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Domestic public adoption

What you face in a public adoption are children who are wards of the state, because their parents could not properly care for them, or neglected or abused them. They are of all ages, though mostly toddlers and up. Most have been in foster homes for a long time and many will have some special need, such as fetal alcohol syndrome. Healthy infants are rare. The waiting time is long: perhaps a year to adopt a special needs child; seven or more years to wait for a healthy child. Public adoptions are run by a government-funded agency -- for example, a Children's Aid Society -- and there are no fees for its services.

In Canada, for each province's role in public adoption see the ministries listed below at Provincial Government Adoption Services.

For more about Canadian children available for adoption, see the Canada's Waiting Children program, 1-888-542-3678, It's the only national site using photolistings to present children available for adoption. Read how the CWK web site works: registering, getting a password, expressing interest in a child.

For a U.S. photolisting site showing 3,000 foster children available for adoption, see AdoptUSKids,

There are many photolisting web sites in Canada and the U.S. showing photos and descriptions of children in state care and available for adoption. See Photolisting Web Sites.

For a free guide to domestic adoption, see "A Child is Waiting ... A Beginner's Guide to Adoption".

Adoption (in Ontario), Rules for domestic public adoption. Birthparents, consents, homestudies, placement. Children's Aid Society of Toronto.
Adoption Home Study Process, Types of information collected during the home study process. Tips for the interview and home visit. Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2004.
All About Domestic Adoption, Covers both domestic public and domestic private adoption. Robin Hilborn, Family Helper.
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How to Adopt in Ontario, Condensed from Ontario CYS. Family Helper.
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Provincial government adoption services

BRITISH COLUMBIA - Children and Family Development

ALBERTA - Children's Services

SASKATCHEWAN - Social Services
  Adoption Programs,

MANITOBA - Family Services and Housing

ONTARIO - Children and Youth Services,

QUEBEC - Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux
  Secrétariat à l'adoption internationale,

NEW BRUNSWICK - Social Development

NOVA SCOTIA - Community Services

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - Social Services and Seniors,
  Adoption Services,
  International Adoption,

NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR - Health and Community Services

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES - Health and Social Services
  Guardianship, Adoption and Foster Care,
  Custom Adoption,

NUNAVUT - Health and Social Services,

YUKON - Health and Social Services
  Placement and Support Services,

Spotlight on Ontario

How to Adopt a Child, The homestudy. PRIDE training course. Public and private adoption in Ontario. International adoption. Adopting a family member: step-parent and relative adoption. Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services.
Today's Child, Children available for adoption in Ontario: photo and description.
Licensed Private Adoption Agencies - Ontario, Six agencies licensed to facilitate private adoptions. For adoptions finalized in Ontario, under CFSA.
Adoption Licensees - Ontario, 14 licensees licensed to facilitate private adoptions. For adoptions finalized in Ontario, under CFSA.
International Adoption Agencies and Licencees - Ontario, Contact information, and countries served, for 19 agencies and licensees. For adoptions finalized abroad, under IAA.
Private Adoption Practitioners - Ontario, In Ontario, contact information, by city, for 110 private practitioners (usually a social worker) approved by the ministry to conduct adoption homestudies and supervise adoption placements. Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services.
Law: Child and Family Services Act, Text of the Ontario law.
Law: Children's Law Reform Act, Text of the Ontario law.
Law: Family Law Act, Text of the Ontario law.

Provincial govt.
Ontario govt.

 Adoption Resource Central
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