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The Essential Adoption
Resource Book

A Compendium of the
Best Adoption Resources

By Robin Hilborn

Second edition, 2007
$12 / ISBN 978-0-9733470-9-8


How to judge a web site
Forbes chooses the best of the web

Considering adoption
Collecting information
Domestic private adoption
Domestic public adoption
International adoption
Health and medicine
Photolisting web sites
Gay adoption
Older child adoption / Biological siblings
Open adoption
Single parent adoption

Special needs adoption
Attachment disorder
Attention deficit disorder
Fetal alcohol syndrome
Institutional care
Learning disabilities
Sensory integration dysfunction

Talking about adoption
School issues
Transracial adoption
Culture and heritage
Search and reunion

How to order The Essential Adoption Resource Book

Have you ever looked for profiles of children available for adoption? Or an attachment therapist? It's not easy ... unless you seek the answer in this compendium of all manner of adoption resources.

In The Essential Adoption Resource Book the editor of Family Helper, Robin Hilborn, has assembled the primary resources for those adopting domestically or internationally, dealing with special needs children, or raising adopted children -- 25 topics in all.

Robin has written a concise summary of each topic and then listed the resources -- web sites, articles, books, support groups. He also explains how he judges a web site. (For more, see the excerpt below.)

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Robin Hilborn is publisher of the Family Helper series.

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From the introduction to The Essential Adoption Resource Book
By Robin Hilborn, Editor, Family Helper

Help on your journey ...

Welcome to the second edition of The Essential Adoption Resource Book, a compendium of resources for 25 topics in adoption.

Since the first edition appeared in 2003, many resources have changed. This 2007 update presents the best products from the best minds in the adoption community, people who have published newsletters and books, made videos, and started web sites and support groups.

Of all resources, those on the Internet are the most accessible, and I focus especially on them. In case you wonder how I judge web sites, I've given my criteria ... feel free to use them as you struggle to separate the web wheat from the chaff.

Forbes, a U.S. business magazine, evaluates web sites every year. The Forbes choices of adoption web sites are all American but nonetheless valuable.Check the top ten list and see excellent sites from government, businesses and think tanks.

This resource list grew out of workshops on adoption resources which I presented at three conferences: Toronto in November 2002 and April 2003, and Vancouver in August 2003. For those conferences I prepared handouts for attendees. I started by defining all the possible topics in adoption, and ended up with the 25 topics you see in the table of contents.

Then I wrote introductions for the topics and assembled the resources for each. Depending on the topic, I included web sites, newsletters, books, articles, support groups and therapists.

How to order The Essential Adoption Resource Book


In 1995 Adoption Helper received an Ontario Adoption Award from the Adoption Council of Ontario, "in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the adoption community of Ontario."

In 1997 Jennifer Smart, editor of Post-adoption Helper, received an Ontario Adoption Award from the Adoption Council of Ontario for her work on behalf of adoption causes.

In 2001 Robin Hilborn received an Adoption Activist Award from the North American Council on Adoptable Children for "dedicated work in making adoption information more accessible and providing materials for post-adoptive support".

Robin Hilborn edited and published Adoption Helper, helping people adopt since 1990. His email address is He also published Post-adoption Helper. Both publications are now united in Family Helper.

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