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Single parent adoption

Singles consider domestic adoption
By Robin Hilborn

Increasingly, singles are investigating the options for becoming parents: donor insemination, domestic adoption and international adoption.

Those considering adopting internationally face some roadblocks: the high cost, and delays owing to legal impediments -- singles wait longer than couples because some countries put a quota on the number of singles allowed to adopt (e.g. China), or simply do not allow singles to adopt at all.

If the international roadblocks are impassable, domestic adoption might be a good choice, especially a public adoption, which is free. Public agencies are used to placing with singles, and find them to be just as good at parenting as couples. The children available for adoption come from foster homes and are typically older, often with some special need. (For more see "Special Needs",, and "Domestic Public Adoption",

The single man or woman may conclude that making a family does not necessarily mean making a baby. There are children already here who need a family.

And once your child comes home, will you be ready for a major life adjustment?

Andrea Engber writes at "Prepare yourself for (one of) the biggest transformations of your life. what you miss in sacrifices for your child, you make up in the love for and from her."

Here are some questions for the prospective single parent:

-- Are you prepared to live with less sleep, less money to spend and fewer social outings? Take up camping, free outdoor concerts, cross-country skiing, potluck dinners with friends and neighbours. Find out about children's community events.

-- Will you make the cross-cultural connections that will enable your child to flourish?

-- Are you eligible for support for childcare?

-- Do you have disability insurance to protect your single source of income?

-- Guardianship: who will look after your child in case of your death or disability?


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Email lists

China Daughters, Email list for single adopters of Asian children. 532 members.
Single-aparents, Email list for single adoptive parents.

Articles and books

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Email lists
Articles and books

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