listed are a number of Ontario practitioners offering adoption education programs to prepare adoptive applicants for their parenting role and help them understand how adoption impacts individuals and families.

Which countries may Ontario residents choose from? For the list of countries, and the agencies for each, see Agency Chooser.

Access Adoption Services, 2660 Southvale Cr., #226, Ottawa K1B 4W5, 613-737-5633, fax 737-3650, e-mail Web site was at Adam Wang, Executive Director. (Formerly Family-Orphan Bridge, founded 1992.) Was licensed for Ukraine, Vietnam. Ceased operating, June 2002. --June 12, 2002
Adoption Agency and Counselling Service (Ontario)
Tina McCann, Executive Director, 70 East Beaver Creek Rd., Unit 30, Richmond Hill L4B 3B2, 905-475-3386. Birth parents may call 1-800-250-2251 for information. Web site was at
Founded 1982. Domestic and international adoption. Pregnancy and adoption counselling.
Peruvian adoptions are facilitated for applicants of Peruvian origin; same for Philippines and, for the most part, India. Many such adoptions are relative adoptions.
--Jan. 13, 2012
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Sept. 20, 2006
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
CYS-licensed for India, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines (IAA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Adoption Crossroads Inc., Head Office: #707, 4 Hughson St., Hamilton L8N 3Z1, Tel/fax 905-528-2057. Ottawa: Mailing address: #106, 532 Montreal Rd., Ottawa K1K 4R4; Ottawa Interviewing office: 209 Montreal Road, Second Floor, Ottawa L1L 6C8 by appointment at 613-745-0011. E-mail was Founded in March 1997 by Pierre and Nathalie Hervy. Adoption Crossroads Inc. was processing applications from before March 8, 2000. Adoption Crossroads (Ontario) Inc. was seeking an CYS licence for Russia. Email and telephone numbers out of service. Ceased operating. --Nov. 27, 2000
Adoption Horizons
Irina Zaretsky, 7 Sunforest Court., Toronto M2R 3W3, 416-512-7591, fax 512-9727,,
Licensed to facilitate adoptions from Russia and Kazakhstan. Founded in 1995, the agency has placed over 460 children from Russia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine with Canadian families, as of March 2006. Executive Director Irina Zaretsky is from Russia and has wide experience in international adoption in Canada and in the former Soviet Union. Children waiting for adoption in Russia are 6 months to 12 years old. They live in orphanages and are legal orphans. They have been abandoned, orphaned or relinquished for adoption. To meet Canadian Immigration requirements, the child must be examined by the designated Canadian practitioner in Russia. Parents get a copy of the medical report. In-country staff arrange lodgings, meals and transportation. Adoption is finalized in the child's country of origin. --Jan. 10, 2006
CYS-licensed for Kazakhstan, Russia (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Adoption Matters, Sharon Gollert, 1238 Kingston Road, Toronto M1N 1P3, 416-698-2563. Formerly CYS-approved, since 1985, for homestudies, local and international; experience with China, Russia, Korea, Ukraine and others; consultations, adoption education, supervision of adoption placements and post-adoption services. --19 Mar 2002. Was director of provincial adoption services. Updated 10Feb09 and Feb. 5, 2013.
Adoption Paradigm
Betty Ann Streeter, 12 Birch Ave., #210, Toronto M4V 1C8, 416-447-6732, 964-3669, 888-535-2111,
Private adoption practitioner. Adoption education programs on older child adoption, toddler adoption and open adoption, as well as programs for pre-search and families who have already adopted. Sessions offered in Toronto and Ottawa. --Mar. 31, 2004
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Sept. 20, 2006
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
Adoption Resource and Counselling Services
Jennie E. Painter, 162 Phillips Street, Kingston K7M 2Z8, 613-542-0275,,
Facilitating open adoptions throughout Ontario. Counselling for expectant parents considering adoption. Homestudies. Educational workshops for adoptive and birth parents. Step-parent adoption service. --Dec. 10, 2006
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Sept. 20, 2006
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Aug. 23, 2006

Adoptionworx Canada
23 Prince George Dr., Toronto M9A 1X9, 416-236-7337,, Victoria O'Toole, Executive Director.
Licensed by CYS in July 2001 for adoptions from Albania. Licensed by Albanian authorities. 20-45 children only in each of the country's ten orphanages. Children are assigned a particular caregiver; caregiver-to-child ratio is about 1:6. To date, no reported cases of FAS/FAE, or adoption breakdowns. Children are generally healthy and receive substantial affection and interaction with others. Ages about 18 months and up. Approximate time to referral, after receipt of foreign dossier: 6-12 months. Parents may choose one or two trips. A single trip is about five weeks. If two trips, the first is 10 days, the second is two weeks. Adoptions are finalized in Albania. Albania is a signatory to the Hague Convention. --Jan. 10, 2006
CYS-licensed for Albania (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009

Alice P'an Foundation, Box 206, 123 Queen St. W., Toronto M5H 2M9, tel./fax 416-362-8747, e-mail was Facilitated adoptions in China. Adviser was Dr. Margaret Guo. Adoption services were provided by J + R International Ltd.: John Castellan and Raymond Fournier. Started in April 1996; ceased accepting clients on Sept. 5, 1997. Closed. (See the October 1997 Adoption Helper for details of why parents abandoned the agency.) Not operating. --Robin Hilborn, AH, Nov. 17, 1997

Angela Galcso, Adoption Consultant - International, 651 Sumler Rd., Fenwick L0S 1C0, 905-892-0749, fax 892-1627, Formerly working in Romania and Russia. Not operating. --Feb. 6, 2002

Appel-Ontario Inc. (Call-Ontario)
Tim Putt, Executive Director, 52 Arnold Ave., Toronto M5A 3B2, 416-840-6213,, Adoption agency licensed in Ontario by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and in Colombia by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare to facilitate adoption of Colombian children. Founded in Quebec in 1991; operating in Ontario since February 2011. See also Appel Inc. in Quebec. --June 20, 2012
CYS-licensed for Colombia

Association for Private Practitioners in Adoption
Web: Contact: Tina McCann. Webmaster, Michael Blugerman.
A.P.P.A. is an association of private adoption practitioners and licensees in Ontario. Training, workshops, conferences; links with Private Adoption Practitioners Of Eastern Ontario (PAPEO).
Beginnings Counselling and Adoption Services of Ontario
Kerry Vandergrift, Medical Arts Building, #308, 1 Young St., Hamilton L8N 1T8. 905-528-6665, fax 528-6589,,
Founded 1985. Free crisis pregnancy counselling; adoption education seminars for families adopting locally in open adoptions; supervised placement; finalization. Providing open adoption services for Christian families wishing to adopt in Ontario. Services are free to birthparents; adoptive parents pay fees for adoption services. --Mar. 31, 2004
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009

Building Families Through Adoption, 43 Ellerbeck St., Kingston K7L 4H5, (613) 549-2348. Ali Ross, Agency offered adoptions in Guatemala. Total adoption costs, excluding DNA test, were US$15,000-$17,000. Guatemala program ceased following the halt in Guatemalan adoptions, Sept. 10, 2001. Not operating. --Nov. 4, 2001; updated 10Feb09

Canada-China Adoption Services, 120 Eglinton Ave. E., #904, Toronto M4P 1E2, 416-322-6508, Program director: Ms. Yue Chi. [Formerly Canada-China Adoption Assn.] China. Founded in 1997 to help Ontario families adopt in China and aid Chinese orphanages. Not operating. Adoption organization ceased operating. --Jan. 18, 2001

Canadian Adoption Consultants International, 1387 Garry St., Sudbury P3A 4G2, 705-688-1849. [moved] Non-profit group run by adoptive parents Iris and Guy Campeau who lived in China and adopted two girls there. Address update needed; 1997. Not operating.

Canadian International Adoption Services, Dmitri Protas, Program Director, #201, 297 Sheppard Ave. W., Toronto M2N 1N4, 416-250-0520, fax 352-5081, Boys and girls were available from Ukraine. --Was on Aug. 23, 2006 CYS list, licensed for Ukraine. "As of January 2009 CIAS Ukrainian adoption program has been put on hold indefinitely." Not operating.

CARC (Canadians Adopt Romanian Children) International Adoption
Executive Director: Valeriu Moraru, 203 Holmes Ave., Toronto, Ont. M2N 4M9. tel./fax: (416) 227-9377; tel.: (416) 224-9642,
Adoptions in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Romania and Ukraine. Help with document preparation and forwarding to CYS and foreign agencies. Obtain referrals of children from Romania and propose to adoptive parents. Coordinate adoption with foreign agencies/partners. Couples 45 and over may apply for younger children. Singles and parents with children are welcome. --May 8, 2005
Time from start of adoption homestudy to coming home with your child: Bulgaria, 12-16 months; Kazakhstan, 7-9 months; Ukraine, 8-12 months. Romania is currently closed to most adoptions; only grandparents may adopt their grandchildren. Fees: Bulgaria, $36,000; Kazakhstan, $36,000; Ukraine, $34,000-$36,000. --updated 11Feb09
CYS-licensed for Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Caring Homes for Orphan Children
3727 Chesswood Dr., Toronto M3J 2P6, 416-630-2472,, Arnie Gotfryd, executive director.
[Legal name: Tzivos Hashem Canada Inc., founded in 1993 by the Lubavitch movement, a Jewish spiritual and social service organization serving all regardless of culture or religion.] [Formerly Canadian Homes for Russian Children]
Russia. Agency licensed in Ontario and accredited in Russia. Caring Homes has helped over 150 Russian orphans find homes with Canadian families in eight provinces. Staff in Toronto, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and many other regions. Eligibility: singles and older applicants may adopt. Children: orphanage boys and girls, six months and up at homecoming, usually with remediable developmental delays. Time: around six to eight months to complete the adoption once the dossier is complete. Stay: Sometimes one trip, usually two. If one trip, about 12 days. If two trips, first is 7 days to meet and bond with chosen child; second is 10 days to attend court and obtain paperwork. Cost: from homestudy to homecoming, about Can$40,000 including all fees and expenses in Canada and abroad. --Jan. 10, 2006
CYS-licensed for Bulgaria, Russia (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Carol Shipley
27 Wilton Cr., Ottawa K1S 2T4, 613-233-3028,
Programs to prepare for domestic and international adoption. --Oct. 19, 2002
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
Cheryl Appell
306 - 10 Alcorn Ave., Toronto M4V 3A9, (416) 927-0891, fax 927-0385,
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
CYS-licensed for U.S. (IAA), but was only able to receive applications for the U.S. before April 1, 2008, when U.S. implemented the Hague Convention. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
The Children's Bridge
#221, 1400 Clyde Ave., Ottawa K2G 3J2, 613-226-2112, fax 226-8843;; Cathy Murphy, Executive Director and Director of Adoption Services.

Licensed for domestic and international adoptions. The Children's Bridge was federally incorporated in 1994; Board of Directors are all adoptive parents. Working in all provinces except Quebec. A full-service organization: pre- and post-adoption support; Families in Waiting groups, adoption workshops, AdopTALK, cultural celebrations, quarterly newsletter, playgroups, annual picnics, information sessions, Kids Klub, Teen Group and How-To-Adopt seminars. Regional and Post-Adoption Coordinators throughout Canada help families in their own areas. An active volunteer base supports member needs. Up to Jan. 1, 2009, facilitated about 3,900 international adoptions.

The Children's Bridge partner agencies in British Columbia are: Family Services of Greater Vancouver. The Children's Bridge partners with CAFAC in Manitoba for their Ethiopia Adoption licence.

The Children's Bridge has the following adoption programs. (For details, see Children's Bridge Programs.)
China Waiting Children
South Korea
Florida, U.S.
Kids Living with HIV+

The program of Pre- and Post-Adoption Services includes AdopTALK, 2-day adoptive parenting series, workshops, Kids R Great Puppet Show, Kids Club, Teen Groups, Playgroups and Parent Support Groups. For more, see Children's Bridge Events.

CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (South Korea, domestic) (CFSA) --CYS, Aug. 23, 2006
CYS-licensed for China, Croatia, Ethiopia, India, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009

Children's Resource and Consultation Centre of Ontario
Michael Blugerman, 100 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto M4V 1N3, 1-800-290-2931, 416-923-7771, fax 923-1260, --updated 11Feb09
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
CYS-licensed for Bangladesh, India, Jamaica, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Trinidad, U.S. (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009 CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Clinical Adoption Services
Marie Artt, 40 Riverdale Ave., Toronto M4K 1C3, 416-469-1095, fax 416-469-1095,
Private adoption practitioner working with singles, couples and families adopting publicly, privately and internationally. Birthparent counselling. Workshops for adoptive parents, for teachers, medical professionals, extended family members (i.e. grandparents). --June 24, 2006
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
Cornerstone Adoption Agency
Christina R. McKenzie, 360 Bayly Street West, #201, Ajax L1S 1P1. 905-427-1211, fax 905-427-0817,, --Sept. 21, 2003
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
CYS-licensed for Guyana, India, Jamaica, Philippines, Sri Lanka, St. Vincent (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Elly Freund-Bell, Kim Gray, Linda McKnight and Rosanne Ryan.
Four adoption practitioners in the London, Ont. area offer "The Adoption Option, Adopting Internationally", one-day training sessions for adoptive applicants as part of their adoption preparation. Covers: Pre/post Placement Process; Risks and Rewards; Loss as a Common Theme; Adjustment - Attachment and Bonding; Adoption as a lifelong process - helping your child adjust and thrive, the mixed-race family and growing up adopted; Adoption Stories - panel of adoptees and adoptive parents. $125/person includes lunch, refreshments, resource materials. --Mar. 31, 2004
Elly Freund-Bell, 26 Repton Ave., London N5X 3G4, 519-675-0362, fax 675-0362,
Elly Freund-Bell, Kim Gray, Linda McKnight and Rosanne Ryan are all CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
135 Algonquin Blvd. East, TIMMINS, ON P4N 1A6, Tel: (705) 360-5879, Fax: (705) 264-3297, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
Families for Children Inc., Mrs. Sandra Simpson, 45 Russell Hill Road, Toronto M4V 2S9, tel. 416-967-7148 (Saturday only), fax 960-9746. Formerly worked in adoption. Now, see, an agency operating homes for destitute children and women in India and Bangladesh.
Family Outreach International
1301 - 131 Wurtenburg St., Ottawa K1N 8L9, 613-789-8677, toll-free 866-789-8677,, Robert Stevens, president; Yulin Deng, Program Director.
Helping Canadians across the country adopt from China. Manages the entire process, including providing a Chinese-Canadian coordinator to escort parents on their two-week trip. Total expenses are about Can$24,000, including the cost of travel to China. From 1996 to Dec. 2001, FOI facilitated over 350 adoptions. --Feb. 11, 2009
CYS-licensed for China (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
1100 - C Memorial Avenue, Suite # 309, THUNDER BAY, ON P7B 4A3, Tel: (807) 343-9120, Fax: (807) 345-4666, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
From the Heart Adoption Agency
Daria Hensiorowsky, 35 Warrender Ave., #606, Toronto M9B 5Z5, 416-239-6335,
Adoptions from Ukraine. Staff experienced in Ukraine adoptions and fluent in Ukrainian. Guidance through all steps of the process, including orientation, templates and post-adoption followup. --June 17, 2004
CYS-licensed for Ukraine (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Global Village Adoption Agency, 14 Crescent Rd., Ottawa K1M 0N3, 613-748-1689, 233-7998,, Pauline S. Friedman, Program Director. Operated adoption programs for Armenia and Haiti (under IAA), and India and Poland (under CFSA). Armenia program had a cost of about $35,000. Note from Pauline Friedman, May 5, 2005: no longer accepting new clients. Web site not operating, Sept. 26, 2006. --updated 10Feb09 Not operating.

Helping Hands, Laura Leon, 3025 Hurontario St., #307, Mississauga L5A 2H1, 905-568-4018. [old address] Facilitator, worked in Peru. In summer 1997 the Leons declared bankruptcy, left Mississauga and set up in Miami FL as International Referral Services Inc. to facilitate adoptions from Russia. --Adoption Helper, March 1998 Not operating.

Homes For Children, 5 Scottdale Court, Fonthill L0S 1E3. 905-892-2536, Was operating in Romania. Started in May 1996; ceased operating, June 1997. Veronica Balaj was Director of Foreign Facilitation; Andre Champagne was Director of Canadian Operations --June 8, 1997 Not operating.

Imagine Adoption -- Until the bankruptcy of July 14, 2009 this was the operating name and web site for Kids Link International Adoption Agency and Saint Anne Adoption Centre. For more information, see the bankruptcy trustee's web site, BDO Dunwoody.
International Adoption Centre
Sofie Stergianis, Private Adoption Practitioner, 36 Felbrigg Ave., Toronto M5M 2L9. 416-483-0003,,
Personal consultations on how to adopt internationally and in Ontario. One-day adoption education seminars for those adopting internationally. Contact Sofie Stergianis for dates and further information. --Sept. 27, 2006
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
JFJ Hope Centre
6655 Kitimat Road, #5, Mississauga L5N 6J4, 905-821-6320, 905-821-7494,, Joan Kosmachuk, Executive Director.
Counsels birth mothers. Facilitates adoptions, based on biblical principles. Solicits donations. Formerly known as Jewels For Jesus Mission, and Jewels For Jesus Adoption Agency. -- 8 Oct 2002
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Josefina Campbell
17 Linton Park Rd., Belleville K8N 4K7, (613) 968-5350, fax: (613) 968-4325,
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
Kids Link International Adoption Agency
This agency, operating under the name Imagine Adoption, was bankrupt as of July 14, 2009. For more information, see the bankruptcy trustee's web site, BDO Dunwoody.
Previous contact information was: 410 Hespeler Road, Unit 4B, Cambridge N1R 6J6, (519) 623-5437, 1-877-323-5437, fax 519-623-1845,, and Sue Hayhow, Executive Director. Operating as "Imagine Adoption". Licensed by CYS in 2005 to facilitate international adoptions. In 2006 Kids Link took over the clients of Saint Anne Adoption Centre. Web site said on Feb. 12, 2009 that it was currently serving Ethiopia, Ghana and Zambia. See also "Saint Anne Adoption Centre" for Ecuador.
CYS web site said on Jan. 1, 2009: CYS-licensed for Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia (IAA).
UPDATE: Adoption processing continued as management was transferred to Mission of TEARS (Ontario). Kids Link / Imagine Adoption partners with Mission of TEARS (Ontario) to provide service for Ethiopian adoptions. Imagine Adoption continues as the corporation holding the license to facilitate Ethiopian adoptions. Under the partnership agreement the Cambridge office will close and relocate to Mission of TEARS (Ontario) in Toronto. --Feb. 5, 2013
4632 Dunedin Crescent, MISSISSAUGA, ON L5R 1M2, Tel: (905) 272-2540 , Fax: (905) 272-2100, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
78 Centre Street North, 2nd Floor, OSHAWA, ON L1G 4B6, Tel: (905) 571-3214, Fax: (905) 571-3832, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
Legacy Partners Group, 97 Humberview Rd., Toronto M6S 1W9, 416-763-3345, [Formerly Adoption Directions]
Founded in 1993 by Alison Pentland-Folk. Intercountry and domestic adoption options and resources. "Private Intercountry Consultations" launch your adoption by reviewing your best country options, child-placing organizations in those countries, and resources specific to your interests. --Apr. 13, 2005

106 College Street, SUDBURY, ON P3C 4T7, Tel: (705) 674-9992, Fax: (705) 674-2227, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
Lorraine Murphy
Box 24029, Walkerville Postal Outlet, 1275 Walker Rd.,Windsor N8Y 4Y9, (519) 258-9814, fax (519) 252-7487,
Authorized to handle adoptions involving Ontario children. --Sept. 22, 2003 [The St. Clair Region Adoption Resource Centre was closed owing to a decrease in the number of children available for adoption. --March 19, 1997]
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Loving Heart International Adoption Agency
75 Wynford Heights Crescent, Unit# 406, Don Mills M3C 3H9, 416-223-4997, fax: 416-250-8977,, Elena Georgiev, Program Director.
Adoptions from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Serbia/Montenegro.
Bulgaria program: Bulgaria is a Hague Convention country. Loving Heart is licenced by the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria.
Eligibility: Couples, singles and older families are eligible.
Children: There is a Central Registry for children available for international adoption and foreign applicants. Caucasian children, one year old and up, from orphanages, with comprehensive medical and social histories. High level of child care and living conditions: caregiver ratio is 1:2 for babies and 1:4 for toddlers. Emphasis on psycho-motor development and individual approach based on the needs of the child. Most children are healthy. To date, no reports of fetal alcohol syndrome, attachment disorders, or substance abuse by birth parents. Adoptive parents have an opportunity to meet the child before deciding.
Time: The time from signing the consent for adoption to bringing the child home is about three months. Adoption is finalized in Bulgaria; no need to be present at the Court hearing. At least one parent travels to Bulgaria to bring the child home. Travel and accommodation help supplied during the stay in Bulgaria. --Jan. 10, 2006
CYS-licensed for Bulgaria, Lithuania, Serbia [apply only if Serbian origins] (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Luvia Treftlin's Private Adoption Services, Luvia Treftlin, Box 91114, 350 King St. East, Hamilton L8N 4G3, toll-free 1-866-325-2340, Social worker was approved to complete homestudies for private adoption in Ontario. Retired, 2006. --Sept. 27, 2006; updated 10Feb09
60 College Street, KITCHENER, ON N2H 5A1, Tel: (519) 579-4300, Fax: (519) 579-8745, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
90 Mulcaster Street, PO Box 758, BARRIE, ON L4M 4Y5, Tel: (705) 721-3377, Fax: (705) 726-6511, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
Mission of Tears (Ontario)
50 Gervais Dr., #504, Toronto M3C 1Z3, 416-449-0018, fax 449-0243;, Rev. Gordon Lewis, Program Director.
Helps place orphanage children from Ethiopia, Haiti, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine. The Ghana program is mainly for relative adoptions. The parent organization, Mission of TEARS Inc., co-founded by Rev. Gordon and Diane Lewis, operates humanitarian aid projects abroad. Since 1993 its parent has helped arrange six Ukrainian adoptions and about 130 Russian adoptions. In accordance with licensing regulations the non-profit Mission of Tears (Ontario) was founded in 1999. --Sept. 27, 2006
Mission of TEARS (Ontario) partners with Kids Link / Imagine Adoption to provide service for Ethiopian adoptions. Imagine Adoption continues as the corporation holding the license to facilitate Ethiopian adoptions. --Feb. 5, 2013
CYS-licensed for Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
M.M. Kelly Counselling and Adoption Agency
Marie McCallum, 16 Cloverhill Cr., Box 349, Cookstown L0L 1L0, (705) 722-4163, --Sept. 23, 2003
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
300 Dundas Street,, LONDON, ON N6B 1T6 Tel: (519) 672-5666, Fax: (519) 672-2674, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
Oana Inter-Country Adoptions, 7 St. Dennis Dr., #1416, Toronto M3C 1E4, 416-425-0785, fax 425-6507, Liana Chivaran, Program Director. Was facilitating adoptions in Romania from 1995 to 2001. Continued as a consultant for international adoptions, specializing in Romania. --10 Mar 2002; updated 10Feb09 Not operating.
Open Arms to International Adoption
Deborah Maw, 14 Roxborough St. W., Toronto M5R 1T8, 416-966-0294, fax 966-0187,,
China. Executive Director Deborah Maw adopted Sarah (born 1994) and Robert (born 1997) from China. Over eight years' experience; hundreds of adoptions from China completed. Accepts married couples and singles. Regular information sessions and pre- and post-adoption programs. Total cost: $19,000 to $20,000, including file preparation, notarizing and translation, orphanage administration fee, and travel, accommodation and interpreting costs. Also participates in orphanage assistance programs in China. --11 Mar 2002
CYS-licensed for China (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Partners in Inter-Country Adoption, Box 46072, College Park P.O., 444 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont M5B 2L8, 416-425-8278, fax 339-3962, Lynne Peterson, Mary-Jo Powell. --Ceased operating in 2001. Web pages remained online for several years to help prospective adoptive families. --updated 10Feb09 Not operating.

Precious Pearl Adoption, Luc and Janine Desormeaux, 1404 Houston Cr., Kanata K2W 1B6, 613-592-1023, fax 592-3525, Web: China. Facilitator which sub-contracts to Tribo Services/Bonnie Wong of Vancouver as China adoption consultant. Accepting clients from outside Ontario. --Closed down; web site not working, May 14, 2002 Not operating.

Paul J. Conlin
1719 Bank Street, #305, Ottawa K1V 7Z4, (613) 737-4140, fax 737-7903, --Feb. 12, 2009
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
CYS-licensed for Pakistan, U.S. (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
56 Albert Street, PO Box 846, STRATFORD, ON N5A 6W3, Tel: (519) 271-6770, Fax: (519) 271-9261, E-mail: --CYS, Feb. 5, 2013
Saint Anne Adoption Centre
This agency, operating under the name Imagine Adoption, was bankrupt as of Aug. 19, 2009. Not operating. For more information, see the bankruptcy trustee's web site, BDO Dunwoody.
Previous contact information was: 410 Hespeler Road, Unit 4B, Cambridge N1R 6J6, (519) 623-5437, 1-877-323-5437, fax 519-623-1845,, Sue Hayhow, Executive Director. Operating as "Imagine Adoption". In 2006 Kids Link International Adoption Agency took over the clients of Saint Anne Adoption Centre. Former owners Beryl Mercer and Kenneth Plotnik retired in September 2006. The web site for Saint Anne was at As of Feb. 12, 2009: Licensed for Ecuador but the web site does not show Ecuador as a country served.
CYS web site said on Jan. 1, 2009: CYS-licensed for Ecuador (IAA). --no longer licensed
Sandra Webb Counselling
Sandra Webb, 21 King St. W., #2, Cobourg K9A 2M1, 905-377-1912, fax 905-377-1808,,
Treatment for children or adults with adoption-related issues, such as grief, behaviour problems and attachment disorder, using play therapy, sand tray therapy, trauma attachment therapy and counselling. --Feb. 12, 2009
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
Stirling Consultants
Facilitator: Jan Smith M.S.W., 50 Birchwood Court, Meaford N4L 1T9, 519-373-7074,
Adoption preparation weekends: two-day retreats for couples and singles adopting publicly, privately or internationally. Bed and Breakfast weekend in Meaford, Ontario. --May 26, 2004
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
St. James International Adoptions (Canada), Dr. James Jordan, 1209 Queen St. E., #6, Toronto M4M 3H4, 416-462-1519, fax 416-462-0937, Was licensed for Thailand adoptions. --June 16, 2004; email not operating, Sept. 25, 2006; updated 10Feb09 Not operating.

Sunrise International Adoption, Nadia Gurfinkel, 61 Henry Welsh Dr., Willowdale M2R 3P3, 416-663-4970, Handled adoptions in Russia. Phone number, email not working: presumed closed, Nov. 7, 2000; updated 10Feb09 Not operating.

Ted Giesbrecht
[law firm of] Giesbrecht, Griffin and Funk, 60 College St., Kitchener N2H 5A1, 519-579-4300, fax 579-8745, Web site was at
Licensed for private domestic adoptions in Ontario and interprovincial adoptions. Seminars for adoption licensees. Formerly doing adoptions in Guatemala. --8 Mar 2002
CYS-licensed for adoptions finalized in Ontario (CFSA) --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
Terre des Hommes Ontario Inc. (TDH)
Dorinda Cavanaugh, 36 Home Ave., Box 963, Vankleek Hill KOB 1R0, 613-482-6306, Adoption program for Ukraine and Vietnam.
See also Dorinda Cavanaugh, director, TDH Pour Les Enfants (For the Children) under Québec. --Jan. 10, 2006
Vietnam program: Quebec agency TDH Pour Les Enfants reported that it got its accreditation to do adoptions in Vietnam on March 31, 2006. --Vietnam News, Sept. 19, 2006
CYS-licensed for Ukraine, Vietnam (IAA). --CYS, Jan. 1, 2009
The Adoption Source
Lori Rosove, adoption practitioner, 174 Bank St., Box 71082, Ottawa K2P 2P4, 613-680-0911, fax 613-422-7060,, (also
Adoption services in the Ottawa area: home study, education and a variety of counselling services to prospective adoptive parents, birth parents and families touched by adoption. (Formerly Private Adoption Services) --May 7, 2012
CYS-approved for homestudies and supervising adoption placements. --CYS, Oct. 26, 2011
For more private adoption practitioners, see the list of those who can conduct homestudies and supervise placements.
We Care International Adoption Centre Inc., Elena Feiguina, Executive Director, 60 Inverlochy Blvd., #204, Thornhill L3T 4T7, 905-882-5374. Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, China. --agency closed; requested removal from listing, 26 Jan 2003 ( Not operating.

Ukrainian Cradle Adoption Agency, 3 Saffron Cr., Toronto M9C 3T8, 416-622-7677, Web site was at Sonia Kondrat, Program Director. Was handling adoptions in Ukraine. --8 Mar 2002; not operating, Jan. 24, 2007; updated 10Feb09. Not operating.

World View Adoption Assn.
Mr. Parmjit S. Mangat, 130 Westmore Dr., #5, Toronto M9V 5E2, 416-743-9324, 745-9777, fax 745-9778,,
Facilitates adoptions from India, Guyana, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries; also private domestic adoption in Canada.
Accepting applications for India under the newly-opened non-relative adoption program (limit of 100 applications to CARA per month globally). —Jan. 25, 2012


The Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale du Québec (SAI),, is the central authority in Québec, under the Hague Convention, and is responsible for accrediting Québec adoption agencies. The accredited agencies are shown below by the notation "SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006". (Formerly accredited agencies are included for completeness, in smaller type.)

For the SAI list of approved agencies, see "Organismes agréés". I updated the Quebec agency list below using the SAI list of Sept. 26, 2006.

For the notations "program is not taking applications" I used the pdf file from SAI, "Agréments délivrés".

Accueillons un Enfant (Welcome a Child)
Gérard Landry (président), Guylaine Lapierre (personne contact), 2900 Quatre-Bourgeois, Bureau 203, Ste-Foy G1V 1Y4, (418) 651-2608,,
Also called "Corporation Accueillons Un Enfant".
SAI-licensed for Haiti since 1990. Limited number of applications accepted for Haiti.
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006".
Adoption internationale
Rosalie Szewczuk (présidente-directrice générale), 4420, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montréal H3Z 1R2, (514) 933-4453.
Services: Guidance and coordination through entire process in Canada and Ukraine. Knowledgeable staff. Coordinators in Ukraine located in Kyiv area, but work in all regions. In-country staff arranges all adoption requirements, lodging, meals, transportation.
Children Child must be qualified for adoption and registered with the National Adoption Center for 14 months. Boys and girls available, currently more boys than girls, from about 2 years old and up; younger children with medical condition available from about 6 months old. Adoptions are directly from orphanage care. Child's medical and social history provided. Medical testing for proposed child by an authorized doctor and panel in Ukraine to meet Canadian Immigration requirements.
Eligibility Marrieds, singles, previously divorced may adopt; no upper age limit as long as 15 years older than child and deemed physically able to raise child to adulthood.
Time Once approved, parent(s) must travel to Adoption Center in Kyiv, sometimes 1 trip, usually 2, to identify and obtain consent to meet child to be adopted and finalize adoption proceedings. Preselection of children is prohibited. Total stay about 3 weeks. Entire adoption process estimated to take 12-14 months from completion of homestudy.
Cost From homestudy to homecoming, about Can$23,000, including all fees and expenses in Canada and abroad. --SAI, May 26, 2004
SAI-licensed for Ukraine since 2003. Limited number of applications accepted for Ukraine.
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006".
Agence d'adoption les Amériques (Americas Adoption Agency), Marie-Josée Lévesque, 5222, rue Cartier, Montréal H2H 1X7, (514) 990-9217. Yves Poulin, contact. India. --June 30, 1999. Not in SAI list of Sept. 26, 2006.

Agence d'adoption pour la vie / Adoption Agency For Life
Victoria Reuter (vice-présidente et directrice), 4105 Highland Ave., Montréal H3Y 1R4, (514) 952-8725,, [URL not working, Sept. 26, 2006].
Adoptions from Azerbaijan and Georgia. Georgian program started (with the agency Une Grande Famille) in June 1995; since then has placed over 50 Georgian children in Canada. Agency was founded July 2003 and is approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec. --June 14, 2004
SAI-licensed for Azerbaijan and Georgia since 2003.
Limited number of applications accepted for Georgia. --SAI, May 26, 2004
Not in SAI list of Sept. 26, 2006.

Agence Québécoise d'adoption internationale (Quebec International Adoption Agency)
Charles Proulx (président), 22 rue Roland-Tremblay, Gatineau J8T 1S3, (819) 246-0295,,
SAI-licensed for Romania since 1991. Not accepting applications for Romania. --SAI, May 26, 2004
Romania program is not taking applications. Agency has told SAI that it will cease activities Sept. 1, 2007. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006".
Alliance des familles du Québec (Alliance of Quebec Families)
1144 rue Des Géraniums, Laval H7Y 2G6, (450) 969-5727, 1-866-969-5727,, [not operating, Jan. 24, 2007]
Kazakhstan program is not taking applications. Pilot project has reached its quota of applications. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
"SAI-licensed for Kazakhstan, Sept. 26, 2006".
Appel Inc. (Call)
Angela Alba (directrice générale), 1717 rue Schryer, Gatineau J8R 1S2, 819-439-1927,, Adoption of Latin American children.
SAI-licensed for Colombia since 1991. Courses in English and French. --June 20, 2012
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006".
Association d'adoption les enfants de la Russie, Lev Alexeev (president), Dominique Grenier (contact), 5985 rue Souart, #2, Montréal H3S 2E9, (514) 341-3883, Russia. --June 30, 1999
Not in SAI list of Sept. 26, 2006.

Au Berceau de la Vie (Cradle of Life)
Rashid Gabitov (président), Irina Gabitova (directrice administrative), 120 rue Ferland, app. PHB, Ile-des-Soeurs H3E 1L1, (514) 362-0292, toll-free 1-877-362-0292,,
Russia program is not taking applications. Agency needs to get accreditation from Russia. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
SAI-licensed for Russia since 1993. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006"
Batshaw Youth and Family Centres
Adoption Department, 5 Weredale Park, Westmount H3Z 1Y6, 514-989-1885, Michael Udy, Director General. Ghislaine Corbeil,
Agency serving English Montreal. Homestudies. Foster placements. Foster-to-Adopt Program (Susan Silva). --Sept. 27, 2006
Chemin du bonheur (Road of Happiness)
195 rue Beethoven, Châteauguay J6K 2Y5, (514) 794-6231,
Mexico program is not taking applications; the agency has reached its quota. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
Adoptions from Mexico. --June 16, 2004
SAI-licensed for Mexico. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006"
Enfance sans frontières (Childhood Without Borders)
Tatiana Tchernova (présidente), Vadim Tchernov (personne-ressource), 7566 boul. Saint-Martin ouest, Ste-Dorothée, Laval H7X 3S4, (450) 969-9297, cell (514) 952-9441, (or, [URL not working, Sept. 26, 2006].
Lithuania program is not taking new applications, owing to changes at the agency. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
Was SAI-licensed for Belarus, Lithuania in2004.
"SAI-licensed for Lithuania, Sept. 26, 2006"
Enfants d'Orient (Children of Asia)
Louise Kang (personne-ressource), 12,383 rue Fernand-Gauthier, Montreal H1E 6C4, (514) 881-1514,,,, Lola Franciosi, President. Vice-president: Mario Patriarco.
South Korea program: No new applications accepted before April 1, 2007. Has already sent in 52 files in 2006. Parents already registered will get a letter on how their file will be handled. --Country Survey, Sept. 20, 2006
SAI-licensed for South Korea since 1990.
SAI-licensed for Taiwan since 1990.
SAI-licensed for Thailand since 1991. At Thailand's request, temporary hold on accepting applications for Thailand, starting Jan. 1, 2003.
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006".
Enfants du Monde (Children of the World)
Michel Mignacco (président), Lyette Moss (personne-ressource), 1600, Henri Bourassa Ouest, bureau 400, Montréal H3M 3E2, (514) 332-6332, 1-800-381-3588,,
Has helped place 2,500 children from China since 1989. --Mar. 30, 2004
SAI-licensed for China since 1990. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006".
Espoir des Enfants en Adoption Inc. (Hope of Adopted Children), Nicole Durand, president, 172 Riviera, Chicoutimi G7G 4W4, tel./fax 418-698-2000. Colombia. --Nov. 1998
Not in SAI list of Sept. 26, 2006.

Fondation Adoption Avenir d'Enfants (Children's Future), Rossitza Nikolova, president, 18, 8e rue Roxboro, Québec H8Y 1G5, (418) 685-8721. Bulgaria. --June 30, 1999
Not in SAI list of Sept. 26, 2006.

Le Nid Familial au Québec (Family Nest in Quebec)
Elena Tesloiuk, Director, Nadia Lutskaya (contact), 1785 Impasse Darsigny, Saint-Hyacinthe J2S 8S6,
Adoptions in Russia. Elena Tesloiuk was the first to start international adoption in Quebec, in 1992. Since then she has helped about 400 Canadian families adopt. All children are examined at the International Medical Clinic, Moscow by Canadian doctor Eric Downing, before they are proposed to parents. Contact Dr. Downing at and the clinic's web site at Single women and common-law families can also adopt in Russia. Fees in Canada are Can$3,330; in Russia US$10,100. Parents usually stay in Russia one week. --June 30, 1999 + Dec. 4, 1998
Russia program is not taking applications. Agency needs to get accreditation from Russia. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006".
Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale (SAI)
Luce De Bellefeuille, 201 Crémazie est, RC 01, Montréal H2M 1L2, (514) 873-5226, 1-800-561-0246,,
U.S. There is no accredited agency for the U.S., but SAI can act as intermediary for Quebeckers. SAI contacts the U.S. agency Small World Adoption Program and proposes a child to you. See, at "USA Domestic Adoption".
Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale: l'autorité centrale pour le Québec; guide pour les candidats à l'adoption, chroniques et nouvelles, fiches pays, fiches par organisme agréé, préadoption, postadoption, antécédents-retrouvailles, liens provinciaux.
Cas spécial: Le SAI peut servir d'intermédiaire en adoption pour les québécois. Il peut le faire notamment pour l'adoption aux États-Unis, pays pour lequel il n'y a pas d'organisme agréé. En pratique, le SAI contactera lui-meme une agence américaine et vous fera une proposition d'enfant. Cette agence s'appelle "Small World Adoption Program"; visitez son site,, et regardez sous "USA Domestic Adoption". --June 22, 2001
Société d'adoption internationale un enfant heureux (Happy Child)
Michael Skitnevski (président), Tatiana Mirochnitchenko (vice-présidente), 2219 boulevard Shevchenko, Lasalle H8N 2Y1, (514) 366-8325, cell (514) 812-4542,, [not operating, Jan. 24, 2007].
SAI-licensed for Ukraine since 2003. Limited number of applications accepted for Ukraine. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006"
Société d'adoption Parents sans frontières (Parents Without Borders)
Carole Néron (présidente et personne-ressource), Bureau 301, 2100 boulevard René-Gaultier, Varennes J3X 1P1, (450) 652-1992,,
SAI-licensed for China since 1991. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006"
Société d'adoption Québécoise une grande famille (Large Family)
Ludmila Fimina, president, 360 Victoria Ave., #402, Montreal H3Z 2N4, (514) 693-0414,,
Adoptions from Russia. Agency approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec. Founded May 1992; since then has placed over 400 children into over 300 families in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, U.S. and Belgium. Residents of other provinces, except Ontario and B.C., may adopt with Quebec agencies. --June 14, 2004
Russia program is not taking applications. Agency needs to get accreditation from Russia. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
SAI-licensed for Russia since 1993. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006"
Société formons une famille (Let's Start a Family)
Sylvain Chamberland (president), Pauline Jubinville or Nathalie Rivard (resource persons), 2120 rue Sherbrooke est, suite 1101, Montréal H2K 4C3, (514) 287-7290,, Québec: (418) 386-3080. --Sept. 26, 2006
Peru program is not taking applications, because the agency has not got the required accreditation for Peruvian authorities. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
Vietnam program is not taking applications. Agency needs to get accreditation from Vietnam. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
SAI-licensed for Cambodia since 1994. Not accepting applications for Cambodia
SAI-licensed for China since 1991.
SAI-licensed for Philippines since 1993.
SAI-licensed for Vietnam since 1998. Not accepting applications for Vietnam. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed for Cambodia, China, Peru, Philippines, Vietnam, Sept. 26, 2006"
Société pour l'adoption internationale au Mexique (International Adoption in Mexico), Marie Bélanger, president, 31, Place Avignon, Candiac J5R 5R3, 514-444-0571, fax 514-444-1571. Formerly accredited in Mexico.
Not in SAI list of Sept. 26, 2006.

Soleil des Nations (Sun of Nations)
Francine Alarie (présidente), Hélène Boulanger (personne-ressource), C.P. 20025, 3005 côte Rosemont, Trois-Rivières G8Z 4T9, (819) 693-3223,,
Founded in 1979. Soleil des Nations does about 100 adoptions a year; has completed adoptions for families in Quebec, Alberta and New Brunswick. Soleil des Nations does many adoptions in Haiti for people outside Québec. Haitian children are in the Maison d'Espoir, Soleil's residence, which cares for 16 babies at one time, or in foster homes. You can expect your child in 6 to 8 months once the homestudy is done. Total cost under $12,000.
SAI-licensed for Bolivia, Colombia and Haiti since 1991. Not accepting applications for Bolivia. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed, Sept. 26, 2006"
TDH Pour Les Enfants (For the Children)
Jean Alain Corbeil (président), Dorinda Cavanaugh (directrice), Nadia Lutskaya (personne-ressource), 2520 Lionel Groulx, 3e étage, Montréal H3J 1J8, (514) 937-3325, ext 222,,,
Works with parents in Quebec. (TDH Ontario works in Ontario and other provinces, when provincial adoption coordinators are in accord). Doing adoptions since 1970. All aspects, from pre-adoption counselling (except homestudy), finding and placing child to follow-up reporting.
The program in Honduras has run from 1974 to 1980, and from 1990 to the present. Children are from state-run orphanages, and are put into private foster homes when they become eligible for international adoption. Children are now declared abandoned before being offered to parents. The wait is still approximately four years at present. Two trips needed, one at assignment and one at finalization, each about one week long. Cost about $20,000, including foster care and two trips -- everything except homestudy and Immigration application fees.
Honduras program is not taking applications, owing to administrative changes to come and excessive delays. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
In Vietnam, TDH deals directly with three orphanages in the south. Children are well cared for, and generally in good health. The majority of children are newborn. Occasionally children are positive for Hepatitis B or have some other minor handicap (cleft lip or club feet). All children are tested for HIV and Hepatitis B at an international clinic before assignment. Medical examinations are done by pediatricians at the clinic. Current wait for assignment is about 9 months for a girl and 6 months for a boy. One trip is required 2-4 months after assignment, for 2 to 3 weeks. TDH maintains a program of support for each orphanage. Total cost of a Vietnam adoption is about $25,000, including homestudy, travel and accommodation. Accredited under the new Vietnam agreement, March 31, 2006. New applications now being accepted for Vietnam. --Apr. 4, 2006
Vietnam program: TDH has its accreditation from Vietnam, but is accepting a limited number of applications. --Vietnam News and SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
Slovakia program is not taking applications, owing to coming administrative changes. --SAI pdf, Sept. 26, 2006
SAI-licensed for Honduras since 1990.
SAI-licensed for Moldova since 1999. Limited number of applications accepted for Moldova.
SAI-licensed for Russia, but waiting for accreditation from Russia.
SAI-licensed for Ukraine since 2005.
SAI-licensed for Vietnam since 1993. --SAI, May 26, 2004
"SAI-licensed for Honduras, Moldova, Slovakia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Sept. 26, 2006"


Children from China
Linda Kirby, 3011 George Dauphinee Ave., Halifax B3L 4N3, 902-454-5559,
Linda Kirby, who adopted three girls from China, helps Atlantic Canadians adopt from China. Complete service from document assembly, to proposal of child, to trip to China. Linda assembles and sends files to China; her contacts liaise with the China Center of Adoption Affairs, monitor the progress of files, and arrange travel, escorts and translation. Meet regularly with other adoptive parents-in-waiting to prepare for the experience of adopting in China. Wait for the proposal of a child: about 13 months. Total cost: about $20,000. --Sept. 27, 2006
Children of Choice Consulting
#325, 7071 Bayers Rd., Halifax, N.S. B3L 2C2, 902-422-9881. Mary F. Miller, MSW/RSW,
Homestudies for individuals and couples in Nova Scotia who wish to adopt privately, interprovincially and internationally. Education, support and counselling to adoptive parents/adopted adults. For any country with an approved adoption program, especially China and Russia. --Mar. 30, 2004
Home of the Guardian Angel, Chebucto Family Center, 3 Sylvia Ave., Halifax B3R 1J7, 902-422-7964.
Ceased doing adoptions in June 2012. It was the only private community-based agency in Halifax approved by N.S. Community Services to provide adoption services. --June 19, 2012

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