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For Americans, adoptions in Moldova have restarted but delays in the process are to be expected as agencies are gradually being accredited.

Adoptions resume -- In 2002 the government of Moldova resumed international adoptions between the United States and Moldova. Prospective parents must use an accredited adoption agency when adopting in Moldova. There are several U.S. based adoption agencies accredited by the Moldovan Adoption Committee. [Joint Council on International Children's Services,]

Delays during process changes -- Moldova revised its adoption process in February 2005. A new National Committee for Adoption (NCA) will replace the Moldovan Adoption Committee. The new committee will not be part of the Ministry of Education but will report directly to the prime minister. It will be in charge of approving all adoptions before they proceed to court, and will match adoptive parents with orphans, which may delay the adoption process. Presently there is no functioning committee in existence, although some adoptions are moving forward through Moldovan courts. Until the NCA is functional, procedures for adoptions lack transparency and may involve delays. [U.S. State Department, March 30, 2005]

In its March 21, 2006 notice, the U.S. State Department said that the Moldovan National Committee for Adoption is now operating, but no U.S. adoption agency has been accredited to work in Moldova yet. NCA says it hopes to accredit U.S. agencies soon. The accreditation process is taking some time and meanwhile intercountry adoptions appear to be on unofficial hold.

According to Joint Council for International Children's Services (JCICS) in its July 18, 2006 posting, Moldova is currently allowing adoptions by U.S. citizens on a limited basis -- use an accredited agency and be ready for delays. NCA has approved several U.S. agencies to place children (listed at the JCICS web site). NCA has told the U.S. Embassy in Chisinau that it is open and processing adoption cases. The Embassy issued four immigrant visas to Moldovan orphans the week of June 26-30. JCICS reported legal confusion: two Members of Parliament have successfully challenged the legality of NCA's creation in 2005.

No new developments noted as of June 14, 2007.


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