By Robin Hilborn, Family Helper editor


Adoption resources for teachers and students

Key web sites about adoption


Adoption Agencies, www.familyhelper.net/arc/agy.html

Adoption Council of Canada, www.adoption.ca

Adoption Council of Ontario, www.adoption.on.ca

Adoption Resource Central, www.familyhelper.net/arc

Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, adoptionsask.org

Adoption Support Groups, www.familyhelper.net/arc/sup.html

Adoptive Families Assn. of B.C., www.bcadoption.com

Adoptiveparents.ca, www.adoptiveparents.ca

Canada’s Waiting Kids, www.canadaswaitingkids.ca

Family Helper, www.familyhelper.net

Québec Adoption, www.quebecadoption.net


About.com - Guide to Adoption, adoption.about.com

Adopting.com - Internet Adoption Resources, www.adopting.com

Adoption.com, www.adoption.com

Adoptive Families Magazine, www.adoptivefamilies.com

AdoptUSKids, www.adoptuskids.org

Child Welfare Information Gateway - Adoption, www.childwelfare.gov/adoption

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, www.davethomasfoundationforadoption.org

Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, www.adoptioninstitute.org

National Adoption Center, www.adopt.org. See NAC’s Adoption Clubhouse, www.adoptionclubhouse.org, for adopted children 8-12: help in tackling tough school projects, like the “family tree”; kids’ stories and poems; message board; reviews of books and movies about adopted kids.

North American Council on Adoptable Children, www.nacac.org


Adoption Resource Central, www.familyhelper.net/arc. Books listed for 28 topics. Family Helper.

Adult Adoption Books, www.bcadoption.com/site_page.asp?pageid=5. Book lists for many topics. Adoptive Families Assn. of B.C.

Children’s Disability and Special Needs Books, www.comeunity.com/dbooklist.html. Book lists. Comeunity.

Child Welfare Information Gateway Library, www.childwelfare.gov/library. Search by keyword, title, subject, author and year to get full-text electronic versions and abstracts of over 48,000 publications on child welfare and adoption. Child Welfare Information Gateway, Washington DC.

Organizations and Newsletters

Adoption Council of Canada, 211 Bronson Ave., #210, Ottawa K1R 6H5. 613-235-0344/235-1566, 1-888-542-3678, acc@adoption.ca, www.adoption.ca. Newsletter: Adoption Canada

Adoption Council of Ontario, 3216 Yonge St., 2nd floor, Toronto M4N 2L2, 416-482-0021, aco@adoption.ca, www.adoption.on.ca. Adoption Roundup

Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, 305 - 506 25th St. E., Saskatoon S7K 4A7, 1-866-869-2727, 306-665-7272, support@adoptionsask.org, adoptionsask.org. Adoption News

Adoptive Families Assn. of British Columbia, #200 - 7342 Winston St., Burnaby BC, V5A 2G1, 604-320-7330, info@bcadoption.com, www.bcadoption.com. Focus on Adoption

Adoptive Parents’ Assn. of Nova Scotia, Box 2511, Stn. M, Halifax, N.S. B3J 3N5, 902-422-2087, abarnes@hfx.eastlink.ca

Families with Children from China Toronto, Box 808, Stn. F, Toronto M4Y 2N7, 905-453-8077, fcctoronto@hotmail.com,www.fcctoronto.org. Families with Children from China Toronto

Family Helper, Box 1203, Southampton ON N0H 2L0, helper@familyhelper.net, www.familyhelper.net. Family Helper

Fédération des parents adoptants du Québec [Quebec Adoptive Parents Federation], 42 boul. du Seminaire, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu J3B 7M6. 514-990-5307, fpaq@quebecadoption.net, fpaq.quebecadoption.net

International Adoption Families Assn., #1016, 246 Stewart Green S.W., Calgary T3H 3C8, 403-270-2474, info@iafa.ca. IAFA Newsletter

International Adoptive Families of New Brunswick, John McAdam, 20 Sloat St., Fredericton E3C 1M4, 506-453-1866, jmcadam@nbnet.nb.ca

Learning Disabilities Assn. of Canada, 323 Chapel St., Ottawa, Ont. K1N 7Z2, 613-238-5721, information@ldac-acta.ca, www.ldac-acta.ca. Branches across the country.

Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents, 101 - 2780 East Broadway, Vancouver V5M 1Y8. 604-687-3114, toll-free (in BC) 1-800-663-7627, snap@snap.bc.ca. Family Groundwork


Daly, Kerry J. and Michael P. Sobol [Grand]. Adoption in Canada: Final Report. Guelph, Ont.: National Adoption Study, May 1993. University of Guelph, Guelph N1G 2W1, 519-824-4120 ext. 8599. Final Report 167 p., Final Report Summary 20 p., Executive Summary 5 p. The definitive study of adoption in Canada. Summary at Family Helper, www.familyhelper.net/ad/adres.html#daly.

For more Canadian adoption research, see “Adoption Council of Canada - Research”, www.adoption.ca/publications.
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ONE—Many ways to make a family
TWO—Many ways to create a child
THREE—Biased class assignments ... and how to fix them
FOUR—Teaching the language of adoption
FIVE—How to introduce adoption in elementary school
SIX—Answers for the pregnant student
SEVEN—A suggested classroom presentation
EIGHT—Research points the way
NINE—Adoption resources for teachers and students
TEN—Glossary: the ABCs of adoption



The ten-module second edition of "Teacher's Guide to Adoption" by Robin Hilborn has been published online since Jan. 5, 2005, at www.familyhelper.net/ad/adteach.html. (Occasional updates have been made since then.) It was also published in print in Family Helper No. 45, "Adoption Goes to School", 2004.

The contents list of the second edition was featured at the home page of "Adoption", at About.Com, Feb. 9-28, 2005. See Adoption Blog Archives, adoption.about.com/b/a/2005_02_09.htm.


The first edition had eight modules and was published in English as "Adoption Helper's Teacher's Guide to Adoption". It appeared in print in Adoption Helper No. 22, Oct. 1996, and online at Family Helper web site from May 16, 1998 to Jan. 5, 2005, at www.familyhelper.net/ad/adteach.html.

Versions of the first edition are archived at the Internet Archive, web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.familyhelper.net.

Part of the first edition was published in English at this location:
RainbowKids - A Teacher's Guide to Adoption, www.rainbowkids.com, in "2002/08/stories". [N.B.: module titles are missing; fourth module is truncated]

The first edition also appears in these languages, in abbreviated form (four modules):


Guide sur l'adoption à l'intention des enseignants, www.familyhelper.net/ad/guideenseignants.html. Posted Apr. 16, 2006. [thanks to Gilles Breton]
The French version is also available at: www.quebecadoption.net/adoption/postadopt/ecole_enseignants.html


Guida per l'insegnante all'adozione, www.familyhelper.net/ad/guidainsegna.html. Posted Oct. 1, 2003. [thanks to Daniela, Kiara and Stefy of Kantutita Group]
The Italian version is also available at: www.sax.it/Kantutita/adoguidainsegn.htm


Guía sobre la Adopción dirigida a educadores, www.familyhelper.net/ad/guiaeducadores.html. Posted Apr. 16, 2006. [thanks to Beatriz San Román, www.postadopcion.org]