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Search and reunion


Adoptee Searcher's Handbook, Excellent guide to searching in Canada. Madelene Ferguson-Allen, d. Aug. 13, 2003.
Adoption Roots and Rights, Group helping people separated by adoption to reconnect with birth family members. Search help; learn your rights. Search area: Middlesex, Elgin, Perth and Oxford Counties in Southern Ontario, Canada. Fay Rath.
ASK (Adoption, Support, Kinship) About Reunion, Support group to help sort out issues of adoption search and reunion. Affiliate of Parent Finders Canada. Abbie Adelman, Toronto.
Canadian Adoptees Registry, Database entries: online, 39,000; offline 102,000. Alice MacDonald, Gail Hadley.
Canadian Council of Natural Mothers, "A voice for mothers who have lost their children to adoption." Articles on adoption and loss. Mother's Bill of Rights. Position Papers. "Not for people who advocate for and promote future adoptions." Affiliate of Parent Finders Canada. Karen Lynn, Toronto.
Coalition for Open Adoption Records, COAR, Group supporting open adoption records in Ontario. COAR Action email list, 176 members. Toronto.
Forget Me Not Family Society - Adoption Circles, Post-adoption services to adoptees, birth families, adoptive families and professionals; support groups; workshop information; peer counselling; referrals; speakers. Adoption Circles newsletter. Nancy Kato, Aldergrove, B.C.
Late Discovery, Challenges of discovering later in life that one is adopted. Articles, news, email list and resources for Late Discovery Adoptees. Ron Morgan.
The Native Adoptee, Stories of native children placed into non-native homes. B. McKiver, Ottawa.
Online Counseling, Counselling by email for those in search and reunion. Patricia Roles, Burnaby BC, is a social worker and writer on birthparent loss and grief, teenage pregnancy, eating disorders and mental health issues.
Ontario's New Adoption Information Law, Adoption Information Disclosure Act allow more open access to adoption records and original birth registrations. Ministry of Community, Family and Children's Services.
Origins Canada, Support group for people separated from family members by adoption, including natural parents, natural relatives and adoptees, but not adoptive parents. Chapters: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia. Affiliated with Origins in Australia and the U.S.
Parent Finders of Canada / Parent Finders Ottawa / Canadian Adoption Reunion Register --,
Pat McCarron, President. Monica Byrne, Registrar. Facebook page: Parent Finders Ottawa. In 2010 Parent Finders' Vancouver office,, closed and the Ottawa office became the National office. --July 13, 2016
Reconnecting Our Kin, ROK counsels those separated from family. Counselling is to start in fall 2007 to coincide with the new Ontario law unsealing adoption records. Leslie Wagner and Graig Moriarty, Toronto,
Reunion newsletters and books,
Reunion registries,
Reunion support groups,
Reunion web resources,
Search agencies,

PARR 2006-2007 Blue Page, Directory of search support groups in the U.S., by state. PA Adoption Reunion Registry.
ALMA Society, Adoptees' Liberty Movement Assn., Box 85, Denville NJ 07834, Non-profit organization. ALMA registry reunites family members separated by sealed adoption records. The reunion registry databank helps in matching adoptees, birth parents and all persons separated by adoption. For each child it contains: sex, date of birth, place of birth. Volunteers staff the local chapters, the search assistant network and the ALMA Research Library. Reunites 200 birth families with adoptees each year. ALMA was founded by Florence Fisher in 1971. Jeanie Jackson, president; J. M. Jackson, registrar; Marie Anderson, coordinator. Denville NJ.
Adoption: A Gathering, Telling the truth about adoption. PBS Web Lab.
Adoption General Information Packet 3: Searching for Birth Relatives, Factsheets on the impact of adoption on birth parents and adopted persons; issues related to the search process; coping skills, support groups, resources for searching, state laws. Child Welfare Information Gateway.
Also-Known-As, Building cultural bridges for adult adoptees (mostly from Korea), language classes, motherland visits. New York.
American Adoption Congress - Search Guidance, Referrals to search groups. Search checklist. Articles for searchers. Washington, D.C.
Bastard Nation, Advocates adoptee access to birth/adoption records. Houston TX.
Impact of Adoption on Adopted Persons, Identity and self-esteem, feelings of abandonment, interest in genetic information, search for birth parents. Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2004.
International Soundex Reunion Registry, Free registry for birthparents and adoptees seeking to make contact. A mutual-consent database that links birth parents and children separated by adoption. Las Vegas NV.
PA Adoption Reunion Registry, Karen DeLuca, Pennsylvania.
Search and Reunion Resources,
Search support groups in the U.S., Find search support groups by state. National Adoption Directory, Child Welfare Information Gateway.
Searching for Birth Relatives, Steps to take; hiring a professional. Child Welfare Information Gateway.
The Idea of Adoption: an Inquiry into the History of Adult Adoptee Access to Birth Records, Legal history. (53 Rutgers L. Rev. 367) Elizabeth J. Samuels, Rutgers Law Review, Winter 2001.
The Seeker, To find missing friends and relatives. Many links to adoption sites.


Book Reviews: CCNM Library, Reviews of books of interest to natural parents. Canadian Council of Natural Mothers.

McColm, Michelle. Adoption Reunion.

Gediman, Judith and Linda P. Brown. Birthbond. Reunion between birthparents and adoptees.

Petrie, Anne. Gone to an Aunt's. About the homes for unwed mothers.

Robinson, Evelyn Burns. Adoption and Loss: The Hidden Grief.

Robinson, Evelyn Burns. Adoption and Recovery: Solving the Mystery of Reunion.

Scaefer, Carol. The Other Mother. One woman's search and the feelings it brought back.

Soll, Joe. Adoption Healing: a path to recovery.

Waldron, Jan. Giving Away Simone. Anchor Books: New York. Birthmother reunites with her daughter; they spend the next 13 years trying to come to terms.

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