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The resources here are about "adoption in general". The web sites cover a variety of topics, both pre- and post-adoption, so they can't be assigned to a particular topic in Adoption Resource Central. For more specialized sites, see the topic headings in the menu above.

Web - Canada
Adoption Council of Canada, News, legislation, book list, glossary. Research reports, statistics. Viewpoints on adoption. Newsletter. Ottawa.
Adoption Council of Ontario, How to adopt seminars; Adoption Resource Centre; articles for birth families and adoptive families. Toronto.
Adoption Matters, Adoption information, resources. Supports, events and blogs with focus on Prince Edward Island. Tammy MacKinnon, PEI Adoption Coalition.
Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, Information and resources for birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. Adoption programs and conferences. Library holdings. Chapters in Saskatchewan. Saskatoon, Sask.
Adoptive Families Assn. of British Columbia, Many news items, covering citizenship, leave benefits, etc. Excellent EI coverage. Info on domestic and intercountry adoption. 225 articles on adoption. Library, bookstore. Workshops, support groups and events. Surrey, B.C. - An adoption resource guide for Canadians, Detailed information on adoption in Canada. Adoption 101: the basics. Birthparent advice. Parent profiles. Discussion forums.
Family Helper, Sections on Fertility, Adoption, Post-adoption, Reunion. Up-to-date directories of adoption agencies, fertility clinics, support groups, newsletters, books. 28 topics in Adoption Resource Central cover all aspects of adoption. Guides on how and where to adopt. Post-adoption has a parent's guide, teacher's guide, info on FAS, attachment, special needs. News and events. "Heart of Adoption" with many articles. Founded April 1996. Robin Hilborn, Southampton, Ont.
Kid Kanuck, "Your Family's Guide to the Canadian Internet". Lists of web sites about adoption, kids, parents, education, families. Annelise Larson, Chris O'Hagan of B.C.
Québec Adoption, (in French and English). Adoption for Quebecers: process in Québec; countries open; adoption tax credit; Québec support groups. Founded Dec. 1997. Gilles Breton.

Web - U.S. Guide to Adoption, General adoption site. Many articles, chats, forums, and links for all in the adoption triad. In-depth information. New York. - Internet Adoption Resources, Large list of adoption web sites, email lists, photolistings, support groups, agencies. How-to-adopt information. Waiting child photolisting. Julie Valentine, Palo Alto CA., Information for all members of the adoption triad. Directory of adoption resources. Many articles., Articles, chat rooms and links to all aspects of adoption. Adoption news and blogs.
Child Welfare Information Gateway - Adoption, Resources on all aspects of domestic and intercountry adoption. Searchable database of 3,500 adoption articles. Directory of 5,700 public and private adoption agencies, support groups and government officials. Adoption laws, by state. Events. Photolisting sites, by state. The primary source for U.S. adoption information. Formerly "National Adoption Information Clearinghouse". U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
National Adoption Center, How to adopt information. Waiting children photolistings. Resource library. Adoption Clubhouse for kids. Philadelphia PA.
North American Council on Adoptable Children, Parent support groups; subsidy information; transracial parenting; post-adoption support; public policy. Annual conference. Newsletter Adoptalk. St. Paul MN.
Policy: Adoption Policy Resource Center, Information on adoption laws, subsidies, policy research and legal help to file appeals. How to apply in the U.S. for Title IV-E adoption assistance and adoption subsidies. Legal decisions in cases of adoption assistance, wrongful adoption, gay and lesbian adoption. Tim O'Hanlon, Adoption Subsidy Advocates.
Policy: Voice for Adoption, Resources for advocates and policymakers. Table of all child-welfare legislation in the 2007 Congress. Washington DC.
Pregnancy and Parenting - Adoption,,,4rh7,00.html. Articles on domestic and international adoption. Message boards. iVillage.

Adoption Resource Central, Books listed in 28 categories. Family Helper.
Book Reviews: Special Needs Children, Reviews of books about adoption and about special needs children. Comeunity.
Child Welfare Information Gateway - Library, Search by keyword, title, subject, author and year to get full-text and abstracts of over 48,000 publications on child welfare and adoption. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.
Suggested Reading List, Books on adoption: planning, parenting, psychology, international, special needs. Adoption Council of Canada.

Where to get adoption books


Adoption Council of Canada, 211 Bronson Ave., #210, Ottawa K1R 6H5. 613-235-0344/235-1566, fax 235-1728, 1-888-542-3678,,

Adoption Council of Ontario, 3216 Yonge St., 2nd fl. Toronto M4N 2L2, 416-482-0021, fax 482-1586,,

Adoptive Families Assn. of British Columbia, #200, 7342 Winston St., Burnaby, BC V5A 2H1. 604-320-7330, fax 320-7350,, --Dec 6, 2005

B and M Books on Adoption Issues, 63 Holborn Ave. Nepean, Ont. K2C 3H1. Monica Byrne, Joan Marshall, 613-825-7476,

C and W Bookstore, Children's and Women's Health Centre of British Columbia. Valeria Gallo Stampino, Coordinator, 604-875-2000 ext. 6086,, Adoption and parenting books.


Cool East Market, Children's books. Toronto

Family Helper, Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0. Robin Hilborn,,

Parentbooks, Bill Elleker, 201 Harbord St., Toronto, Ont. M5S 1H6, 416-537-8334, fax 537-9499, toll free 800-209-9182,,

Playing With Words, 1020 Rose St., Cambridge, Ontario. N3H 2G3, 519-650-3969. Blair Matthews,

Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents, 101 - 2780 East Broadway, Vancouver V5M 1Y8. 604-687-3114, 800-663-7627,,

The Adoption Bookstore, Adoption Options, #320, 9707 - 110 St. Edmonton, Alta. T5K 2L9, 780-433-5656,,


Adoptive Families Bookstore, 800-372-3300,

Amazon Books,

Asia for Kids, Books, music, toys.

EMK Press, Carrie Kitze, 16 Mt. Bethel Road #219, Warren NJ 07059, 732-469-7544, Adoption publisher.

Folio One Publishing, 741 Richmond NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504, 888-436-5461, 616-365-0650. Mary E. Petertyl,,

Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support, 721 Hawthorne St., Royal Oak MI 48067, 248-543-0997, toll-free 877-879-0669, Brenda Romanchik, Director. Open adoption books.

North American Council on Adoptable Children, 970 Raymond Ave., #106, St. Paul MN 55114-1149, 651-644-3036,,

Pact, An Adoption Alliance,

Perspective Press, Pat Johnston, Box 90318, Indianapolis IN 46290-0318, 317-872-3055, Infertility and adoption books.

Tapestry Books, Box 359, Ringoes NJ 08551, 800-765-2367,, Infertility and adoption books.

Web- Canada
Web- U.S.

 Adoption Resource Central
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