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From 1997 to 2003 families consulted Post-adoption Helper to find help in raising their adopted children. In 2003 Post-adoption Helper was incorporated into Family Helper.

Starting in 2004 subscriptions to Family Helper were no longer available but individual editions continued to be issued. The last edition which treated post-adoption issues was published in 2006: No. 48, "Attachment and the Adopted Child".

Past editions are still available, as they contain useful information. You may order any of the editions listed below. Just print this form, fill it in and mail with your cheque to: Box 1203, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0 Canada.

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Discount ... Choose any four or more editions and pay $9 each.

Editions you may order           [For editions on pre-adoption, see Family Helper]

  #9   ($12)   Adoptive Parents' Guide to ...
Infants and Toddlers

    ISBN 0-9691868-9-4
Medical, health and developmental issues affecting infants to two-year-olds.
FACING THE EARLY YEARS -- How I enriched my children's early years -- Critical times for brain growth -- Risks of an institutionalized child -- Health issues in children from China -- Medical evaluation/clinics
ENCOURAGING DEVELOPMENT -- Babies need sensitive caregivers -- Post-adoption let-down -- Development in the second year
MEETING SPECIAL NEEDS -- Help language grow -- Your child may have sensory problems -- Effects of malnutrition, smoking, drug exposure
    #13   ($12)   Adoptive Parents' Guide to ...
The Special Needs Child

    ISBN 0-9687944-9-1
SPECIAL NEEDS ADOPTION -- Accepting your child's special needs - Definitions: A-Z of special needs adoption
ATTACHMENT DISORDER -- Behaviour of the unattached child - I'm not a bad parent (letter to the teacher) - Build connections
ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER -- Diagnosis - Treatments - Managing your ADHD child in school
FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME -- Recognize FAS, and take action
INSTITUTIONAL CARE -- Orphanage life harmful - How Romanian orphans do
LEARNING DISABILITIES -- What are they? - Coping with a disability
  #8   ($12)   Adoptive Parents' Guide to ...
Your Preschool Child

    ISBN 0-9691868-8-6
How adoption affects three-to-five-year-olds.
DEVELOPMENT OF PRESCHOOLERS -- Behavioural stages - Changes in the preschool period - Importance of play
SUPPORT GROUPS -- Sault Ste. Marie Canadopt - FACE
LIFE BOOKS -- How to build one - Graph a life
SEX EDUCATION -- What to tell - Use the right words
SELF ESTEEM - Accept differences - Self esteem and race
CULTURE -- A creative cultural education - Culture clubs
    #12   ($12)   Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
    ISBN 0-9687944-7-5
Helping the adopted child affected by FAS.
PERSONAL EXPERIENCES -- Elspeth Ross on "Why Parent a Child With FAS?" - Children's Aid children
DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT -- Cognitive deficits - Caregivers' strategies - How to help - Friendly school environment
LIVING IN SOCIETY -- Does FAS make the criminal? - The Chretiens and Michel - FAS statistics
FAS RESOURCES -- Web sites, books, etc.
  #45   ($12)   Adoption Goes to School
    ISBN 9733470-4-X
Your adopted child in primary school: a two-part guide to prepare your child for school ... and teach the teacher all about adoption.
Parent's Guide. Deal with racism, tell the teacher, give an adoption talk. Language development. Learning disabilities (diagnosis, strategies, services).
Teacher's Guide. Non-traditional families, biased classwork, proper adoption language, teaching adoption, pregnancy options, resources.
    #11   ($12)   Post-adoption Potpourri
    ISBN 0-9687944-5-9
All about life after adoption. Many topics covered, in question and answer form, including: Medical tests; Explaining adoption; Racism; Citizenship; Subsidies; Tax credits; Parental leave benefits; Company benefits; Breastfeeding; Sleeping; Best books about adoption.
  #6 ($9) Families and Adoption
Family struggles with Romanian adoptees (Galbraith family); Families get poor post-adoption support; Talking to your child about "How you were born"; Laying the foundations of self-esteem; Raising the nonracist child; Large families: how do they do it? (Barth, Missere and Cappuccino families); Parrying nosy questions from strangers.
Medical tests for your child -- Book review, 1-2-3 Magic, by Thomas Phelan.
    #1 ($9) Children Adopted From Romanian Orphanages
Dr. Elinor Ames study in British Columbia; Parents' experience in Ontario; Do study results apply to all orphanages? -- Medical tests when your child arrives home -- Common mistakes parents make, and what they do right -- Also: "I adopted from Korea ... and learned Korean!" -- Banishing the secrecy of adoption
          #48 ($12) Attachment and the Adopted Child
How children form attachments -- Causes and symptoms of poor attachment -- Activities to create a strong bond with your child -- Tips for "parents under stress" -- Strategies for coping with a tough family situation -- How to find a good adoption therapist -- List of attachment therapists in Canada and the U.S.

For editions on pre-adoption, see Family Helper.

For example, you might like these:
#41   ($12)   Conference 2002   Highlights of the November 2002 adoption conference in Toronto. 20 experts in adoption summarize their workshops, covering every topic, both pre-adoption and post-adoption.
#43   ($12)   All About Domestic Adoption   A group of Canadian experts explore your two domestic options: public adoption and private adoption. For Canadians adopting domestically, and raising an adopted child.
#46   ($12)   Adoption and Money   "The financial guide to bringing home your child". Collect tax credits, benefits and subsidies. Pay for an adoption with savings, grants, loans. Paid leave from work. Make money with fundraisers. Costs of domestic public, domestic private and international adoption. Save on travel expenses. Expenses for China. Budget planner.
#49   ($12)   Canadian Guide to Intercountry Adoption   Fifth edition   Portrait of intercountry adoption -- Weigh the health risks -- Process, step by step -- Law on adoption -- Rules in Ontario -- Choose your country -- Cost by country -- Roundup of 24 countries -- Statistics, 1997-2005 -- Get your homestudy -- Choose your agency -- Matching and proposal -- Your trip abroad.
#50   ($12)   The Essential Adoption Resource Book   Best resources for 25 topics in adoption. Web sites, articles, books, newsletters, support groups ... for those adopting domestically or internationally, dealing with special needs, or raising adopted children.

The editor for Post-adoption Helper #1 through #9 was Jennifer Smart.
The editor starting with #10 was Robin Hilborn,
You can order Family Helper.

Post-adoption Helper magazine: support after the adoption

Post-adoption Helper No. 1 through No. 9 were edited by Jennifer Smart, occupational therapist, member of the Canadopt support group in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. and parent of two adopted children. She said the magazine features the issues which concern parents after they have adopted:
* Medical issues
* Developmental concerns (normal/abnormal development; orphanage deprivation; attachment; special needs; FAS)
* Behaviour management (parenting; discipline; behavioral concerns; ADHD)
* Family and society (raising the adopted child; transracial adoption; schools and adoption)
* Culture and heritage (cultural resources, homeland tours)
* Resources (community agencies; Children's Aid Societies; support groups).

Ms. Smart said, "I have always felt there is very little post-adoption support out there for parents when they really need it. We hope our magazine helps parents find good information, information which is useful to them and directs them to specific resources, plus, be thought-provoking and enjoyable to read! As a parent with two adopted children (Korea and Ontario, one with a blossoming behavioral disability) I know just what parents go through to find appropriate help."


1995 -- Adoption Helper magazine received an Ontario Adoption Award from the Adoption Council of Ontario, "in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the adoption community of Ontario."
1997 -- Jennifer Smart, editor of Post-adoption Helper, received an Ontario Adoption Award from the Adoption Council of Ontario for her work on behalf of adoption causes.
2001 -- Robin Hilborn, editor of Adoption Helper, received an Adoption Activist Award from the North American Council on Adoptable Children for "dedicated work in making adoption information more accessible and providing materials for post-adoptive support".

Robin Hilborn edits and publishes Family Helper, which began as Adoption Helper in 1990. Write to him at Post-adoption Helper was incorporated into Family Helper in 2003.

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