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Country-specific resources

How to research adoption in specific countries

By Robin Hilborn, editor, Family Helper

You may be considering international adoption and you're busy collecting information on various countries. Or perhaps you've already made your choice and want to know the maximum about adopting in China, for example.

Here are resources for adopting from 29 countries, from Albania to Vietnam -- web sites, personal web sites, email lists, articles and books. But be ready for what may seem an unending hunt ... each web site below has its own links to other sites.

Especially useful are the personal web sites of parents ... they've adopted from a particular country and told every detail of their adoption experience in that country. Their personal insights and recommendations are invaluable. Look for the note "Personal web site", and read about what adopting in a foreign country is really like.

The U.S. State Department is an excellent source. See International Adoption - [country name] for authoritative commentary on adoption laws and procedures in each country.

Finally, for each country below I've shown email lists (mailing lists) which you could join to discuss adoption in that country. I think I've found the main email lists, but to find others for a given country, and for other adoption topics, see the directories in "Email Lists", (with a link to an article on how email lists work). Not shown are lists with no activity (under three messages a month).

I've improved on the usual presentation by showing the number of members per list (for Yahoo Groups), as of Jan. 23, 2007. The numbers will have changed since then, of course, but you can compare numbers to judge how popular a list is. When you visit a list's web site, check the number of messages sent per month -- you can tell how active the members are. For example, join Adoptive Parents China (18,638 members) and get 2,000 messages a month!

Most of the lists below have American members. Canadians may wish to seek out lists specifically for them, as the rules differ between the two countries. Also, some email lists are titled "Adopting Independently From ..."; note that independent adoption in a given country may be an option for Americans, but not for Canadians.

I've verified that all web sites and email lists existed as of Jan. 23, 2007. Do let me know of subsequent changes, which I can include at the next update.


Sources covering a wide range of countries.

Agencies: Adoption Agencies, Canada and U.S., Lists of international adoption agencies in Canada and the U.S.  Family Helper.
Agencies, Canada: Agency Chooser, Find a Canadian agency serving a given country. Albania to Yugoslavia. Family Helper.
Country Background Notes, Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Facts about the land, people, history, politics and economy. U.S. State Dept.
Country Information, News reports from countries, Afghanistan to Vietnam. Joint Council on International Children's Services.
Country Profiles, History, politics and economic background of countries. Flags, national anthems. BBC.
Country-Specific Information, PNPIC.
Country Specific Information, Country adoption requirements: eligibility, children, time, travel. Azerbaijan to Vietnam. Rainbow Kids magazine.
Culture and Heritage Events, List of U.S. culture camps by country and U.S. state, and heritage camps abroad. Adoptive Families magazine.
Intercountry Adoption, See "Learn About a Country" for status updates on various countries. Country-by-country adoption procedures. U.S. State Dept. [Countries are listed individually below, in "Countries".]
Les pays ouverts à l'adoption internationale (pour les Québécois), [French] Countries which Québec residents can adopt from. Gilles Breton, Québec.
Russian and East European Network Information Center, General resources for 27 countries in Europe and Asia. Albania to Yugoslavia. Univ. of Texas.
Travellers' Health Information, Diseases by country. Travel warnings.

Africa Americas Asia Europe


Adopting From Africa, List of links for Africa.
Adopt Africa, Email list. 1,235 members.


Latin America Parents Assn., National Capital Region, Washington DC support group.
Latin America Parents Assn., New York, New York support group.
Latin Adopt, Email list, 209 members.

Lonely Planet: South America on a Shoestring. James Lyon, Andrew Draffen, Krzysztof Dydynski, Conner Gorry, and Mark Plotkin

Concern for Children, 746 Grove Avenue, Kent OH 44266;, Support to families adopting from Latin America.
Latin American Parents Association, Box 339-340, Brooklyn NY 11234; 718-236-8689;
Resource Center of the Americas, 3019 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis MN 55406; 612-276-0788,,
La Semana Latin American Culture Camp, Kerry Noyes, 3925 Hillcrest Way, Deep Haven MN 55391; 952-476-0546;,


Asia for Kids, 4480 Lake Forest Dr., #302, Cincinnati OH 45242; 800-888-9681; Catalog of Asian cultural resources; books, videos, CD-Roms, dolls, posters.
Asia Imports, 1840 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis MN 55418; 612-788-4571;
Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington (AAAW), 5415 136th Place SE, Bellevue WA 98006, 425-649-9851, For adoptees of Asian descent. Mailing List
Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, Advocating for social policies and programs for Asian American families; training for service providers. 120 Wall Street, 3rd floor, New York NY 10005, 212-809-4675,

Adopted from Asia: How it Feels to Grow up in America, Frances Koh
Oriental Children in American Homes: How Do They Adjust?, Frances M. Koh


Eastern European Adoption Coalition, 19 email lists. Process of international adoption. Choosing an agency. Somerset NJ.
CEEA-L, Email list for Canadians adopting from Eastern Europe. Eastern European Adoption Coalition.

Children in Common, Box 9472, Catonsville MD 21228, (410) 788-6490. Newsletter for parents of Eastern European adoptees.
Eastern European Adoption Coalition, PMB 163, 1075 Easton Ave., Somerset NJ 08873-1648;
FACE Forward, Louise LaRocca,, 416-484-4588. Toronto-based support group for parents of children adopted from Eastern Europe with issues needing professional intervention.



Albania Azerbaijan Belarus Brazil Bulgaria Cambodia Canada China Colombia Ethiopia
Georgia Guatemala Haiti India Jamaica Kazakhstan Liberia Moldova Paraguay Peru
Philippines Romania Russia South Korea Taiwan Thailand Ukraine U.S. Vietnam  


Albanian Adoption Authority, Central authority in Tirana., General information on Albania for Canadians.
American Albanian National Organization, Fostering pride within the Albanian community in North America, including adoptive parents of Albania-born children.
Frosina Information Network, Information and services for Albanian and non-Albanian communities.
International Adoption - Albania, U.S. State Dept. Oct. 2006. For adoption rules, see also the adoption agency site
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania,
President's web site,
U.S. Embassy in Tirana,


Azerbaijan Adopt, Email list. 580 members.
Azerbaijan International Adoption, Email list.
Azerbaijan-L, Email list. Eastern European Adoption Coalition.
International Adoption - Azerbaijan, U.S. State Dept.


Adoption From Belarus, Email list. 874 members.
Belarus-L, Email list. Eastern European Adoption Coalition.
International Adoption - Belarus, U.S. State Dept.


Adopt Brazil, Email list. 83 members.
International Adoption - Brazil, U.S. State Dept.
Miner, Chalise. Rain Forest Girl: More than an Adoption Story. Book.


Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, Adoptions Directorate.
Families with Children Adopted from Bulgaria, A family-to-family support network and information repository. Had a newsletter at Terry Mandeville,, Kirkland WA, 2008.
International Adoption - Bulgaria, U.S. State Dept.

Bulgaria-Adopt, Sharon Hawkinson. 172 members.
Bulgaria-L, Eastern European Adoption Coalition.
Bulgarian Adoption Information Center,
FaCAB1 - Families with Children Adopted from Bulgaria, Terry M. Mandeville, Kirkland WA. 420 members.


WEB, Rules, agencies, resources.
Cambodia - Adoption Ethics and Issues, The other side of Cambodian adoption. Blog by Dale Edmonds, Singapore.
Cambodian Information Center, In Cambodia.
Families With Cambodian Children, Laurie Fenton, Ipswich MA.
International Adoption - Cambodia, U.S. State Dept.

Adoption Cambodge, Adoption to Quebec. 18 members.
Cambodia Adopt List, 1,152 members.
Cambodian Adoption Issues, Dale Edmonds. 292 members.
Cambodian Adoptions, 604 members.
Post-adopt Cambodia, 221 members.


Adoption Agencies, All agencies in Canada.
Adoption Agency Chooser, Find a Canadian agency serving a given country. Albania to Yugoslavia. Family Helper.
Adoption Clinics,
Adoption Events,
Adoption News,
Adoption Newsletters,
Adoption Support Groups,
Government - Federal departments see "Federal Government",
Government - Provincial departments see "Provincial Government Adoption Services",
International Adoption - Canada, For Americans adopting in Canada. U.S. State Dept.
Statistics: International Statistics for Canada, International adoptions to Canada, by year. Family Helper.


Attach-China, Risk for attachment disorder in Chinese children. Articles. Reading list. Therapists.
China Adoption News, News; history of adoption in China. Family Helper.
China Adoption Resources, Links. Lisa McClure, Benson AZ.
China Centre of Adoption Affairs, Government authority, Beijing.
China Connection, Web site of the newsletter. Articles on parenting Chinese children, Chinese language and culture. Email lists to track dossier log-in dates. Directories of families adopting from China. List of China books. Bob Crawford, Roanoke VA.
China Internet Resources, Links, personal China adoption stories, adoption agencies. FCC.
Chinadopt, Pre- and post-adoption resources. Edward Hume.
Families With Children From China, FCC national site.
Families With Children From China - British Columbia, Chinese adoption: sites; articles; book reviews; Chinese culture. Vancouver B.C.
Families With Children From China - Toronto, Chinese government links. Medical info. Culture. Books.
Half the Sky Foundation, China adopters help Chinese orphanages. Berkeley CA.
Health: Health Issues in Chinese Children, Jane E. Aronson, M.D.
Health: Medical Resources for Families Adopting from China, Jane E. Aronson, M.D.
International Adoption - China, U.S. State Dept.
Our Chinese Daughter's Foundation, Many China resources. China Tours, China for Children Catalog, China for Children Magazine. Dr. Jane Liedtke, Bloomington, IL.
Research: China Adoption Research Program, Functioning of CCAA; social and emotional adjustment of 700 girls; statistics on 1,096 children. Findings of Dr. Tony Xing Tan. Newsletter, University of South Florida, Jan. 2006.
Saskatchewan Families with Children from Asia, Children from China, Vietnam, Korea, other Asian countries. Many links. FCC chapter. Ann DeVito.
We Adopted From China ... You Can, Too!, How Canadians adopt from China; process; agencies; web sites; books. Robin Hilborn., Advice, tips for families adopting in China. Many helpful articles. Scott Norris, White Bear Lake MN

DIRECTORY: Personal China Adoption Stories, Links to hundreds of family stories and tips, from 1992 to 2005, by month and Chinese province. By China parent Lisa McClure, Benson AZ. Many China links at her home page,
Andrew and Alison Hladkyj, Children's Bridge families, Group 161; chronology of China process. Adopted from China to Toronto.
Janice Williamson, Janice, Adopted from China to Alberta in 1999.
Jean-Francois Anfossi, Adopted from China to Québec in 1998.
Our China Story, Book. Adopted Madeline Lifeng from China in 2000. Janice Macdonald, Waterloo, Ontario.

Celebrate the Child, Cultural items and books.
China Books, Books for adoptive parents travelling to China.
China Adoption-Related Items, Calendars, cards, mugs, T-shirts. Guy Aceto.
China Sprout, China books, arts and crafts, music, clothing.
Culture Camps, Culture camps for kids who are Chinese, Korean, etc. Family Helper.
Mei Magazine, Bimonthly magazine for Chinese adoptees 7-14. Brandon FL.

Adoptive Parents China, 18,638 members.
Attach-china, Attachment and trauma in adoption. 1,455 members.
Canadians Adopting From China, 1,078 members.
China Boys, Boys from China. 646 members.
China Daughters, For single adopters. 532 members.
Hong Kong Adopt, Hong Kong adoption. 68 members.
Newfoundlanders Adopting from China, 59 members. Moderator, Kim Davis-Winsor.
Post-Adopt-China, Parenting. 5,618 members.
Raising China Children, 3,775 members.
Waiting Child China, Adopting from China. 1,199 members.
Waiting Children China, Special needs children from China. 3,251 members.

Aronson, J.E. "Health Issues in Chinese Children,"
Aronson, J.E. "Lili's Story - Hale and Hardy Chinese Orphans," Health of Chinese orphans. Dr. Aronson's composite story of Chinese girls she has cared for as a pediatrician.
Aronson, J.E. "Rickets in Chinese Children," 1998. Poor bone development.
Borchers, Deborah A. "Helpful Medical Items to Take to China for Your Child,
Borchers, Deborah A. "Open Letter to Pediatricians on Chinese Adoption Medical Issues", Medical condition of children in a hospital in China, 1996.
Jenista, Jerri Ann. "Letter to Families with Children from China", [Laboratory tests on return]
Klatzkin, Amy. "An Overview of Adoption in China in the 1990s," From FCC San Francisco Newsletter, winter 1999. Based largely on Kay Johnson, Huang Banghan, and Wang Liyao, "Infant Abandonment and Adoption in China," Population and Development Review 24, no. 3 (Fall 1998).
Miller, Laurie C., and Nancy W. Hendrie. "Health of Children Adopted from China," Pediatrics Vol. 105 No. 6 June 2000, p. e76. Health statistics of 452 children adopted from China.
PNPIC. Lead Exposure in Chinese Children, List of online articles.
Traister, Michael, and International Adoption Clinics. "Health Status of Adopted Chinese Orphans on Arrival in the U.S.",
Traister, Michael. "Report on the Medical Condition of Children Arrived from China,"
Weaver, Jim. "Growth Charts for Chinese Children,"

Aronson, J.E. Rickets in Chinese Children. FCC San Francisco Newsletter, 3, 34, 36. 1998.
Aronson, J.E., Johnson, D.E., Hostetter, M.K., Traister, M., Smith, A.M., Kothari, V., Alonso, M. Lead Poisoning in Children Adopted from China. Ambulatory Paediatric Association, Abstract #45, May 1999.
Chen, X.C., Wang, W. G, Yan, H. C., Yin, T.A., Xu, Q.M. Studies on Iron Deficiency Anaemia, Rickets, and Zinc Deficiency and their Prevention among Chinese Preschool Children. Progress in Food and Nutrition Science, 16, 263-277. 1992a.
Hostetter, M.K.,& Johnson, D.E. Immunization Status of Adoptees from China, Russia, and Eastern Europe, Society for Paediatric Research, Abstract #851, New Orleans, LA. May 1-4. 1998.
Johnson, D.E. & Traister, M. Micronutrient Deficiencies, Growth Failure and Developmental Delays Are More Prevalent than Infectious Diseases in US Adopted Chinese Orphans. Paediatric Research, #735, May 1999.
Johnson, Kay, Huang Banghan, and Wang Liyao. Infant Abandonment and Adoption in China. Population and Development Review 24, no. 3, Fall 1998.
Miller, L. et al. (1999). Developmental Findings in Chinese Adoptees. Joint Council on International Children's Services, April 14, 1999.
Miller, L.C., Hendrie, N.W. Health of Children Adopted from China. Pediatrics, 105, no. 6, e76, June 2000. Health statistics of 452 children adopted from China.
Zhang, Weiguo. 2006. "Who adopts girls and why? A qualitative inquiry of domestic adoption of children in rural China,"China Journal. 56: 63-82. Domestic adoption in China.
Zhang, Weiguo. 2006. "Child Adoption in Contemporary Rural China,"Journal of Family Issues 27(3): 301-340. Domestic adoption in China.

Buck, Pearl S. East Wind, West Wind
Chang, Jung. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China
Dorow, Sara. When you were Born in China: a Memory Book for Children Adopted from China. Minnesota: Yeong and Yeong Book Co., 1997. Telling our daughters how they came to be adopted from China. A child's eye view of what their adoptive history might look like. Creates a sense of pride in their Chinese heritage.
Evans, Karin. The Lost Daughters of China: Abandoned Girls, Their Journey to America, and the Search for a Missing Past
Hilborn, Robin. We Adopted From China ... You Can, Too! Southampton ON, 1999. How Canadians adopt from China; process; agencies; web sites; books.
Holm, Bill. Coming Home Crazy: An Alphabet of China Essays
Katz, Karen. Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale
Klatzkin, Amy (ed.), A Passage to the Heart: Writings from Families with Children from China, St. Paul: Yeong & Yeong Book Co., 1999. Over 100 articles on adopting from China, from newsletters of Families with Children from China and other support groups. Surviving the wait; trans-racial issues; choosing an adoption agency; medical considerations.
Kristof, Nicholas and Sheryl WuDunn. China Wakes: The Struggle for Soul of a Rising Power
Lewis, Rose A. I Love You like Crazy Cakes
Liedtke, Jane and Lee Brasseur. New American Families: Chinese Daughters and their Single Mothers. Our Chinese Daughters Foundation, 1997. Box 1243, Bloomington IL 61702-1243, 23 stories of the adoption of Chinese girls by single American women.
Liu, Doris. Best Chinese Names. Singapore: Asiapac, 1996. Hundreds of names; methods of choice; English names compatible with Chinese ones.

Friends of the Family, 218 W. 23rd Ave. Vancouver B.C. V5Y 2H3, 604-875-1607. 24 pp. Founded 1995. By Families Of Children from China, B.C. and NW Washington, Co-chairs: Marlee Groening,; and Wanda Pierson.
Orient Express, Newsletter of L'Association des familles Québec/Chine (AfQC), Jean-Francois Chapleau, president, Box 1201, Succ. Desjardins, Montréal, QC H5B 1C3, 514-990-2446. Post-adoption support for families with children from China. In French.
Orientations, FCC Toronto (Central Ontario Families with Children from China), Box 808, Stn. F, Toronto M4Y 2N7. Michael Zessner, 416-966-2856, 4/yr, 16 pp., $25/yr.

Adopting from China. Video of the November 2004 seminar by Infertility Network and Open Arms to International Adoption. Overview of the process; personal stories by parents who adopted from China; homestudy process; video of one family's adoption journey to China. Infertility Network, 160 Pickering St., Toronto ON M4E 3J7, 416-691-3611,
Chinese Daughters. Directed by Naomi Wise. Produced by Dorlene Lin, OneStone Entertainment, Three girls adopted from China enter their pre-teen years and begin their search for their own identities. Families are members of FCC Toronto, which sells the video: Box 808, Stn. F, Toronto M4Y 2N7.


Adopt Colombia, Email list. 566 members.
Colombian Connections, Email list. 502 members.
FANA Adoption: Colombia Information, Orphanage, Fundacion para la Adopcion de la Ninez Abandonada. David L. Gilles-Thomas.
International Adoption - Colombia, U.S. State Dept.
My Personal Experience Adopting Through An American Agency, Leceta Chisholm Guibault adopted from Colombia and Guatemala.
The Taste of Colombia. Benjamin Villegas, Gloria Mercedes Duque, Hans Doring, and Antonio Montana. Book.


Americans For African Adoptions, Adoption agency working in Ethiopia and Liberia. Founded 1986. Cheryl Carter-Shotts, Indianapolis IN.
Canadians Adopting From Ethiopia, Email list for Canadians adopting from Ethiopia. 107 members.
Ethiopia Adopt, Email list. 1,976 members.
Health Issues in Ethiopian Children, Dr. Jane Aronson, June 2006.
International Adoption - Ethiopia, U.S. State Dept.


Georgia-L, Eastern European Adoption Coalition. Email list.
International Adoption - Georgia, U.S. State Dept.
Repgeorgiaadopt, Republic of Georgia adoption. Melissa Vera. Email list. 706 members.


Casa Alianza - Guatemala, Programs to help vulnerable children in Guatemala; news.
Guatemala Adoption News, News; history of adoption in Guatemala. Family Helper.
Guatemala Adoptive Families Network, Process info; projects in Guatemala. Box 176, Watertown MA 02471,
Guatemala Stove Project, Canadians build cookstoves in Guatemala. 22-minute video. Ali Ross, Tom Clarke,, Perth, Ontario.
International Adoption - Guatemala, U.S. State Dept.
My Personal Experience Adopting Through An American Agency, Leceta Chisholm Guibault adopted from Colombia and Guatemala.

Guatemala-Adopt, Debbie Davidow and Stevan Whitehead.
Guatemala Adoption, 4,125 members.
Guatemala Birthfamilies, 779 members.
Guatemalan Adoptions, 3,832 members.
Older Kids Guatemala, 242 members.

Guatemala in Pictures, Lerner Publications
Guatemala: Children of the World, Ronnie Cummins
The New Key to Guatemala, Richard Harris


Answered Prayers, Adoption liaison between your agency and Haiti orphanages.
International Adoption - Haiti, U.S. State Dept.

Canadians Adopting From Haiti, Deanna Nicholson, 102 members.
Haitian Angels, 981 members.
Info Haitian Adoption, 298 members.


Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA), New Delhi.
India Adoption News, News; history of adoption in India. Family Helper.
IChild, India adoption resources.
International Adoption - India, U.S. State Dept.
Quebec halts adoptions from India, CBC Radio, May 4, 2001
Raji Krishna Adoption Seva, Adopting from India.

Adopt From India, For Canadians. 50 members.
Bengal Child, West Bengal, and Bangladesh. 200 members.
Ichild, India adoption. 1,471 members.
Special-ichild, India - Special Needs. 94 members.


Child Development Agency, Responsible for adoptions in Jamaica
International Adoption - Jamaica, U.S. State Dept.


Health in Kazakhstan, Heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, radiation and micronutrient deficiencies. List of online articles. PNPIC.
International Adoption - Kazakhstan, U.S. State Dept.
Kazakh Adoptive Families, Adoption law, travel, culture. Susan, Texas.
Kazakhstan, FRUA chat board.
Kazinform, News from Kazakh Information Agency.
Welcome to Kazakhstan, Geography, economy, culture.

Kazakhstan Adoption, 2,703 members.
Kazakhstan Adoptions, 471 members.
Kazakhstan-L, Eastern European Adoption Coalition.
Parents Adopting Kazakh Kids, 306 members.
Post-Adopt Kazakhstan: Real Life, 138 members.
Single Kaz Moms, For single mothers. 393 members.


Children Concerned, Adoptions from Monrovia orphanage. Akron NY.
For The Children, Process for Liberia, for Canadians. Connie.
International Adoption - Liberia, U.S. State Dept.
Liberia, Wikipedia.
Liberia, CIA World Factbook.
Liberia, Infoplease.
Liberia Adoptions, Email list for Canadians adopting in Liberia.
West African Children Support Network, Eden Prairie MN.


International Adoption - Moldova, U.S. State Dept.
Moldova on the Net, News, events.
Moldova Adoption, Email list. 140 members.
Moldova-L, Email list. Eastern European Adoption Coalition.


International Adoption - Paraguay, U.S. State Dept.
Paraguay Adoption Resources. Articles. Marketplace. Friends List. Community groups. PALS email list. Steven Weinstock. [--URL no longer active, Mar. 14, 2011; was at]
Project for the People of Paraguay, Avon MN;


International Adoption - Peru, U.S. State Dept.
Peru Adopt, Email list. 477 members.
Peru Toddlers To Teens, Post-adoption toddlers to teens. Email list. 32 members.
Peruvian Adoptive Families (P.A.F.), Diane Anderson, Organization.
Peru: The People and Culture, Bobbie D. Kalman and Tammy Everts. Book.


Adoption_Philippines, Email list for Canadians in French. 309 members.
Climenhaga, Faye. "Tips on the Philippines for Families". Booklet on paperwork, currency, hotel, airport, food, medical issues. From the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, 305 - 506 25th St. E., Saskatoon S7K 4A7, 1-866-869-2727, 306-665-7272,,
Deschenes Family, Personal site, in French. Saguenay, Quebec.
Inter-Country Adoption Board, Government of the Philippines.
International Adoption - Philippines, U.S. State Dept.
Philippine Culture Camp, Kathie Smestad, 12345 Goodhue Ave., Dennison MN 55018,


Assn. of Adoptive Parents of Romanian Children, Laval QC. Liliana Tommasini.
Celebrate Romania Retreat, Weekend retreat in Minnesota.
Groza: "A Peacock Or A Crow", Review of the book by Victor Groza, Daniela Ileana, and Ivor Irwin, on adoption in Romania
Groza: Are Institutions a Place to Call Home?, Impacts of long term institutionalism of children adopted from Romania. Victor Groza, Daniela F. Ileana, and Ivor Irwin
Groza: International Adoption: Lessons Learned from Romania, Impacts of institutionalism. Victor Groza interview.
Groza: Preparing Families for Adoption of Institutionalized Children with Special Needs and/or Children At Risk for Special Needs, Advice for parents on adopting children who are at risk for special needs. Victor Groza and Daniela F. Ileana
International Adoption - Romania, U.S. State Dept.
National Reunion, 2003 reunion of children adopted from Romania. Williamsburg VA.
Nine O'Clock, Romanian newspaper.
Our Children from Romanian Orphanages, Post-adoption Helper No. 1. Jennifer Smart.
Romania Adoption News, News; history of adoption in Romania. Family Helper.
Romanian Committee for Adoption, Central Authority for the Hague Convention of 1993. Laws in force, staff, news. Bucharest.
Romanian Fairy Tales, Retold by M. Wolf.
Romanian Links, Many links.
Welcome to Romania, General info. Bucharest.

Romania-L, Eastern European Adoption Coalition.
Romania Adoption, 239 members
Romanian Adoption, 1,304 members

Ames, Elinor W., The Development of Romanian Orphanage Children Adopted To Canada, 1997. Psychology Department, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. Summary in Post-adoption Helper No. 1,
Ames, Elinor, 1997, "The Development of Romanian Children Adopted into Canada: Final Report", Summary.
Cermak, Sharon. Romanian Children Show Sensory Defensiveness. Effects of sensory deprivation on Romanian orphanage children.
Chisholm, Kim, et al, 1995, "Attachment security and indiscriminately friendly behaviour in children adopted from Romanian orphanages", Summary.
Chisholm, Kim, 1998, "A Three Year Follow-up of Attachment and Indiscriminate Friendliness in Children Adopted from Romanian Orphanages", Summary.
Chisholm, Kim, 2000, "Attachment in Children Adopted from Romanian Orphanages", Summary.
Galbraith, Lindsay. Romanian Orphans, Adopted Daughters. Stoveridge Publishing House. 1998.
Groza, Victor, and Ileana, Daniela, "A Follow-Up Study of Adopted Children from Romania", Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal. Dec. 1996. Experience of families adopting from institutions vs. other placements.
Groza, Victor, Ivor Irwin, and Daniela Ileana. A Peacock or a Crow: Stories, Interviews, and Commentaries of Romanian Adoptions
Hostetter, M.K.,& Johnson, D.E. (1998). Immunization Status of Adoptees from China, Russia, and Eastern Europe, Society for Paediatric Research, Abstract #851, New Orleans, LA. May 1-4.
Jenista, J.A. Disease in adopted children from Romania. JAMA. 1992 Aug 5;268(5):601-2.
Marcovitch, Sharon et al, "Determinants of Behavioural Problems in Romanian Children Adopted in Ontario," International Journal of Behavioural Development, 20 (I), 17-31
Marcovitch, Sharon et al, "Recovery from Early Institutional Care: Predictors of Attachment and Development for Internationally Adopted Romanian Orphans," Health Canada, Mental Health Division.
Marcovitch, Sharon et al, "Romanian Adoption: Parents' Dreams, Nightmares and Realities," Child Welfare, 74, 936-1032.
Ruckel, Izidor. Abandoned For Life: The Incredible Story of One Romanian Orphan Hidden From the World. His Life. His Words. Izidor Ruckel's autobiography.
Smart, Jennifer. Our Children from Romanian Orphanages. Post-adoption Helper, No. 1.


Adopting From Russia, Step by step. First-hand experiences. Kevin Koch of FRUA and ODS Adoption Community of New England.
Agencies: Russia Regions and Agencies, Links to U.S. agencies, by Russian region and city.
Assn. for Research in International Adoption, ARIA, Human Rights Watch evaluation of orphanages in the former Soviet Union. Impact of institutionalization on internationally adopted children. Teena McGuinness.
Education Ministry: Russian Orphan Database, Russian-language site with names and photos of 260,000 Russian orphans. Search by city, hair colour, eye colour, sex, etc. Category for disabled children. Launched June 1, 2005. Education Ministry, Russia.
Education Ministry: Information for Adoptive Parents, Documents required; accredited foreign agencies. Education Ministry, Russia.
Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption, Support for adoptive families with children from the former Soviet Union. Chapters throughout the U.S. Cultural and ethnic events. FRUA, Merrifield VA.
Health: Health Issues in Russian Children, FAS, syphilis, Russian medical terms. Dr. Jane Aronson.
Health: Russian Adoption Medical Services, International Medical Clinic, Moscow. Canadian doctor Eric Downing is accredited by Immigration Canada to do immigration medicals. Interprets medical evaluations from Russian institutions. Email consultations, review of proposals, onsite assessments. Russian medical terminology; child's developmental milestones.
International Adoption - Russia, U.S. State Department.
Names: On Naming Your Child, Common Russian names. Laurie Ball-Gisch, 1998.
Promt Online Translator, Translate Russian web sites (also French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish).
Russia Adoption News, News; history of adoption in Russia. Family Helper.
Russia The Great, General information.
U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Procedures for Russian adoption; visas issued by year; accredited foreign adoption agencies.

A-Parent-Russ, Eastern European Adoption Coalition.
Canrussianadopt, Canadians for Russian adoption. 104 members.
Russian Adoption, 5,757 members.
Russian Orphanage News, 1,044 members.

Aronson, Jane E., "Alcohol Related Birth Defects and International Adoption," Prognosis for Russian children with FAS.
Aronson, Jane E., "Health Issues in Russian Children," Seven articles. FAS; syphilis; assessments; developmental issues.
Aronson, Jane E., "Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effect in Pre-adoption Evaluations of Children in Russian Orphanages," 1997 study by Dr. Aronson et al, New York.
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Johnson, Dana E., M.K. Hostetter, L.C. Miller, et al. "Health of Children Adopted from the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe." JAMA, 278, no. 11 (Sept. 17, 1997): 922-24. Examination of 56 children found growth delays and developmental delays; but neurologic diagnoses in the medical records were not confirmed for the majority of the children.
McCann, Delinda L. "Risk of FAS/FAE in Russia" (was at
McGuinness, Teena M. "Risk and Protective Factors in Children Adopted from the Former Soviet Union", Aug. 1998

 South Korea

Adopted Korean Connection, For Minnesota Korean adoptees and their families. Maple Grove MN,
Adopting from Korea, Prospective parent's guide to Korean adoption Resources on adoption agencies, books, and catalogs for Asian items. Roberta Rosenberg.
Also-Known-As (AKA), Korean adoptees in NYC area. New York NY,
Assn. of Korean Adoptees-San Francisco, San Francisco CA,
Assn. of Korean Adoptees-Southern California, San Diego CA,
Friends of Korea, Promotes appreciation of Korean heritage in the U.S.
Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (G.O.A.L), For overseas adopted Koreans in their birth country, run by adoptees and native Koreans. Seoul, Korea,
International Adoption - Korea, U.S. State Department.
Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN), For Korean and Korean-American adoptees, people interested in adopting from Korea and families with children adopted from Korea. El Dorado Hills CA,
Korean Focus, Connecting adoptive families with Korean-born children, with each other, with Korean culture and with the Korean-American community. E-mail list, newsletter. 1906 Sword Lane, Alexandria VA 22308,
Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea, Korea adoptions by Koreans.
South Korea Adoption News, News; history of adoption in South Korea. Family Helper.
Sunny Jo, Sonja Sun Johnsen, Korean adoptee in B.C. Personal web site.

Culture Camp: Camp Choson, St. Croix Valley Korean-American Cultural Society, 671 Bradhurst Dr., Hudson WI 54016;
Culture Camp: Camp Moon-Hwa, Southern Minnesota Cultural Education Society, 815 9th Street SW, Rochester MN 55902; 507-281-5838
Culture Camp: Camp Pride Korea, Chicago Area Families for Adoption, Lisa Pulcinelli, 847-367-7862; Patti Pulumbo, 630-495-4403
Culture Camp: Kamp Kimchee, Brainerd MN, 1-218-764-2692,
Culture Camp: Korean Culture Camp, Pat Gallenberg,
Culture Camp: Minnehaha Culture Camp, Nancy Kohl, 763-428-4968
Korean Heritage House, 1103 E. Maryland Ave., St. Paul MN 55106; 652-778-8900
Jun-Morken and Associates. Rachel Morken, 5725 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis MN 55422. 612-595-0826. Gifts, accessories from Korea and Asia, including hanboks.
Korean Quarterly, Box 6789, St. Paul MN 55106, Magazine of Korean culture.
Korean Web Weekly, Things Korean, updated weekly.
Minnesota Adopted Koreans (M.A.K.), Box 141191, Minneapolis MN 55414
Tumble Threads, 1008 E. Minnehaha Pkwy., Minneapolis MN 55417. 612-823-9122. Korean doll and girl costumes and patterns, hanbok patterns.

Adopt Korea, 1,083 members.
Adopting From Korea, 1,128 members.
Korean Adoptees Worldwide, Sunny Jo (Sonja Sun Johnsen), Vancouver. 1,417 members.

Boyd, Brian E. When You Were Born in Korea
Carpenter, Francis. Tales of a Korean Grandmother
Climo, Shirley and Ruth Heller. Korean Cinderella
Cox, Susan Soon-Keung. Voices from Another Planet: a Collection of Works from a Generation Born in Korea and Adopted to Other Countries. St. Paul, MN: Yeong and Yeong, 1999.
Dorow, Sara. I Wish for You a Beautiful Life: Letters from the Korean Birth Mothers of Ae Ran Won to Their Children
Fisher, Iris. Katie-Bo: An Adoption Story
Girard, Linda Walvoord. We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo
Han, Hyun Sook. Understanding My Child's Korean Origins
Haskins,James S. Count Your Way through Korea
Koh, Frances. Seeds from a Silent Tree: An Analogy by Korean Adoptees
Nahm, Andrew C. I Love Korea


Adopting From Taiwan, Email list. 724 members.
International Adoption - Taiwan, U.S. State Dept.
Taiwan Adoption, Email list. 83 members.


International Adoption - Thailand, U.S. State Dept.
Thailand Adopt, Email list. 259 members.
Thailand Adoption, By families adopting from Thailand.
Thailand Adoption News, News; history of adoption in Thailand. Family Helper.


Ukrainian Angels, Independent adoption guide. Cathy Harris, Orlando FL.
Independent Ukraine Adoption, Anna and Matthew,
Ukrainian Adoption: A Guide for Albertans Preparing to Adopt from Ukraine, Process for Albertans. Danny Maas.
International Adoption - Ukraine, U.S. State Dept.
Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoptions, Merrifield, VA,
Health in Ukraine, Environmental pollution, women and children's health, birth defects. List of online articles. PNPIC.

Adoption from Ukraine, Sonia Kondrat. 3,256 members.
Ukraine-L, Eastern European Adoption Coalition.
Ukrainian Post Adoptive Parents Group, For Canadians. Sonia Kondrat, Ukrainian Cradle Adoption Agency, 130 members.

 United States

Countdown to the Hague Convention in the U.S., How Hague rules will affect adoptions from U.S. to Canada. Choose "Considering Adopting? - Adoption Options - USA". Sunrise Adoption agency, B.C.
State Dept. - International Adoption, Country-by-country summaries of adoption laws for U.S. citizens. Updates on various countries. Child Citizenship Act, 2000. Vaccines. Visas. Statistics. Hague Convention.
State Dept. - International Adoptions Booklet, Guidelines on international adoption. CIS process. Foreign process. Visas. Medical exam. FAQ.
Statistics: Immigrant Visas Issued to Orphans Coming to the U.S., International adoptions to the U.S., by year. State Dept.
U.S. adoption agencies, Lists of U.S. adoption agencies. Family Helper.
U.S. adoption books,
U.S. adoption clinics,
U.S. adoption newsletters,
U.S. Adoption News, News; history of adoption in the U.S. Family Helper.


Adopt Vietnam, 200 articles on Vietnam adoption.
Adopted Vietnamese International, Exploring the heritage of adopted Vietnamese. Indigo Williams Willing.
Catalyst Foundation, Aid to Vietnamese orphans. Burnsville MN;
Culture: Mam Non - Viet Nam, Sharing Vietnamese culture with the adoption community. Linh Song.
Culture: Vietnam Culture Camp, Annual family camp in Minnesota. Caroline Ticarro-Parker, Burnsville MN.
Culture: Vietnamese Heritage Culture Camp, Families with Children from Vietnam.
Culture: Vietnamese Literature and Culture, Dana Sachs.
Destination: Vietnam, General articles. Things Asian.
Families with Children from Vietnam, Adopting from Vietnam; culture; travel; books; packing lists; travel diaries. Allison and Rick Martin.
International Adoption - Vietnam, U.S. State Dept.
Ties Program, Heritage tours to foreign countries; arrangements for foreign travel. Travel tips. Wauwatosa WI.
Toddler Adoption, Steps for an Easier Transition, Claire Crocker.
Vietnam Adoption, Chao Ban newsletter; how to adopt from Vietnam; personal stories of Vietnam adopters; Operation Babylift. Allison Martin.
Vietnam Adoption News, News; history of adoption in Vietnam. Family Helper.
Vietnam Babylift, Over 2,600 orphans airlifted out of Vietnam in 1975 and adopted by Americans and others. History, personal stories and resources assembled by Lana Noone.
Vietnam Update, Travel guide. Jan Dodd.
Vietnam's Children, Adoption from Vietnam. Willa Cree, 1998.

Karen Couture, Adopted from Vietnam to Ontario in 1998 and 1999.
Vietnam Adoption Stories, Five stories.

Adoptive Parents of Vietnam List, Linh Song. (Formerly Allison and Rick Martin)
CanadiansAdoptVietnam-2006, 48 members.

Many books are listed at
Garland, Sherry. The Lotus Seed. Age 4-8. Story of hope told by grandmother who leaves Vietnam with only a lotus seed, which blossoms in the U.S.
Gibson, Jamie. Hello, My Name is Scrambled Egg. For older kids who are adopted, or older kids who are adopted with older siblings in their new families.
Surat, Michele Surat. Angel Child, Dragon Child
Tornquist, David. Vietnam: Then and Now
Wright, David K., Viet Dung Vu, and Patricia Norland. Vietnam Is My Home (My Home Country)

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