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Directory of adoption newsletters in Canada

Compiled by Robin Hilborn, editor, Family Helper

This directory lists Canadian newsletters and magazines about adopting, and raising adopted children. For newsletters on searching for birthparents or adopted children, see Adoption Reunion Newsletters.

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Adoption Canada, ACC, 211 Bronson Ave., #210, Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5. 613-235-1566, fax 788-5075, 4/yr, 20 pp., $25/year includes ACC membership. Newsletter of the Adoption Council of Canada ( --Sept. 28, 2000

Adoption Helper, Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0. ISSN 1181-845X. Published 1990-2002. Incorporated in Family Helper, 2003, q.v. Back issues available. --Feb. 19, 2008

Adoption Horizons, Diane Lametti, Catholic Adoption Group, c/o Catholic Adoption Centre, 26 Maitland St., Toronto, Ont. M4Y 1C6, 416-234-8070, Ceased publishing; the Catholic Adoption Group no longer exists. --Mar. 20, 2004

Adoption Matters, Adoption Options, #304, 10109 - 106 St. NW, Edmonton AB T5J 3L7. 780-433-5656, toll free in Alberta 1-800-770-3023,, On adoption in Alberta; includes waiting children in Alberta. For agency clients, and to others by subscription. Address in Calgary: #202, 1228 Kensington Rd. N.W. Calgary T2N 3P7, 403-270-8228, 1-888-277-8228, --Mar. 20, 2004

Adoption News, Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, 305 - 506 25th St. E., Saskatoon S7K 4A7, 1-866-869-2727, 306-665-7272,, Editor: Cindy Haftner. 6/yr, 20 pp., $25/yr; circ. 168. ISSN 1701-106X. "Saskatchewan's Adoption-Related Information and Resource Magazine." Formerly SAPA News. --Jan. 21, 2005

Adoption Roundup, Adoption Council of Ontario, 3216 Yonge St., 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ont. M4N 2L2, 416-482-0021,, 4/yr, $35/yr, 16 pp., circ. 1,000. --Mar. 20, 2004

Adoption Works, Adoption Options, #304, 10109 - 106 St. NW, Edmonton AB T5J 3L7. 780-433-5656, toll free in Alberta 1-800-770-3023,, 4/yr, 16 pp., $25/yr. Was published by the agency Adoption Options. Replaced 2004 by "Adoption Matters", q.v. --Mar. 20, 2004

Adopt-Info, Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale, 201 boul. Crémazie est - RC, Montréal QC H2M 1L2, 514-873-5226, fax 873-1709, 1-800-561-0246. 4/yr. Government of Québec, in French. --Dec. 7, 1998

Adoptive Parents Assn. of Nova Scotia Newsletter, Box 2511, Stn. M, Halifax, N.S. B3J 3N5. (902) 422-2087. 16 pages. $15/year, includes APANS membership. --July 25, 2003

Canada's Children [Les enfants du Canada], Child Welfare League of Canada, Peter Dudding, Executive Director, 75 Albert St., #209, Ottawa K1P 5E7. 613-235-4412, Editor, Susan Sullivan. 3/yr; 34 pp. --Mar. 20, 2004

Canadopt Newsletter, Joan Cummings, Canadopt, Ilderton, Ont. Ceased publication. --Feb. 21, 2003

Homeward Bound, Caring Homes for Orphan Children, 3727 Chesswood Dr., Toronto M3J 2P6, 416-630-2472, fax 630-3712. 3 pp., 10/yr. Agency newsletter, founded 2003. Free by email from: Arnie Gotfryd, executive director, -- Aug. 29, 2003

Children's Bridge Newsletter, 1400 Clyde Ave., #221, Nepean, Ont. K2G 3J2, 613-226-2112, fax 226-8843;; 22 pp., 4/yr, $25/yr with Children's Bridge [agency] membership. Circ. 1,200. Editor, Susan Christie ( For clients of the agency. --Sept. 29, 2000

China Adoption Report, Family Outreach International, 19-575 Old St Patrick St., Ottawa, ON K1N 9H5; 613-789-8677,, 4/yr, 12 pp., $25/yr, circ. 600. For clients of the agency.

La Cigogne, Fédération des parents adoptants du Québec (FPAQ, Quebec Adoptive Parents Federation), 42, boul. du Séminaire, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC J3B 7M6, 514-990-5307,, . 20-30 pp.; $20/yr ($40 with membership). In French; some articles in English. Co-editors: Francois Auger 450-346-2002 (, and Leceta Chisholm Guibault ( --Mar. 20, 2004

Cross-Cultural Families of Native Children, Families of Native Children, Garneau School, 3rd floor, 10925 - 87 Ave., Edmonton AB, 780-490-0405, fax 466-8405. 12/yr; 4 pp. Chairperson, Bryan Harris, 921-2231. A group for adoptive, foster or other families of Native children dealing with cross-cultural issues. --June 1999

Echos-Adoption, Association des parents en adoption internationale du Saguenay-lac St-Jean (APAISJ), 842 des Aulnaies, St-Ambroise, Québec, G7P 2B6, 418-672-1109, Pierre Tremblay, Monica St-Pierre ( In French. --Dec. 7, 1998

L'écoute, Association des parents pour l'adoption québécoise (APAQ), Box 74, Succ. Ville Mont-Royal, Ville Mont-Royal QC H3P 3B8, 514-990-9144, Domestic adoption within Québec, in French. --Mar. 20, 2004

Family Groundwork, Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents (SNAP), 101-2780 East Broadway, Vancouver BC V5M 1Y8, 604-687-3114, fax 687-3364, toll-free 1-800-663-7627;; 4/yr, 24 pp., $36/yr. Jennifer Lee, Editor, Magazine for parents and professionals caring for children with special needs. As of June 2005 Family Groundwork magazine ceased publication. --June 2005

Family Helper, Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0; 28 pages, $12 each; discount available. Robin Hilborn, editor. ISSN 1708-1777. Canada's national adoption magazine, covering both pre- and post-adoption issues. Founded 2003, incorporating Adoption Helper (founded 1990) and Post-adoption Helper (founded 1997). Back issues available.

Fleurs du monde, Familles au coeur québécois, FACQ, 73 rue Boucher, Gatineau, J8Y 6G7, 819-777-3885, fax 819-775-3261,, $30/yr. Support group for adoptive families in the Ottawa-Hull region. In French. --15 Oct 2003

Focus on Adoption, Adoptive Families Assn. of British Columbia, #200, 7342 Winston St., Burnaby, BC V5A 2H1. 604-320-7330, fax 730-7350, 6/year, 32 pages, circ. 1,500, $35/yr includes AFABC membership. Siobhan Rowe, Editor. AFABC, --Dec. 6, 2005

Friends of the Family, 218 W. 23rd Ave. Vancouver B.C. V5Y 2H3. 3/yr, 24 pp. Founded 1995. Kathy Copeman-Stewart, editor, Chinese adoption for British Columbians. Newsletter of Families Of Children From China: British Columbia,, --Mar. 20, 2004

Global Outreach, Agnes Casselman, Executive Director, International Social Service Canada, 151 Slater St., #714, Ottawa, Ont. K1P 5H3, 613-236-6161, fax 613-233-7306, 2/yr; 6 pp.; $25/year; students $10/yr. English/French. Working with the ISS International Resource Centre in Geneva, ISS Canada researches Canadian legal and social practices regarding intercountry adoption. Also: ISS/IRC News Bulletin on intercountry adoption, 12/yr; ISS/IRC Information Flashes by e-mail. --2 Oct 2000

Good Fortune, Lee Mayer, RR #2, Belmont, Ont., N0L 1B0, 519-644-2838, 4/yr; included with Good Fortune Families membership, $15/yr. For London and area families adopting from Asia. --20 Jan 2004

IAFA Newsletter, International Adoption Families Association, #1016, 246 Stewart Green S.W., Calgary AB T3H 3C8, 403-270-2474,, 10 pp., 3/yr, $30/yr including IAFA membership. Editor: June Lai. Founded March 1994; for families adopting internationally, with pre- and post-adoption help. --Jan. 26, 2005

IAFNB Newsletter, John McAdam, 20 Sloat St., Fredericton E3C 1M4, 506-453-1866, 2/yr. Newsletter of International Adoptive Families of New Brunswick. Ceased publication; last edition Oct. 1999. Members communicate via IAFNB email group, --Mar. 20, 2004

Inter-Country Adoption News, Alison Pentland-Folk, 97 Humberview Rd., Toronto M6S 1W9, 416-763-3345, 5 pp., $50/yr. Newsletter of Legacy Partners Group. Ceased publishing. --Apr. 13, 2005

LAAF News, LAAF in Canada (Latin American Adoptive Families), Lynne Orr, 41 Sparkhall Ave., Toronto, Ont. M4K 1G4. 416-461-7988. 4/yr, 10 pp., $40/yr. Ceased publishing. --Mar. 20, 2004

Moncton Adoptive Parents Assn. Newsletter, Box 20102, Moncton N.B. E1C 9M1, Sandra Perkison ceased publication in 1999. --Sept. 28, 2000

Nouvelles de l'APEM, Association des parents des enfants du monde, Box 1432, Trois-Rivieres, QC G9A 5L2, 819-379-7604. In French. --Dec. 7, 1998

Open Door Society News, Box 9141, Stn. T, Ottawa, Ont. K1G 3T8. 613-236-0432, 4/yr, 10 pp., circ. 160, $25/year includes Open Door Society (ODS) membership. Editor, Carol-Lynne Saad, --Mar. 20, 2004

L'Orient Express, Newsletter of L'Association des familles Québec-Asie, Jean-Francois Chapleau, president, Box 1201, Succ. Desjardins, Montréal, QC H5B 1C3, tel/fax 514-990-2446, 4/yr, 24 pp., Post-adoption support for families with children from China. --Jan. 15, 2004

Orientations, FCC Toronto (Families with Children from China), Box 808, Stn. F, Toronto M4Y 2N7, Kris Wallace, editor, 4/yr, 20 pp., $25/yr. Newsletter of Families with Children from China - Toronto, --Mar. 20, 2004

Post-adoption Helper, Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0. ISSN 1206-7989. Published 1997-2002. Incorporated in Family Helper, 2003, q.v. Back issues available. --Feb. 19, 2008

SPA Newsletter. Was 4 pp., $25/yr; circ. 60. Ceased publication, 2003. By Single Parent Adopters of Ontario. Was at --Apr. 27, 2004

Update Adoption Options, Marilyn Shinyei, Adoption Options, #304, 10109 - 106 St. NW, Edmonton, Alta. T5J 3L7. 780-433-5656, toll free in Alberta 1-800-770-3023, fax 447-4763,, 12 pages. Was for clients of the agency. Replaced 2004 by "Adoption Matters", q.v. --Mar. 20, 2004

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